miwitch's Japan Tokyo Trip 2012 ~ Cosmetic, fashion loots & food

Continued from my previous post HERE.....

Its my last 2 days in Tokyo and I roamed around alone to find what I had been searching for...... Cosmetics!! ^^ and some clothes and maybe some hosiery if I can find..
At Ueno Station, I saw a cosplayer, UH I mean MONK. Seriously, a REAL monk? That I'm not sure... I actually instagrammed this pic on the spot and people were all curious who he is. lolx~

And on to my MEGA Tokyo Haul!~

CANMAKE Perfect Serum BB Cream 840円 ~S$14 (Helping someone to CP)
Integrate Be happy with the power of Mineral BB Cream 525円 ~S$8.75
Intergrate Be happy with the power of Mineral Mist Spray 840円 ~S$14
Kanebo ALLIE Daily UV Protector SPF 34 PA+++ 2352円 ~S$39.20 : Pretty ex sunblock, but ALLIE is currently top No.1 in Cosme 2012! Their top no.1 is their UV Moisture Gel. but after swatching around, I decide to get this instead of the one that many prefered. After walking out of the store, I kinda regetted not getting UV Moisture Gel (<_<")
Majolica Majorca Eyebrow Mascara BR333 997円 ~S$16.60
DHC Lip Cream 499円 ~S$8.30 (Posted before): DHC in Japan is almost 1/2 price of SG's!!! But I duno wat to buy from DHC, only got their lip cream cos its quite cheap.. =p
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara in #1 Milk Tea 1050円 ~S$17.50 (Helping Ahru to CP^^)

The following stuffs are not what I had in mind... I got psycho-ed by a pretty obasan whose a Kanebo Beauty advisor.. I dont speak jap and she dont speak english, well both of us speak only very simple terms in both english & jap like "YES, NO, GOOD, WAIT, THIS, THAT".. and she still can manage to sell me these lot of stuffs.. I am amazed with both her and... me. Hahhaax~

Nonetheless, here's the break down.. [from left - right, top- bottom]
Kanebo White Luster 100ml 4200円 ~S$70 : It is like cleansing water, but lotion type. Very soothing! I like! ^^
Kanebo Suisai tightening lotion 100ml 2100円-30%=1470円 ~S$$24.50: 2012 New product with promotion
Kanebo Coffret D'or Foundation refill 2940円 ~S$49: I forgotten what shade I took as the BA helped to place the refill into the case.
Kanebo Coffret D'or Foundation Case 1050円 ~S$17.50: New case design for 2012, comes with free sponge. GOLDDDddd~~~
Kanebo Coffret D'or BU Rouge Limited Edition PK-270 (Creamy Liquid) 2625円 ~S$43.75: Really LOVEeeee this gloss! Its acts like lipstick, can slightly cover my pigmented lips!
Kanebo Dew Superior Brush Cleanse Pen 6ml 3150円 ~S$52.50 : Newly launched product on May 2012. Had used several times and I'm totally loving it! ^^ Even without applying b.liv heads off serum, I feel my pores has lesser white/black heads!
And then the rest you see are samples that the BA gave me.

After spending like S$260 solely only Kanebo stuffs, the very nice obasan along with her very beautiful young BA followed me down the stairs and walked me to the exit of the 2-storey Matsumotokiyoshi store, then asked if I came from USA (??NANDE USA?!O_O) I crossed my hands and say NO, Singapore!! Then both of them went "OOOHHH!!! SINGAPORE!" She asked me when I'm returning, and I said tomorrow, she made a sad face and rubbed her eyes.Lolx~ I asked pretty obasan to visit Singapore, she was so humourous and gave me and OK! sign then hooked my arm, walked out of the store and act as if she's going with me right away. Hhahax! What a fun shopping experience!!
I swear this shopping experience in Tokyo is my best one even though I was kinda heart pain when I was being psycho-ed by her to purchase so many stuffs at one go! But it was all worthed it ^^, moreover I love the stuffs that she introduced to me as she was really doing her job in pin pointing the flaws that my skin has and what I really need to get rid of them. =D An experienced pretty obasan BA indeed! =p~

Next haul, was spent at atre Champ de Herbe store. [from left - right, top- bottom]
Clear Last Make Coating Quick Mist 50ml 1260円 ~S$21
ettusais WP liquid eyeliner 1050円 ~S$17.50: Promo, comes with a 20ml makeup remover
RIMMEL Eyeshadow palette 1680円 ~S$28 (Helping friend to CP)
RIMMEL Peach Cheek blush 1680円 ~S$28 (Helping friend to CP)
Love Liner Eyebrow Mascara in Light Brown 1499円 ~S$25: Bought 2 thinking maybe someone will like to have 1? hahhaax~
RIMMEL Marshmallow Loop Lipstick 1365円 ~S$22.75(Helping friend to CP)

Clear Last Make Coating Quick Mist: Advertised in one of the Japan magazine that I'd bought ^^

Love Liner Brand is now quite hot in Japan too~ Its been advertised on most magazines.

Love Liner Eyebrow Mascara in Light Brown Packaging
It has peach scent!

