My trip to JRunway ~ OOTDs ~ Sky Bomber ~ Algonquins ~ PUTUMAYO

First, we must always start with posting the nicest side of ourselves.....

And then next, it'll be the ugly side... hahax~
Here I am with my Sel, Yumi, Di @ JRunway for the first time! Like me, they are also jap fashion lovers! ♥ We are trying to squeeze in our heads + the Store logo into my Samsung Note 10.1 front camera! Look at our SQUISHED faces! Whahaha~

My LOTD for my first visit to JRunway~ Wearing my I.Fairy Binky Violet contact lens~ ^_^

- Sleeveless flowy chiffon blouse from Na as my Birthday gift! ^_^
- BYSI Forest Green long maxi skirt (Super long for average height, but just nice for me! ♥)
- HELEN Fossil like beads necklace

And then the next day... I went to JRunway again! This time with the very GOTH Mabel!! To match with her style, I dressed more towards goth punk... or something along that line~ hahahx~

Photos taken using Mabel's iphone! Her front cam is superb in taking flawless face!! wahahax~

OOTD: Leopard skully
- Long sleeve black tee with silver Skull head (as inner)
- Leopard print cardigan (as outer)
- Soft tulle skirt
- Bones tattoo panty hose
- Black calf boots
- Qoo10 Black pleather with skull head shoulder bag
- And many accessories with leopard printzzz & skull heads... lolx~

JRunway Haul
I bought a Black with Leopard prints 2-piece top! hahahax~ Leopard prints FTW!!~
There's this free membership signup before I pay for this set of SKY BOMBER clothes. So upon my purchase, I was entitled an immediate 5% membership discount. Instead of $59, I paid only $56. ^_^

Besides having the main stream fashion clothings, JRunway also brought in a few sub-culture fashion brands like ALGONQUINS:

And also PUTUMAYO, which Misako Aoki often modeled for:

I do hope JRunway bring in more of sub-culture fashion like say... H Naoto, Innocent World, A+lidel, Sixh, HANGRY & ANGRY.... Ok, especially H NAOTO! lolx~ Been wanting to own one but couldn't get myself to purchase when I was in Japan. I feel so shy to try on their clothes cos the sales assistant kept talking to me in Japanese (which I don't understand at all...) ^_^""
Anyhoo, here's one of my OOTD which I wore the SKY BOMBER black chiffon outer. It kinda look short on me cos it's suppose for height up to 162cm, but I'm 10cm+ taller than that... ^_^"
And pardon for those cartoon heads, my dusty mirror distorted my features so I had to hide them lolx~

Up next, LOTD with my new toy! Illamasqua Powder Blush Duo and .....???

Stay tune!

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
I am in no way affiliated to the company JRunway or ACWG. All photos are taken by me unless stated.


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