Swatches: Sleek MakeUp i-Divine 2012 Palette Limited Edition Glory

Hi all, its been 273405720184 months since my last makeup haul post.. I got so much to share with you but I can't seem to find enough time (<- my lousy excuse which I had used Nth time) to blog about the items  I bought *pouts* (=3=)...
Anyhoo, here's one of the Sleek palette I purchased quite sometime ago (during September?), I almost forgotten about it as it sat quietly at one corner of my stash waiting for me to open it. Lolx~ I only started to use it last month October on few occasions.

Enough of babbling, more of pictures! ^_^

To be frank, I wasn't thinking of buying this palette until +everbluec chantana  tempt me (Yeah, blame it on her Lolx~) saying the colours looks great and the only colour my eyes set on was none other than...Tube & Overground.

But never do I know that instead of Overground looking more goldish, Tube is even Gold-er than Overground! Overground just appears to look like Silvery-white shade... What happen there?! O_O

Bakerloo kinda surprised me here. I thought it wouldn't look that great but Hmmm... Bakerloo could very well be used alone on the eyes even!

I will be posting more of swatches these few days! Stay tune! ^_^


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