Swatches of Love Liner Eyebrow Mascara in Light Brown
It says Light Brown, but actually.... ITS GOLDDDDDDddddddddddd~~~~~ That's why I bought 2! =p~

Comparing Love Liner Eyebrow Mascara in Light Brown with the rest of the gold eyebrow/mascaras/liners/shadows ^^

More products under MSH (which produce Love Liner)

Following stuffs bought at 0101 Ueno (UENO MARUI) @ Cosme Store [from left - right, top- bottom]
Chacott For Professionals Enriching Powder HD PW773 (Translucent) 1890円 ~S$31.50 :CP for Na~ Doesn't comes with puffs
Chacott For Professionals Enriching Powder HD PW774 (Ocher) 1890円 ~S$31.50: For myself ^^
KOJI Curving Eyelash Curler 1890円 ~S$31.50
Pure Smile Snake Venom Essence Mask 100円 ~S$1.70: Perhaps you had not seen my previous post about the Snyake Mask.. I tried it and thinking to purchase another one to bring back and try again but I can't find the same brand so I got Pure Smile's Snake venom mask ^^
Cakeys Lip Scrub in Caramel Vanilla 1470円 ~s$24.50

More about Cakeys Lip products~

Charcott display @ Cosme Store. Snapped this with my Iphone. Walked about Cosme store for like 2 hours just trying to wake Na up from her sleep. hahahax~~~

KOJI Curving Eyelash Curler, comes with little booklet teaching you how to use their eyelash curler! ^^

I realised after I'd returned from Japan, Watsons just brought in this curler too! You should check it out at Watsons. ^_^ Its pretty good to use!

Step by Step on how to curl your lashes with Curving Eyelash Curler

The magazines I bought also happen to introduce this new curler~

Other random haul in Tokyo...
Hello Kitty Oil blotter paper 105円 ~S$1.75
Majolica Majorca Speedy & Flossy nail polish #7 399円 ~S$6.65

My only Shu Uemura haul is made at Kaneda Airport DFS! =D
Shu Uemura Custome palette quad 800円 ~$13.30 each: I bought 3! ^^ One for Na~
Shu Uemura glow on blush refill in M Soft Coral 345 1800円 ~S$30
Shu Uemura glow on blush in P Medium Peach 560 refill1800円 ~S$30
Shu Uemura pressed eyeshadow refill in IR white 911 S$13.50: This one was bought in Singapore DFS. Goldddd again~ ^^

Shu Uemura description ingredients and stuffs~

Refills! Gota like Tokyo DFS Shu Uemura counter! No BA to bug you and the counter is BIG and FULL OF COLOURS! Unlike SG DFS... =_=

I'm lacking of 3 eyeshadows or 1 blush+1 eye shadow.... hmmm what should i get next? ^_^

Tokyo Daiso and other random purchases! ^^
Puff Detergent 105円 ~S$1.75
Cosmetic Cotton 150pcs 105円: Just when I'm out of cotton pads in Japan, Daiso have everything I need~~~~
Majolica Majorca nail polish [repeated take]
Shiseido Aqualabel Cleansing foam 798円 ~S$13.30 [repeated take from previoust post]
KAO liese hair spray about S$6?
8x4 foot sheet about S$6? Japanese like to keep everything CLEAN, NEAT and HYGIENE. Everywhere is selling Shoe spray and body wipes.
Sea Breeze body spray ~S$5 or so.. forgotten the actual price ^^" Was introduced by my friend Di who also went Japan, she says it covers body odour well!
Biore Limited edition Cool & Cool Powder Wipes x 3packs 498円 S$~8.30: Its really VERY GOOD for singapore weather! When I feel hot and sticky or sweaty all over, I just use this wipe on my arms and neck... skin feels alittle icy cool and has powdery finish!

Scan from one of my magazine, an article about personal hygiene and.... Deodorant. The foot wipes I bought is featured here too!

ROHTO Lycee Eyedrops 888円 for 2 boxes. ~S$14.80: I bought 2 types. One for eyes, one for contacts (not shown here).

Free gift from Cosme store. Even Japan also import Taiwan brand now! ^^

After de-boxing my stuffs.. I keep these boxes here and don't know for what purpose I keep them... =p~

The only Omamori (japanese amulet) I bought from Asakusa. I wish this fox can guard my purse and protect my $ and everything that I put inside this purse.. hehex~

I didn't buy alot of clothes in Japan (except for hosiery =p) cos they are not cheap. Here I have:
Pastel floral shorts 1490円 ~S$24.80 : From Pop Girl
Vivienne Westwood I AM EXPENSIVE Hanky (comes with a bear!) 1575円 ~S$26.25: OMG CHEAP! For a VW stuff!~ =D
Vivienne Westwood Flying Skull Head Panty Hose 2310円 ~S$38.50: Kinda ex for a panty hose. lolx~
Wacoal STYLE COVER pastel mesh foot wear 945円 ~S$15.60
Wacoal STYLE COVER lilac mesh foot wear 840円 ~S$14
Children Kitson Hanky (CP for a Baby~ ^^)

Here, posting the few BEST food that I'd had in Tokyo. First up is Korean BBQ! KOREAN food in JAPAN?? U think I'm crazy? But I tell you, this is SUPER YUMMY!!! And there's someone to serve you your meat! Not the kind of BBQ that you usually grill the meat yourself eh. ;)
And I love the kimchi!!!!!!~~~~

The BEST Wagyu (和牛 - Japanese cow) beef  I ever eaten is this! This was my last meal in Tokyo, had it at the Haneda Airport. And since its the last day, we decide to spend all the rest of our money on the most expensive food... This set cost me about S$40~50.
The beef looked as if its very small, but its just nice for my stomach! ^^ The beef is so tender, soft yet not too chewy and taste superbbbbbb!!!!~ No other beef that I'd eaten could taste like this! You can't leave Japan without tasting their Wagyu beef at least once!!~

Side dishes that came with the set~

And lastly, some new stuffs for my pet cat, Mimi! ^^ He REALLYYYYYY Love the food I bought for him, it smells really nice!(but i didn't taste it)

To end this last post of my 2012 Tokyo Trip~~~~

Till then,


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