Tea Party with Misako Aoki @ Canele by JRunway

It's been SUPER LONG time since I'd touched on sub-culture fashion like Lolita, Punk, Goth... and I never knew I'll be posting something concerning THAT up in my blog, except for maybe cosplays since it's STILL my hobby and interest. ^_^

Sub-culture fashion WAS and IS still one of my interests just that I don't wear them or do I touch, read, follow them anymore. However I still couldn't get myself to let it go totally because I still find them REALLY CUTEEeeeee (for lolita) and COOLLLLLL (for punk/goth) and ^$@x_*47+$%*@#$ (for the rest of the sub-culture lines) to look at. LOLx~

With the launch of JRunway Flagship store at Plaza Singapura new extension recently, I had been actively promoting the store (I don't know why I'm doing that? lolx~) to my fellow friends. I've been actively participating their activities too (mainly to get vouchers? Lolx~).
And THENNnnnnnnnnnnn I came across this Event on JRunway's Facebook!

Its Misako Aoki 青木美沙子!!! ~\(∩∑∩)/~
Image reference from HERE
Are you JELLY of us?!?!!~ ^3^
The first brand that comes to my mind when I see her is definitely gonna be Baby the stars shine bright (BTSSB) which she often modeled for! But JRunway doesn't sell BTSSB, so I think Misako Aoki is gonna be promoting PUTUMAYO?? Or is she here to just have a simple tea party with us? ^_,^

Anyhoo, here are the details of the TEA PARTEHHHHHhh~ Be there to support even if you are not signing up for the Tea Party on 20 Nov 2012! ^_^ (And probably take some candid pics of Misako Aoki hehex~)
▼▼▼ Clicky to RSVP now! ▼▼▼

So where is the tea party going to be held??? Well, it at CALENE, located at the right hand side → of JRunway store.

↑ Image from JRunway Facebook

CANELE Plaza Singapura
Image reference from HERE

Here showing me with Yumi, Di & Sel at our first shopping trip @ JRunway!~ Goofing around~

Will be posting up my haul from JRunway and my OOTDs & LOTDs soon! MAN, I been slacking on my O/LOTDs. hahhaax~ More fun posts coming up! ^_^
Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am in no way affiliated to the company JRunway or ACWG. All photos are taken by me unless stated.


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