Review: Porcelain, The Face Spa - Quintessential Facial Treatment

Today, I'm going to share my Quintessential facial treatment experiences done at Porcelain, the face spa.

Visiting Porcelain, the face spa
Porcelain, the face spa is located at 15 Cantonment Road, it is very near to Outram MRT Station (about 5 minutes walk)

During my first visit, Porcelain gave me this classy, high-tech face spa feel and yet when I entered the door, the interiors very cozy and relaxing.

A promo board found just outside their door.

Porcelain, the face spa interior
Through their main door, is the counter area where they serve you tea when you're booking for your next appointment. ^_^

The moment I stepped right in, the staff welcomed me, offered me drinks, helped put away my shoes and got ready the footbath for me. The television screened the Porcelain's facials, products and their history too.

I didn't think that the spa could have a basement! Wow!~
Everything including their floor and decorations in this spa is kept clean, neat and almost dust free. My feet don't feel sticky or dusty when walking around barefooted. Infact, everyone in the spa is barefooted. ^.^

This is the 'basement', the one on the right side (with opened door) was the room that I used during my first facial.

They manage to store all their facial products inside these cupboards in order not to make the room look overwhelmed by bottles and stuffs.. I'm amazed!

I really had to say, I love their bed.. Its super soft, comfy, clean and always make me want to just sleep there for a night. lolx~

On the trolley are the few things which the therapists often use, the rest are stored in the cupboards.

Going through the 'basement', I went further in to venture the other corridor.

Here, we have some more spa rooms AND a mini beauty counter (room on the left). They have washrooms which are behind this 'Exit' door.
In total there are 7 rooms and 1 of them is a couple room!

Anyone would always feel a need to go to the washroom before/during or after a facial. Their washroom is inside the laundry room.
Every time a customer leaves the spa room, the staff will immediately change the towels and wash the used ones in this laundry room, so efficient!
Still, everything is kept neat, clean and Hey! the laundry floor is dry too!!

Basin for washing your hand~ I really love the minimalist interior.

My Quintessential facial experience at Porcelain, the face spa
First of all, and most of the time I'd said this before, I do not have flawless skin. I have troubled skin plus the fact that I'm not young already so I'm experiencing aging skin as well. I do apply makeup daily so as to conceal flaws like uneven skin tone, dull skin, spots, scars and dark circles (which are ALL my problems..^^")
For the past 1 month, I went for 2 sessions of Quintessential facial treatments at 2-week intervals. For both sessions, I was given customised treatments for troubled skin.

During the Quintessential facial treatment, the therapist gave me:
1. Milky Cleanse - to remove light makeup or tinted moisturiser/sunscreen and dirt
2. Double Cleanse - using Soothe Hydro Cleanser
3. Full face extraction
- starting from using blackhead gel on T-zone area including forehead, nose, chin and also cheeks area
- full face extraction using blackhead extractor tool which took about 45 mins! (O_O!)
4. Soothe Aloe Recovery Gel was pumped immediately on my face to soothe the skin and reduce redness caused by the extractions
5. High frequency treatment - sanitises, promotes healing of skin, kills and prevents growth of acne-causing bacteria
6. LED light therapy- From Blue LED to Red LED
- Blue LED: kills bacteria deep within the skin that is responsible for acne
- Red LED: stimulates the fibroblasts that produce collagen and repairs skin damage
- At 3-5 minute intervals, the therapist will spray water on my face to keep it moist during the therapy
7. Customised face mask - I was given a soothing mask (sebum control) for my skin
8. After that, the therapist applied Soothe Mist Toner, Balance Sebum Control Essence, PURE Botanical Soothing Gel and finally the Flawless Skin Perfecting Moisturizer (SPF20)

My facial experience:
- I must say, the first time I lay down on their bed, it felt sooooo comfy! The bed is soft and kind of sinks in when I lay on it. All the towels used on me are fresh and clean.
- As the facial treatment is done on the face only, there is no need for me to remove my clothes at all, hence less hassle.
- The blackhead gel felt warm on my face, the therapist rolled it over my T-zone and places sheets of what seems like tracing paper over the gel, waited for it to cool, then peeled the sheets off. During peeling, it does hurt alittle at some parts and after that my skin feels tingly. Purpose of using blackhead gel first is to help remove non-stubborn blackheads and whiteheads
- The therapist was very gentle during the full face extraction, she was so gentle picking out every single clogged pores using the extractor tool, and I was like whizzing away into dream land, can you believe that?!! (Or perhaps I was too tired... Lolx~)
- The extraction started to hurt when it came to areas where I had very stubborn clogged pores (the scars on my face were actually clogged pores which I picked it months ago with my fingers *itchy hands!*), and the areas on my nose. But overall, the pain was still bearable.
- The therapist said she needed to create superficial wounds for the pores that are badly congested with impurities beneath the surface. This is to fasten the process of wound healing for the clogged pores at the same time reassuring that it does not leave scars.
- For that, I felt pretty intimidated by the fact that I had to live with those visible wounds for weeks *sweatdrops*(⊙⌂⊙")
- For every area she finished picking, she pumped Sensitive Skin Revitalizer on the area to reduce inflammation for the open wounds. My skin immediately felt cool and soothing. Then she continued by moving to the next area. By the end of the session, most of the redness subsided, only leaving my nose which look like a reindeer (lolx~)
- In my first session, I was given a high frequency treatment which the therapist used a gas filled glass electrode wand placed directly on my skin and oscillated around to sanitise it, also to kill bacteria, prevent inflammation and helps to subside the redness. I joked that I smell some overcooked 'Char-Siew' (barbecued meat) and the therapist laughed~ hahaa~ In actual, I only got a whiff of gas.
- The LED lights treatment was pretty relaxing which they placed the lights over my face for a period of time, leaving me alone in the room so I can sleep through it. I got pretty tensed up when they changed the light to red as its pretty glaring even though I have 2 layers of facial cloths covering my eyes, but after awhile my eyes got used to the glare.
- The customised face mask is catered to my skin needs, it will not always be the same type of mask for each session. This is one of the parts which I love most as its very cooling, soothing and I get to sleep through it too! (hahahax~ ^.^")
- Before heading outdoors again, I was given the usual skincare as in toner, essence, moisturiser and sunscreen.
- I felt both of the facial treatments were good and relaxing. My skin immediately felt clean and the pores are clog-free!

