Weapon for zombies? Pick ELLIS FAAS

With the zombies coming soon on this Saturday @ Orchard, you might need some 'Bullets' for protection if you're going down town...

And you need a BUNCH of them...

Joke aside, these cute bullet-like pens are actually Lipgloss, Lipsticks, Eyeliners, created by ELLIS FAAS.

An awesome idea of how to hold all your cosmetics in a holder like so. Interesting much? ^_^

How to work the Clips

How to work the Holder

Saw that their price range is around USD$30 & up, not too ex eh?
Actually Ellis Faas was already launched in Singapore since earlier this year. (See Andy Lee Makeup for more)

I would really like to collect a set of Ellis Faas, probably buying 1-2 pens at a time... SLOWLY.. and then the holder. ^^
I think it's pretty fun to own one of this! I can shoot zombies wiz it! Lolx~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
I am not in anyway affiliated to Ellis Faas. All images in this entry credit to ELLIS FAAS


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