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During September I went to a workshop. It is about a Korean herbal skincare brand name belif. (yah I know, I blog sooo late! ^_^" pardon me~)
I had actually used belif's The True Cream - Aqua Bomb which was recommended by both Charlene & Na, and I also just recently repurchased their First Aid - Aqua Rush Mask! I really love using belif product and it's double the happiness when I know I get to try out their other products as well! ♥♥♥

Ok, Guess WHAT is this cute little figurine?! Answer is in this post, shall tell you later! ^_^

Belif workshop is being held at Rendevous Gallery (FULLHOUSE). I guess Full House is getting more popular eh? Even cosplay photoshoots are held there! Is it because of the korean show Full House? hehehx~ =D~

belif event

belif 4 best skincare products
At the workshop, they presented the 4 best items of belif.

The speaker is Ms Kayla, the trainer for belif from Korea. She is so pretty! Her skin looks so smooth and radiant. ^_^

belif Story
If you hadn't seen belif Story before, you definitely need to watch it! Click the pic below to link to the movie page. It's a pretty long story, but its really nice to watch as their animations are great! It'll definitely be easier for you to understand the rest of my post after watching this movie! ^_^v~ *twees*
▽▽▽ Click the image ▽▽▽

About belif

Additional interesting read about Napiers: http://www.napiers.net/about-napiers.html

The True Anti-aging Essence

The True Anti-aging Essence product

The True Anti-aging Essence Movie
▽▽▽ Click the image ▽▽▽

Hungarian Water Essence

Hungarian Water Essence product

Hungarian Water Essence Movie
▽▽▽ Click the image ▽▽▽

The True Cream-Aqua Bomb

The True Cream-Aqua Bomb product

The True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb

The True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb product

The True Cream-Aqua/Moisturizing Bomb Movie
Here, you see the Moist Fairy! Yap, that's what this cute thing is!! (^▲^)
▽▽▽ Click the image ▽▽▽

Fun time!
We were given shrink plastics to draw our own version of belif bottle design! I drew mine as the cute Moist fairy face! It somehow looks like snowman huh? Lolx~

belif Goodies
If you ever forgot about the 5 promises of belif, just look at their paper bag. ^_^

During the event, we took photos! Its all for memories memories memories~ ^^

Each of us gotten an exquisite present from trainer Kayla! Loving both the gift wrap and the bookmark!

I received these products from belif:
- The True Anti-Aging Essence (75ml)
- Hungarian Water Essence (75ml)
- The True Cream - Aqua Bomb (50ml)
- The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb (50ml)

I'm going to review these 4 best items of belif whereby I will be providing clearer pictures of the product swatch and of course, the benefits of using them. Do stay tune! ^.^v~

And not forgetting belif also gave us this big magnifying glass! Oh my Mimi.. such big PORES EYES you have there!

Where to buy?
Plaza Singapura (new wing) 68 Orchard Road #01-61 Singapore 238839
Wisma Atria Shopping Center 435 Orchard Road #B1-64 Singapore 238877

Overseas Buyers
You can purchase from the Napiers Online Shop: http://www.napiers.net/belif.html

belifcosmetic.com (Korean)
global.belifcosmetic.com (English)
belif Singapore website
belif Singapore FB

Other belif interesting pages

belif O.S.T [I love listening to their O.S.T! It sounded like as if I'm sitting in a cafe drinking coffee away listening to their music~ ^o^]
belif games

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by belif to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All review photos are true.


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