Haraju-Cute Product Review: Japan @Cosme #1 Cosmetics

Oh Goddess Moon~ Pls make grant me my wish~ I wish........ to have a pair of pretty, big, sparkly eyes and voluminous lashes!! (⊙∇⊙)~

Don't mind me, I just making up a caption base on this pic.. lolx~ =p~ My ceiling light happens to look like a moon above the angel, so I PS the pic to give it a fantasy feel. That's what the product name is, BODY FANTASIES! ^∇^
<- Actual pic, lolx~

Haraju-Cute Cosme #1 Products
Earlier this month, I received a box of Haraju-Cute cosmetics which were awarded No. 1 in @cosme.

They are:
- The Rose of Versailles (La Rose de Versailles) Lady Oscar Face Mask (White Rose)
- The Rose of Versailles (La Rose de Versailles) Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black
- BODY FANTASIES Fragrance Body Spray (Freesia Fantasy) 50ml

ベルサイユのばら Berusaiyu no Bara La Rose de Versailles The Rose of Versailles 凡尔赛玫瑰
Incase anyone wondering why they use manga/anime characters as the 'model' for the cosmetics products and why the name The Rose of Versailles... Here's what I wiki-ed.. ^^
The Rose of Versailles, also known as Lady Oscar or La Rose de Versailles, is one of the best-known titles in shōjo manga and a media franchise created by Riyoko Ikeda. It has been adapted into several Takarazuka Revue musicals, as well an anime television series, produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha and broadcast by the anime television network Animax and Nippon Television. The show remains incredibly popular in Italy.
For more, click here...
This manga turned anime, turned musical, turned everything else, had finally turned into cosmetics products as well by Creer Beaute (Bandai), after 30+ years... For more of The Rose of Versailles cosmetics, see Creer Beaute Facebook.

When I posted pics of these cosmetics on my FB, few of my friends went crazy on their comments. lolx~ That shows how famous The Rose of Versailles is to the manga & anime fans! (not me though I kinda can't stand old fashion drawings...^_^")

Cosplay is my thing, so drooling on pretty costumes is in my blood..... ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ *starts drooling*
I had yet to read the manga, perhaps one of these days I'll start reading them (had to endure the old fashioned drawing style <_<")..

[images from Wikipedia & kyotomm.jp & Creer Beaute]

The Rose of Versailles (La Rose de Versailles) Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner BlackThe liquid eyeliner is awarded No. 1 in @cosme on both year 2010 & 2011.
The packaging uses illustration of Lady Oscar who dresses as female. (Well, she IS a female)
The liquid eyeliner is Waterproof, smudge proof.

The brush tip is pretty long, fine & pointy. It's flexible too.

The Rose of Versailles (La Rose de Versailles) Lady Oscar Creamy Pencil Eyeliner Black
This eyeliner was received back at the Haraju-Cute event. I hadn't reviewed it yet thus taking this chance to review it together with the liquid eyeliner.
This time round, the creamy pencil eyeliner packaging uses illustration of Lady Oscar who dresses as a male (Cross-dress. Very handsome right?!) I was kinda thinking... was the pencil eyeliner specially designed for GUYS to use? hahax~ ^^"
This pencil eyeliner is Waterproof.

Clearer pic of the application instructions:

The pencil eyeliner lead is round with flat tip (unlike other pencil eyeliners that are pointed upon purchase).

Comparison of Lady Oscar Liquid and Creamy Pencil Eyeliner
Pencil eyeliner is shorter and slimmer than the liquid one, so it is easier to differentiate them when you have both.

The Rose of Versailles Lady Oscar Liquid and Creamy Pencil Eyeliner Hand Swatch
The liquid eyeliner is very fine, while creamy pencil eyeliner even when drawn using the corners of the flat tip, still ends up with a thicker line than the liquid one. Reason being the eyeliner is creamy, the lead used up pretty fast which causes the tip to flatten quickly.

"Look into my eye~~~" I'm trying to draw the Lady Oscar eye lolx~
As can see, the liquid eyeliner is really great with fine strokes but not really easy to use them to fill in big gaps, only can use it to line and fill in very small gaps.
The pencil eyeliner is easy to control therefore the outlines look much more smoother as the lead tip doesn't wobble around like the liquid one.

BONAVOCE Ultra Volume Mascara
Again, this is one of the items I received during the Haraju-Cute Event. BONAVOCE was launched this year April in Japan (Read more HERE), I took the chance to review this too as I'd been using it for awhile now together with the Lady Oscar eyeliners ^^

Brush type applicator, the brush look pretty big, long with long bristles. The brush is wide but flat at the sides with alittle bend in the middle like a ")" shape.

Applying The Rose of Versailles Eyeliners & BONAVOCE Ultra Volume Mascara
From nothing on my eyes (except eyeshadow) to full eye makeup. ^_^

How I use The Rose of Versailles eyeliners and BONAVOCE mascara is like so:

