Launch & Review: Palgantong GLOW Skin Base & Brilliant Jelly Shadow

Heyyyyy all! I think its been so long since I have my act cute face up here! Lolx~
Anyhoo, I'm here to review the latest Palgantong (PGT) makeup collection~
For my LOTD, I'm using the:
- Palgantong GLOW Skin Base in Gold Rush
- Palgantong Brilliant Jelly Shadow in Coral Pink

Read on for my review and swatches! (^3^)


Palgantong PGT GLOW Skin Base (Gold Rush)
GLOW Skin Base is also a makeup base or primer.

Easy to cap and easy to pump the content out. ^_^

You can already see the GLOW from here... So nice~ GOLD~~ (I love gold =p)

Palgantong PGT Brilliant Jelly Shadow (Coral Pink)
It's a gel-jelly kind of Eye shadow.

The Coral pink is Sooooooooooooo nice!!~ I totally dig this shade!

Palgantong PGT GLOW Skin Base & Brilliant Jelly Shadow Swatches
Sorry for the typo for the word 'Brilliant'. (^_^")
The Coral pink eyeshadow somehow shows more pinkish in my swatch than the above product pic.

Swatches (blended)
Once spread out, the shade isn't as intense as the above swatches.
Gota LOOOOOVEEEEeeee the rainbow glitters from the Brilliant Jelly Shadow!!!

Palgantong PGT GLOW Skin Base Review
- The skin base shade is a weeeee darker shade than my skintone when swatched, but it doesn't show when applied on face ^^
- It looks beige-y with lots of gold shimmers
- However the glow factor is pretty nice, the area that is facing the light will reflect more light making the skin look like it has a soft chrome effect
- Non-greasy
- Smooth to apply
- Thin texture, mixes well with liquid foundations/BB Cream
- Can be use for whole face as makeup base (need to apply thinly and evenly before foundation/loose powder)
- Can be use for highlight only at areas like T-zone, cheeks or even brow bones
- Can be use for the eyes too! ^_^
- Makes skin look slightly brighter with glowing, dewy effect
- Doesn't have oil control
For my LOTD, I used it before my foundation. Hence it doesn't show out much because the foundation has cover up almost 80% of the Skin Base. However I could still use it again ontop of my foundation if I want to, to enhance the cheeks or T-zone..
A lovely Skin base which I can play around with using all kinds of application methods.

Brilliant Jelly Shadow Eye Swatch & Review
I applied only the Jelly Shadow on my eyes, after going out for whole day, I took this pic at home. The shade is pretty light almost to skintone, but its still visible because of the glitters! If you have noticed, the more blur the pic is, the more visible the glitters will be~

▲▲ Lolx~ I look sleepy there!▲▲
- I must say, this is a GLITTER BOMB eyeshadow! But I totally love it ^_^
- Coral Pink shade is not that visible on my medium skin tone (would definitely show on fair skintone)
- It has alooooot of glitters with different sizes & different colours (more of pink, orange, yellow and less of blue, purple)
- Non-greasy
- Feels sticky and cold on my skin during application
- Sticked really well after it touches the skin, require to blend it out immediately or the shadow & glitters will not be evenly spread out
- Can use as an eyeshadow base as it helps to prevent eyeshadows from creasing
- Does not crease even if used alone or with other eyeshadows on top of it
- Sticked to eyes really well for almost whole day
I totally in love with the Jelly Shadow, loving the rainbow glitter effects and loving how it can be used as an eyeshadow base too. Easy to apply without making a mess as its shade is pretty light after blending out. Most visible is the glitters! ^_^
Overall, I'm very happy with both the Skin Base and Jelly Eyeshadow!! They are one of the makeup that I'd used and kinda feel them shouting at me "USE ME!! USE ME!!!" They are really, really gorgeous and the effects are like WOW!! Fantastic Baby!! (lolx~)

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Palgantong Brilliant Jelly Shadow in Coral Pink S$22.80

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Thank you for reading!! Please give some LOVE to Palgantong cosmetics~ ^♥^

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by Plusone Asia (Palgantong) to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All review photos are true.


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