Review: FLAWLESS Skin Perfecting Moisturizer by Porcelain, The Face Spa

Continue from my previous blog post of Porcelain, The Face Spa skincare review (SOOTHE range) & (BALANCE & PURE range), here is my review of FLAWLESS Skin Perfecting Moisturizer.

I am reviewing these 5 skincare products: (from left - right)
- Porcelain, The Face Spa SOOTHE Hydro Cleanser
- Porcelain, The Face Spa SOOTHE Aloe Recovery Gel
- Porcelain, The Face Spa BALANCE Sebum Control Essence
- Porcelain, The Face Spa PURE Botanical Soothing Gel
- Porcelain, The Face Spa FLAWLESS Skin Perfecting Moisturizer

My daily regimen
DAY TIME Soothe Hydro Cleanser ► BALANCE Sebum Control Essence ► PURE Botanical Soothing Gel FLAWLESS Skin Perfecting Moisturizer (SPF20)
NIGHT TIME Soothe Hydro Cleanser ► BALANCE Sebum Control Essence ► SOOTHE Aloe Recovery Gel

FLAWLESS Skin Perfecting Moisturizer (SPF 20)

The Flawless skin perfecting moisturizer packs up a mean punch with its non-comedogenic, oil-free and paraben-free concoction – no more pore congestion, pesky breakouts and or stubborn milia seeds!
Slathering some of this on your face ensures also that you get a broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays, with its sun protection factor of SPF 20. Its weightless texture glides on effortlessly on your skin and lets it breathe easy while providing adequate hydration.
Use it as a make-up base or on its own (just apply it 15 minutes prior to sun exposure and reapply as frequently as desired) – either way, your face will thank you for it!

- Oil Free
- Paraben Free
- Non Comedogenic Formula
- Sheer Tint provides natural coverage
- SPF20 Broad Spectrum Sun Protection
- Weightless Texture
- Keeps skin well hydrated

Apply liberally 20 minutes prior to sun exposure & reapply to clean skin as needed

Key Active Ingredients:
- Octinozate 5%
- Titanium Dioxide 4.2%

Before & After Face Swatch
Left picture is Bare face. Right picture shows skin after application of FLAWLESS Skin Perfecting Moisturizer

Review on FLAWLESS Skin Perfecting Moisturizer (SPF 20)
- Light powdery scent
- Lotion-cream like texture
- Blends out smoothly
- The tinted moisturizer is 0.5 shade darker than my skin tone, with yellow undertone
- Able to correct slight discolouration, even out skin tone (Like shown above picture)
- Able to conceal very light scars and redness but not able to fully conceal darker scars (like my scars in above picture)
- Makes my large pores appear less visible
- Feels a little sticky during application, but gone after its fully absorbed into skin
- Has slight glossy, dewy finish
- Skin feels soothing and moisturized immediately after application
- Apply 2nd layer of moisturizer is possible without skin feeling too heavy
- Can be solely used as a tinted sun screen or makeup base (with moisturizing effect)
- Recommend not to put on another layer of makeup base as it would feel heavy
- Recommend to apply a thin layer of colourless silica powder (non-comedogenic as well) on top to set it and to make skin look less shiny
- Easy to remove with makeup remover or with Soothe Hydro Cleanser
- Doesn't break me out
- Experience lesser congested pores and healthier skin compare to last time where I usually put on foundation everyday which causes heavily clogged pores
- Lesser chances of getting clogged pores too, now that I only use tinted moisturizer daily and it is far more easier to remove than a base foundation

Overall, my skin feels really comfortable using this as moisturizer or sun screen or even a makeup base! I could splat on more than just the amount shown in above picture when I know I'm going outdoors under the sun for long hours and the tint doesn't wear off that much even when I'm sweating. I like how the tinted moisturizer corrects my skin discolouration and able to do a little concealing of my scars. I use this almost everyday even after using the PURE Botanical Soothing Gel. Though the soothing gel is already a moisturizer but in this case, I am using FLAWLESS as a sun screen & makeup base, so it is fine to use it on top of PURE Soothing Gel.

Where to buy?
Porcelain, The Face Spa
15 Cantonment Road
Singapore 089739
Mon - Fri: 11:00am - 9:00 pm
Sat: 10:00am - 8:00 pm

Porcelain, The Face Spa Website
Porcelain, The Face Spa Facebook

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names / Facial Treatments written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by Porcelain, The Face Spa to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All review photos are true. Porcelain The Fae Spa products are being used for 2 months - September & October 2012 without using other skincare products.


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