I got imbalanced double eyelids. =_=

My OOTD & LOTD~ The eyeliners and mascara was used on that day. ^∨^

The Rose of Versailles Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner & Creamy Pencil Eyeliner Review
- Liquid Eyeliner is waterproof and very smudgeproof
- It is super fine, easy to line along the lashline
- It glides on smoothly
- Easy to do short fine strokes
- Doesn't create clumps (dried black particles from the liquid) at all
- Dotting with the eyeliner is super easy, can be used to dot inbetween the root area of the lashes so fill up gaps
- Eyes kinda feel ticklish when using the liquid eyeliner as the tip is super fine and pointy
- Stayed on really well the whole day
- Has a reflective finish after it dries
- Not easy to control if you have shaky hands
- The tip starts wobbling when direction is changed during application
- I find that the shade is very black (blacker than normal black? lolx~)
- It doesn't go onto damp skin (the outer corners of my eyes are often damp due to tearing) but it is very waterproof if it's applied on dry skin
- Creamy Pencil Eyeliner is pretty waterproof but not really smudgeproof
- It glides on very smoothly
- Texture of the eyeliner is very creamy
- Easy to control, stable as the tip that I dispense out is very short so that it won't break easily
- The eyeliner when drawn doesn't look fine, I could only use it to fill up bigger gaps
- I use the pencil eyeliner to draw on outer half of my lower lashline and corner of my eyes
- It can also go ontop of damp skin (the outer corners of my eyes are often damp due to tearing)
- When it dries up, it is waterproof and my tears doesn't wash off the eyeliner
- Sometimes it creates little clumps or crumbles (dried black particles from the lead)
- It smudged after sometime when I applied it onto my tightlines (the reddish skin beyond the eyelashes)
- I find that I could only use pencil eyeliner on my lower lashline and corner of my eyes as it doesn't smudge that much when applied there
- Bonavoce Ultra Volume Mascara is waterproof and smudgeproof
- The fibres sticks to the lashes easily and at the 2nd swipe, the lashes already look longer and voluminous
- The mascara will make my lashes stick together as 1, which kinda make me look like I have lesser lashes ^^"
- There is a need to seperate the lashes out by using a eyelash comb
- It will clump if swipe too many times
- After it's dried, lashes still feel soft
- It doesn't has curl effect, will need to manually curl the lashes before mascara application
- Able to go onto my lower lashes as well, even though I have very little and short lashes! >_<
- Stayed on whole day without drooping

BODY FANTASIES Fragrance Body Spray - Freesia Fantasy
Body Fantasies Rose Petal Body Spray (by FITS) was awarded No. 1 in Yahoo! Beauty Japan.
It has really cute bottle design, its shape reminds me of a Butterfly. Lovely luminous purple bottle (for Freesia Fantasy)! ^^

And not forgetting to mention, super pretty fantasy 'angelic goddess' cap!! Though it exposes the spray nozzle, but it's still safe as it caps on really tight and there is no need to worry that you'll accidentally spray it.

Before I was given the Freesia Fantasy, I already own the miniature size of Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy which is a new fragrance. It was complimentary upon purchasing the CUTIE May Magazine.

BODY FANTASIES Fragrance Body Spray - Freesia Fantasy Review
Its said that some Freesia (the real flower) has very strong scent while some has almost no scent, that is why some of the people doesn't know the scent of Freesia and wondered if Freesia has any scent at all! Infact they do, but only a selective of them (base on the flower colours).
Freesia alone actually smells really fresh with a depth to it like some kind of wine.

- Freesia Fantasy (made of Freesia, Heliotrope, Rose & Muguet) has this deep enchanting smell
- It also smells slightly sweet, flowery and fresh at the same time
- Though its sweet but not sickly, and the freshness brings up the whole fragrace making it smells really unique
- The spray head is alittle hard to press
- I use about 10 sprays for whole body, on collar, wrists, arms, legs, feet and onto clothes and even bags as well! ^^
- I really like the scent, it makes me feel relax
- Great for after bath spray too

There was once when I played a sport during working time, I didn't bath and needed to get back to work immediately. I had not choice but to use the Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy Fragrance Body Spray to cover up my sweaty smell on my body and clothes.
I sprayed alot onto my new clothes and onto bare body (after wiping body with body wipes) then wear on my clothes. A colleague in the office was asking where this sweet fragrance comes from. I told him, "its my sweat smell." lolx~ Apparently, he commented that the fragrance was pretty strong (maybe I sprayed alittle too much, just cos to prevent people from smelling my body 'odour'), and sweet but nice. Actually I didn't use it inside the office, I did it in the washroom first. Moreover, it was quite some time already and I was sitting at a very far corner, but my colleague could still catch the scent. The scent lingers on my body and clothes for pretty long.

Gotta love BODY FANTASIES fragrances, they are light yet strong and last pretty long.
These fragrances comes in many scents, in Japan they have a total of 15 fragrances to choose from! They are also available in 236ml size.
I REALLY wish I could get the Rose Petal one too, as it is the one that gotten No. 1 in Yahoo! Beauty Japan Best Cosme Award. ^_^

The Rose of Versailles (La Rose de Versailles) Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black S$23.90
The Rose of Versailles (La Rose de Versailles) Lady Oscar Creamy Pencil Eyeliner Black S$25.90
BONAVOCE ULTRA Volume Mascara S$25.90
BODY FANTASIES Fragrance Body Spray (Freesia Fantasy) 50ml S$8.90
The Rose of Versailles (La Rose de Versailles) Lady Oscar Face Mask (White Rose) S$8.90/sheet

(I will be reviewing the Face Mask separately in another post ^^)

Where to buy?
At Haraju-Cute Shelves @ the following places:
1) 313 @ Somerset
2) Anchorpoint
3) Ang Mo Kio Central
4) Causeway Point
5) Centrepoint Basement
6) City Square Mall
7) Clementi Mall
8) Great World City
9) Hougang Mall*
10) IMM
11) ION Orchard
12) Kallang Leisure Park
13) Marina Bay Sands
14) Ngee Ann City*
15) Northpoint
16) Paragon
17) Parkway
18) Plaza Singapura
19) Raffles City
20) Raffles Place MRT
21) Sembawang Shopping Centre
22) Serangoon NEX
23) Suntec City Mall
24) Tampines Century Square
25) Toa Payoh Blk 190
26) United Square
27) Vivo City
*These stores will be ready by end August 2012

Guardian Health & Beauty Singapore - Facebook - Website
Haraju-Cute Facebook

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product name written and coloured in turquoise is sponsored by Haraju-Cute & StarAsia Singapore to me for trial & review.


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