Review: Maybelline Lashionista Mascara

For Crimes Against Fashion,
Maybelline New York Sentences Female Offenders to
Public Lashings of Lashionista
Every woman has been guilty at some point in her life of hideous crimes against fashion. Smudged mascara, wonky eyeliner, cakey eyeshadow. Shame upon us all. However, there is hope. Revolutionary new Lashionista mascara from Maybelline New York, partnered with HyperCosmos Duo Eyeshadow and Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner, holds the promise of total reform and a fresh new start for repeat offenders and hardened fashion crimes.

About Lashionista
For lashes you’d kill for, now there is Lashionista!
Asian women tend to look upon their western sisters’ lashes with acute envy. If you’d kill for long, lustrous, curling lashes, don’t! Now there is Lashionista.
Maybelline New York, the eye expert and mascara market world leader, assembled a dedicated task force to invent the perfect mascara for Asian lashes. They toiled relentlessly to create Lashionista – a new generation ultra-lengthening, long-wearing, smudgeproof mascara like none before it.
To what does Lashionista owe its gravity-defying powers? The answer lies in its abundance of natural x-finity fibers, over 4mm longer than normal fibers. An ultra-light film coats lashes, lifts them and keeps them in place for 24 hours of wear. And at the end of the day – or night – it washes off easily with warm water.
Balance the scales of justice. Apply lashings of Lashionista and send a message to western women to watch out. Asian girls with killer lashes are on the loose with Lashionista!

Maybelline Lashionista Mascara is from Japan. Can clearly see that there are japanese words written on its cover and when it's opened up, it reveals another information piece written in Japanese. The new products under Lashionista range could only be found in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, mostly Asia countries.
I'd seen Tokyo already selling Maybelline Lashionista Mascara during June 2012. Perhaps in future Maybelline Singapore will be following the Maybelline Japan cosmetics trend? o_^ *hooray!*

Here I have Maybelline Lashionista Mascara in 01 Black. Its neon pink tube is exact same pink as my pink nails! ^^ One that won't be missed as it really stands out among my tons of other mascaras.

Maybelline Lashionista Mascara Wand & Hand Swatch

From front it looks wide, from side its actually flat and curved.
There are quite alot of fibres seen sticking out from the bristles.

Eyelash Swatch
I didn't draw on eyeliner hence you could see the mascara stains along my lash lines (Viewable on closed-up shots). I usually apply the mascara starting from the roots, at times by touching the brush to my lashlines so as to make sure all lashes are evenly applied from roots till end.

Maybelline Lashionista Mascara Review
Lashionista mascara is most suitable for those who are working, schooling and those who wish to put on a natural & sweet look during the weekends.
My thoughts about the mascara are:
- the mascara lengthen my lashes (quite obvious in the bottom pic)
- lashes looked are more defined and obvious
- no clumps
- mascara is waterproof as I tear pretty often, the tear didn't ruin the mascara
- mascara is smudge-proof, it didn't stain my undereyes
- the mascara content feels pretty liquidy
- the mascara after application kind of takes alittle longer than other mascaras to dries up
- the bristles are useful in seperating the lashes out that sticked together
- eyelashes stay curled and doesn't droop for the whole day
- eyelashes felt pretty soft after application
- slightly hard to get the mascara to grab onto the lashes at first, require to pick up more from the tube before it could be applied to the lashes
- after 1st application, I waited alittle while before applying 2nd time, however the 2nd application doesn't make alot of difference to the lashes, only very slightly denser.
- easily removed by using makeup remover along with warm water
Lashionista Mascara is definitely good for those who needs lengthening factor in their mascara.

Youtube - Golden Tan Tutorial on using Maybelline Lashionista Mascara

I will be posting swatches of other Maybelline stuffs on my next entry! Stay tune! ^_^

Lashionista mascara SGD$21.90
HyperCosmos Marbleized Duo Eyeshadow Palettes (in 7 shades) SGD$17.90 Read My Review
Hyper Sharp Liner (Black) SGD$15.90 Read My Review
Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner (Black)  SGD$13.90
Baby Lips Pink Glow  SGDS$6.90

Where to buy?
Exclusively at Guardian, Sa Sa, Watsons, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores.

Maybelline Singapore Facebook
Maybelline Singapore Youtube

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by Maybelline Singapore to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company.


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