Therapist's advise:
During the past 1 month, I'm advised by the therapist to do away with makeup (I was like WHATTTTT?!!), but I heed her advice anyways and applied only tinted sunscreen to work.
Its been so long since I had it all bare. As my work is a very busy and stress one, plus one that needs meeting up hundred to thousands of customers, I require a presentable face. It is pretty hard for me to go all bare at the start however I still managed to do so by just applying light concealer under my eyes. At least with that, I THINK I won't scare the hell of my customers. hahax.. ^_^"
However, the benefit of having a bare face everyday is that I saved alot of time from my daily makeup and makeup removing routine. And it also helps in preventing having more clogged pores due to improper cleansing.

Before After photos and Review
Pardon for all those ugly spots on my face. (<_<") Large pores, White/Black heads, scars are my huge enemies.
Quintessential facial treatment is here to kill these enemies for me. Yeah! ^o^/~

First off, my nose & cheek areas.
3 photos taken at different dates. The 2nd pic shows freshly picked pores after my first session of Quintessential. My nose is as red as a reindeer, haha!
Last pic shows that pores are minimised at cheeks area, skin brightens up and scars are lightened.

Before, I had alot of minor to major clogged pores and scars. Immediately after a session of facial, I took pictures in the spa room and *OMY* my face looks pretty bumpy.
But LOOK at the 3rd picture! My skin becomes REALLY smooth.
With every single impurities being removed from my pores, the pores can breathe better and absorb skincare better. After 1 month, the pores minimised and the surface of my skin looks so smooth.
As the session catered for my skin is for troubled skin, there is no whitening elements in it hence the scars are left to slowly heal by itself. It will take pretty long for them to heal, like about 3 months or so (since I'm already not young ^_^").

The right side of my face suffers more clogged pores than my left and there are already many scars from the start. The therapist continues to create wounds for some of the scars and newly clogged ones during my 2nd facial session so they could heal a little faster.

A close-up pic of my BIGGEST enemy on my right cheek. The therapist made a wound and 'opens up' this stubborn clogged pore during 1st facial session and was left to heal by itself. Though the scar is still there but it is so much lighter now than before.

After the 2 facial treatments, I see that the protruding pores are flattened out and the large sink-in pores minimised.
During the intervals, there are still a few minor white and black heads growing out but I keep my itchy hands away from them and waited for the next facial treatment. Allowing the professional therapists to pick out the clogged pores with the right tools will minimise the risk of getting infections around the pores causing scars. It is advisable not to pick pimples yourself using fingers as our hands are full of bacteria and it will infect the area causing it to leave a scar. We need to leave these to the professionals! (I am constantly reminding myself too!)

I also find that by using the in-salon products and equipments accompanied with full face extrations actually helps to speed up the results.

I am currently waiting for my 3rd Quintessential facial which will be happening 2 weeks later! I can't wait for another round of clog-free face! ^_^

About Quintessential Facial
Suitable For
- All Skin Types
- Dull Skin Tone
- Uneven Skin Tone
- Clogged Pores
- Severe Acne / Pimple Problems
- Acne Scars
- Saggy Skin
- Whiteheads / Blackheads
- Age Spots / Sun Spots
- Pigmentation
- Expression Lines
- Sensitive Skin
- Double Cleansing
- Exfoliation
- Deep Pore Cleansing
- Custom Blended Serums / Ampoules (Premium)
- Use of LED / LHE / Radio Frequency / OxyRevive
- Custom Blended Mask (Premium)
- Sunscreen
- Thoroughly deep cleanse skin
- Maintain skin clarity
- Refine pores
- Brighten skin tone
- Lift and firm skin
- Smoothen skin
- Decrease sensitivity
- Reduce sebum production
- Stimulate cell renewal
- Stimulate collagen & elastin production
- Lighten pigmentation
- Lighten acne scars
- Anti-Bacterial
- Refine fine lines

90 – 120 minutes | Director Aesthetician $380 | Therapist $200

Quintessential Facial Promotion
Contact Porcelain, The Face Spa @ 6227 9692 and Quote "MIWITCH" to enjoy this Promotion! ^^
(Click HERE to read more about the Promo)

Where is Porcelain, the Face Spa?
15 Cantonment Road
Singapore 089739
Mon - Fri: 11:00am - 9:00 pm
Sat: 10:00am - 8:00 pm

How to get there?
Outram MRT, Exit A or H, Walk towards Cantonment Police Complex, they are located at the shophouse across.
Take buses 002, 012, 033, 054, 063, 124, 143, 147, CT18, CT8 and alight at Bus Stop No.05019 across Pearl Centre.
Parking available at Pinnacle @ Duxton along Cantonment Road

Porcelain, The Face Spa Website
Porcelain, The Face Spa Facebook

P/S: I will be talking about my OxyRevive Facial Treatment & Porcelain, The Face Spa's products on my upcoming posts! Stay tune! ^.^

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names / Facial Treatments written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by Porcelain, The Face Spa to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All review photos are true.


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