Event: Official Launch of JRunway (Special Guest: Misako Aoki)

Last month, I went with few friends to the JRunway official launch. We were excited to get our vouchers @ the launch so we could buy stuffs from there again! ^_^ (See HERE for the JRunway program.)
And more importantly for me, was to see MISAKO AOKI!!
This is me in the fitting room trying out SPIRAL GIRL long sleeve  tee~ LONNGGG enough for me! A detail pic of the tee later in this post! ^_^

At the event~

There are ALOOOTTT of people inside JRunway and at the entrance area, I'm stuck right at the entrance... :\

Saw a few local celebrities appearing at the event! ^_^

Finally, the RUNWAY started. I ♥ the first guy, he's always looking at my camera despite me standing so far away from him. I max my camera zoom to take these photos, so pardon my low pic quality and angles ^_^" My pics also did not feature all the models as some of the pics are too blur..

AHhhhhhhhhhhh!!~ MISAKO is here!!~ I am very lucky all her shots appear very clear on my camera! ^_^ She's is SHOOOOooo cute! She's wearing a complete PUTUMAYO lolita outfit! (I think.. ^_^")

Qiu Qiu & Cheesie!! Qiuqiu is wearing PUTUMAYO mantle I believe. ^^

And here ends the strut~

After the event ended, I went around JRunway shopping once more with a $30 voucher in hand.
Saw this long sleeve tee by SPIRAL GIRL and ♥ it! Like the grey gradient, the very long sleeves (cos its very hard for me to find sleeves long enough for me), soft cotton fabric and the unique back detail. This tee retails at S$79 (Originally is ¥4095 ~S$69) but I got it at only S$49 thanks to the voucher! So I got it cheaper than the ¥, hehehx~ :p

I'm glad JRunway has a flagship store in Singapore and they are looking into importing more brands which are usually found at Tokyo Harajuku streets (and maybe opening more JRunway stores too? *hint hint*). I hope to see more sub-culture brands in future! ^_^X *cross fingers*!~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
I am in no way affiliated to the company JRunway or ACWG. All photos are taken by me unless stated.


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