Review: SKIN & LAB C Plus Brightening & E Plus Moisturizing by Wish Trend

Around end of June, I received SKIN & LAB products from Wish Trend. I been using them till now and it's almost a month.
So, it's time for a review! ^^

Products consist of:
- SKIN & LAB Dr Vita Clinic C Plus Brightening
- SKIN & LAB Dr Vita Clinic E Plus Moisturizing
- SKIN & LAB Sample Box

SKIN & LAB C Plus Brightening Cream Introduction

C Plus Brightening Main Ingredients

Vitamin C
As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C inhibits melanin formation and returns oxidized melanin back to a normal state for brightness

It activates SOD, the most powerful antioxidant enzymes of the body, which stimulates body mechanisms

Acerola Extraction
The acerola extraction soothes skin damages caused by UV rays and inhibits skin pigmentation. It also revitalizes your stressed skin.

Ingredient extracted from Brazilian candeia tree, functions to inhibit melanin synthesis 

SKIN & LAB E Plus Moisturizing Cream Introduction

E Plus Moisturizing Main Ingredients

Vitamin E
Vitamin E prevents skin damage from lipid peroxidation and keep skin moisturized and bright by protecting skin cell membrane.

This ingredient has 1970 times as strong effect as natural vitamin E to protect skin from UV rays.

Inca Omega Oil
Contains highest unsaturated fatty acid among oil seeds to prevent skindehydration

About SKIN & LAB

Product Packaging

Its good that all skincare & cosmetic products are sealed even though they have a screw on cover, this is to prevent spillage during transporation. And that the content inside will not spoil that fast.

SKIN & LAB Samples

SKIN & LAB Swatches
Gota love how the creams gets absorb super quick into my skin!

SKIN & LAB Hand & Face Swatches
This is the amount I use on my face and neck everyday! I combined both C & E together. ^^

Before & After
I mentioned a few times on my other skincare reviews that I have quite a number of scars on my face. These scars which appear as brownish grey patches are actually caused by my itchy fingers picking on oil spots and black/white heads. (^_^")
And sometimes, big ugly inflammations that leaves scars after it's healed.
I do know the consequences of picky the face but I always sees them as enemies and would want them to "die", which they really DIED after I picked them and DEAD skin cells take over forming black ugly scars.

Below, if you see reddish spots (on the right pic), those are freshly picked areas (U_U")*sighs*
For these 2 months, I'm hardly getting oil spots anymore like last time. Instead, I have black & white heads to take over. (<_<)

Below shows BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) pic of another area of my cheek.
Scars naturally lightens over a period of time (usually takes very long time), but with help from a good whitening or brightening cream, it would lighten at a faster rate.

Review of C Plus Brightening & E Plus Moisturizing Cream
- Both creams are light and easy to spread out
- C Plus Brightening cream smells like herbs + lemon
- E Plus Moisturizing cream smells stronger of herbs + ointment
- Skin absorbs both creams super fast
- Doesn't feel oily/greasy at all
- Silky texture
- A tiny bit sticky after application

During usage, I feel...
- When using only C Plus cream, my skin feels dry and lack of moisture
- When using only E Plus cream, skin feels pretty moisturised
- When combined C & E creams together, the feel is perfect as C could brighten my skin and E could replenish the moisture that C lacks
- Skin looked a little brighter immediately after application
- Mind feels refresh as the scent reminds me of herbs and plants
- Love the feeling of skin absorbing the cream within few seconds, which sometimes entice me to apply more (lol)

After using for a month, I feel...
- Skintone brightens up by alittle bit
- Skin feels smooth and moisturised
- Feels that C Plus cream is a mild whitener, it can help to combat dark spots/scars
- Old scars lightened pretty quickly but doesn't diminish them completely
- It helped to stop my skin from growing back the oil spots almost 100% (which I usually will get if the skincare doesn't work for me)
- My skin has lesser free radicals now as my makeup didn't oxidise much (the most, by half a tone) after wearing it for longer than half a day. This is one thing that I really love most as I'd been very upset with this issue last time for many years!
- Both creams can be applied around eye area, doesn't cause milia seeds or oil spots
- C & E cream doesn't help in preventing black,white heads or tightens large pores (To fight against different skin problems, there are other creams from Skin & Lab to do so)

SKIN & LAB BK Trouble Finish Essence (Sample)
As I'm also given a pack of Skin & Lab samples, I tried a combination of B & K Plus essence. The colour of the essence (somewhat like gel) is clear, unlike the C & E.

After using Skin & Lab and having more ♥LOVE♥ for the creams, I decide to purchase K Plus Red-X Cream. Why, you say?
That's because Vitamin K is said to help reduce broken/red capillaries and dark circles (also caused by clogged capillaries).
Below shows the edge of my nose area where broken capillaries are visible. I wish to help in reducing them by using K Plus cream.
And not forgetting to mention my super dark (knight rises, lolx~) circles, which I really need Vitamin K to help in lighten~ (>_<")
When I buy the K Plus cream, perhaps I'll do a review of it seperately. ^_^

 ←Pic shows left and right corner of my nose (It is NOT a before-after pic)

A little about SKIN & LAB K Plus Red-X

SKIN & LAB Dr Vita Clinic C Plus Brightening USD$15.99
SKIN & LAB Dr Vita Clinic E Plus Moisturizing USD$16.99

Where to buy?
(Give some love to SKIN & LAB @ Wish Trend! ^.^)
All SKIN & LAB skincare products can be bought at WISHTREND website.
Click below to link to individual page:
SKIN & LAB Dr Vita Clinic C Plus Brightening
SKIN & LAB Dr Vita Clinic E Plus Moisturizing
SKIN & LAB Dr Vita Clinic K Plus Red-X
SKIN & LAB Dr Vita Clinic A Plus Lifting
SKIN & LAB Dr Vita Clinic B Plus Trouble-X


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Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
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