New Japan cosmetics @ Guardian (Brigitte, Bonavoce, Diamond Beauty, ZOGAN) ~ OOTD ~ LOTD

I had been seeing alot of ROLA, a 22-year old half Bangladeshi half Japanese (& quarter Russian?) model who models for many brands, inclusive fashion, beauty products, even electronics and stuffs in Tokyo when I was there past 2 weeks. And not to mention I can even see her live at many channels on TV ALMOST everyday! She is really pretty that my eyes got glued watching her on the TV! Lolx! Last time I see her modeling in VIVI Magazine alot but now she's not appearing in it anymore.. Her modeling career had matured since then, now she often appear in variety shows (funny ones, cute ones, serious ones, every variety show I watched she's there!) and she even sing!

She now models for the cosmetic brand Brigitte which debuted January this year.
I also spotted Brigitte in Japan, but Japan pricing had went up quite drastically in compare to 5 years ago when I was there. (Inflation?) Most of the cosmetics there are priced almost same as Singapore's or even more expensive! Only certain drugstore brands are a few dollars cheaper than SG's. Hence I didn't really buy alot of cosmtics in Japan, including Brigitte.. *sobs*
HOWEVERRRRR~ until just now, I found out that Singapore had brought in BRIGITTE!!!!!! I found it North Point (Yishun) Guardian and I was like 'OMG ROLA!!!!!!!' *hair stands & take photo take photo!* kekkeke~

Here are all the products currently sold in Japan. Take the price (yen) divide by 60 and you will get it in SGD$.

Almost all japanese girls like wearing false lashes even if its for play, work, old, young... therefore for every makeup line, they sure gonna have false lashes!

And here's Brigitte at North Point Guardian. The pricings for Brigitte are very reasonable! They are only about $2 more ex than Japan's Brigitte. Infact, the mascara, eyeshadow palette, blusher are the same price as Japan's! Kudos to the SG company who price Brigitte! XD~

As I'm in hurry to rush off, the photos didn't show everything and I didn't swatch too.. ^^" I'm definitely going to swatch the eyeshadow the next time I see Brigitte again!

Guardian now has 20% discount and +10% if you have Passion EZ-Link Card. However I didn't see any discount label on Brigitte, therefore I think they are not under this promotion? Anyways Brigitte is new product most prob no discounts. But all other brands shown below are! Today (1 July) is the last day for you to enjoy the discount!~

Guardian also has Bonavoce, newly launced this year April in Japan. Products produced by fashion model, Saeko.

Here are all the items available so far for Bonavoce, I think we could expect more cosmetic range from Bonavoce in future~

For Bonavoce products, its even cheaper sold in SG than Japan! YEAH to SG Bonavoce!! ^o^v~

I think Guardian is selling the limited eyeliner here! (If I didn't see wrong..?)

Diamond Beauty also got into the shelves too at Guardian! ^^
I was told by my friend Sel that she spotted Diamond Blush at North Point Guardian and we went around looking for other Guardians in Orchard area, we couldn't find any! I wonder when would they be putting all these japan cosmetics up at other Guardians... anyone seen them elsewhere so far?
Diamond Beauty is the only brand there that has the MOST BLUSH SHADES!! I think basically its their main product therefore the brand name Diamond blush? lolx.. Oh yes, Japanese girls LOVEEeeee putting blushes (often pink or neon pink, I see) and they always seem to me, unblended. I don't know if its their preference... or is it IN to do so? Their blushes are super pink on their cheeks, sometimes just right under their eyes like 2 round ANG KU KUEH (red round oval shaped Chinese cake). Even for ROLA whom I often watched on TV, she also have super pink round blush on.
However I don't dislike seeing their blushes like that because they LOOK GOOD with unblended blush! As most japanese are super fair almost like white paper, the neon pink ang ku kueh actually compliment their skin and features! ^_^

As mentioned, no brand will forget to make their own range of lashes. lolx~
I read reviews on a few Jap magazine which I bought over there, some of them introduced Diamond lash. I wanted to get my hands on them in Tokyo but I couldn't find any! (Main reason cos I only have 2 days to shop.. and I only shopped at 1 place. T△T")

Diamond Beauty has NOSE MAKEUP too! First time ever I seen a nose makeup palette coming in SG! More often than not, we use eyebrow palette and eyeshadow or face highlight for shading the nose.. lolx~
I'd seen those Shibuya 109 shop assistants putting up very heavy nose makeup. Though by looking at them in real life kinda looks weird because of the visible shading edge lines, but overall if you look at them from front view, they look really awesome. But not from the side view. hahhaax~

Diamond Blush in Guardian is priced about $5 more than Japan. Nose palette $6 more. I can't comment on the lashes as I think I forgot to take picture of it.. or its not even there on the shelves?? ^^"

ZOGAN MASK...... I have no comments as I totally do not know who is 田中宥久子! hahax~ ^_^" From the site can see that the mask is being sold at more than S$10 per piece! Wow~

And in SG, its being sold as $9.90, slightly cheaper!~

A week ago, I spotted Melody and Kuromi (Sanrio) Bath Shower also at Guardian (AMK)! Its only $7.90! Its sho cute that I Instagram this and got my friends buying them too! ^_^

SHOooooooo cute isnt it!?! Just had to love Kuromi!!~ I will definitely keep this and refill it with hand soap once I use up the bath shower. ^o^~

Its been way too long since I post my OOTD here.. I had only been posting it on instagram cos its really fast to do so with a mobile phone. And today, Amazon cloud hit United States and that make Pinterest, Netflix and Instagram down. Heard that it would most probably be up and running by Monday.
Nonetheless, here goes my few most recent OOTD. ^^

Mint Green OOTD:
Headband - Helen
Inner top - GMarket
Outer top - Faire Belle
Mint green side button-up shorts - GMarket
Fairytale Tattoo Pantyhose - Spinns (Japan, Harajuku)
Pink suede heels: Overseas
Brown leather bag: Overseas

Baggy Top OOTD (WAAAaaaT name is this?<_<)
Headband - EXPO Flea Market
Outer top - Spinns (Japan, Harajuku)
Artsy Paint Mini Skirt - GMarket
Polka dot mint green Pantyhose - Japan, Harajuku
Floral lace wedge heels: Overseas
Brown leather bag: Overseas

Yesterday's LOTD & OOTD: Pink Summer
Instead of using black eyeliner, I use the pink & purple from my Sleek Carribean Collection Palette to line the tail of my eyes. Because I was teary again, I think eyeliner won't work so I tot perhaps eyeshadow can withstand a little longer.. but actually at end of day, the pink & purple have long gone...washed off by my tears. =p~
Lens - I.fairy Trinity in Green
EyeLash - MEGAHOLIC Rubber Extension Mascara
Blush - Mio Piccolo Flower Cheek Blush in #02 Rose
My face look quite flawless here cos its taken by my phone camera using app Camera360! ^^ (actually still can see grey dots ah~ its my scars.. =_=")

Beverly Hills Top - Overseas
Pastel floral short pants - POPGIRL (Japan, Ueno)
Nude shade Pantyhose - Overseas
Floral lace wedge heels: Overseas

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise is sponsored to me for trial & review.


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