miwitch's Japan Tokyo Trip 2012 ~ Shibuya, Harajuku, Laforet, Meiji-Jingu Shrine, Akihabara

Continued from my previous post Part 2 HERE..... I met up with my friend, Di (who happen to also visit Japan almost same timing as mine) target to visit Shibuya, Harajuku, Yoyogi and flea market.

[edited 12 Jul 2012: I had just added some more pictures and details of the stuffs I 'd bought! ^^v~]
First stop was Shibuya. Di quoted from her bro-in-law that if you didn't take a photo of the iconic spot of the place, means you never went there before. And so~~~ we MUST take this statue of Hachiko (忠犬ハチ公像) to prove that we were here! hahahx~

And also the iconic crossing @ Shibuya! Apparently when we were crossing the road, we didn't know we were ALREADY at the crossing. It was weekend and everywhere were super crowded! All we could see were people's head and legs and we couldn't see where we were going.

Aiming for SHIBUYA 109!!!!~

This day, there wasn't any displays outside the mall, usually I see nice displays from the FB. *sigh* think I'd missed that.

Di & I walked round almost all levels of Shibuya 109, everything was so expensive in there that we kinda got bored of looking at those local branded stuffs so we exit and head off to harajuku, intending to past by yoyogi and check out the flea market. However I think we lost our way (due to taking direction advice from someone..⌐_⌐"), and ended up going direct to Laforet (along Harajuku street).

Forgotten to take a pic of Laforet building & entrace but I have advertisement board for replacement! Lolx~ Wat a weird advert... Anyways, its a place where most of the local brand in sub-culture fashion like gothic, lolita, aristocrat, decora etc.. are located. Many young people who like sub-culture fashion will dressup just to shop or hang around in Laforet. ^^

I also didn't take much pictures that day as I'm rather busy shopping around myself since it was like my official 1st shopping day after walking miles at Hakone & Kawaguchi. kekex~
Nonetheless, you can still search for pictures of all these malls online. ^^ Here I took pic of Indie(?) Jrock bands posters pasted inside Laforet, on the glass window of a store. I just youtubed Vlossom and OMG I had to Lolx at this band.. XD~ Click HERE to see why I lolx~ =P
At the front entrance of Laforet, there is this recycle bag 'dispenser' machine. Pretty interesting isn't it?! :D

After shopping for quite long at Harajuku streets, we stopped at one of the cafe restaurant to have our dinner... The cup above us is actually the lighting, really cute! And infront of me is my pretty friend, Di. ^^ Not long after our dinner, Harajuku street stores were closing one by one and so we went back to our hostel~

The next day, the guys and I continue to venture around Harajuku but this time we went into Meiji-Jingu Shrine (明治神宮)

A very LOOOOooong walk into the forest inorder to reach the shrine entrance. But I totally love this trail and its serenity. Once we entered the forest area, the sunrays were almost fully blocked by the trees and the air suddenly felt so cool, and slightly damp. It makes me feel calm, relax and.... PURE. lolx~ Maybe that's the reason why the famous shrine is being located at a serene location, to make everyone feel this way before entering the shrine. ^^

Before reaching the shrine, we spotted a long queue. They were queueing for free food! So not only Singaporeans are 'kiasu' people. hahax~~
← Happiness not shown on face lolx~

And finally reached Meiji-Jingu Shrine~ It's very big and spacious! I didn't do the proper panoramic view, just anyhow took a few pics as I was way behind the guys, they always walk so fast!

This is the most 'inner' part of the shrine. Photography are not allowed once you are near it, the security guard will stop us. I went up and pray by throwing 100 yen into the wooden box thingy (what you call that?). See HERE for a better view of this place.

Within Meiji-Jingu Shrine, there are lots more things to see like say, WEDDING CEREMONY! As its a Sunday, its natural that more traditional wedding ceremonies will be held. Within 20 mins, we spotted 2 traditional weddings taking place one after another. And when this Caucasian (husband) + Japanese (wife) walked into the shrine, EVERYONE crowded around and took picture of them!
You can clearly see that behind the japanese lady, are all her family members and behind the man are all his family members. And Lolx at the cute baby girl pampers. XD~

Once back on the harajuku streets, we spotted Takoyaki! Unlike Singapore, Japan doesn't have ham/cheese/chicken/etc fillings. They ONLY have 1 which is their standard - SQUID takoyaki. Its tasted slightly different from the sg takoyaki and its less sweet too.

Its Sunday so we thought we want to check out the famous Jingu Bashi (Jingu Bridge 神宮橋)/ Harajuku Bridge (原宿の橋). Supposedly there should be ALOT of cosplayers and sub-culture fashion dress-ups and stuffs like that but WHERE ARE THEY!?!?!?!!?! OTL||| Seriously I got no idea where they were on that day... Perhaps there's another cosplay event that they all have moved over to that event? X_X"
I did spot a few FREE HUGGERS though.. hahhax~

Been hearing AKB48 music few times when I was there, turn around and I see their advertising vehicle.

And on to Akihabara where all men love to go~ Seriously, there are ALOT OF MEN here. Had to be careful when the ladies are at Akiha!

OMY OMY OMY, I spotted something RARE at Akihabara street! (or maybe not rare at all? Seems like nobody is looking at him!) Lolx!~ I don't know what this man was doing, he was like pushing his bicycle around the same spot and he was looking around and searching for.... nothing? He had a camera tripod in his basket I think perhaps he was looking for a cameraman to help him photoshoot his cosplay? Lolx~ For a moment I thought he was cosplaying Trinity Blood cos of the hat with that cross thingy.. but then again I think not... Anyways, I'm too afraid that he will catch me taking his picture from across the street so I quickly took a few and walk off. ^^"

Pic of doll stuffs I took for Na's sis to see cos she like dolls! lolx.. and she said the prices are cheap!
In the evening, we went to Maid Cafe, named Maid Dreaming. (near Akihabara station)
The GUYS wanted to go so I had to go with them too.
If you had followed my instagram, you would have learnt that just by entering the Maid cafe, you need to pay 1000yen. Yes, its an ENTRANCE FEE! We were only allowed to stay in the cafe for 2 hours and we each need to order at least 2 items! For every serving the maid brings to us, we MUST follow the maid to say a series of funny quotes and making hand signs, so to make our food taste nicer. OMG!!!! That is the most embarrasing thing I ever done infront of this many people *wana dies*. But we still sat for about 1 hour to 'enjoy' the ear torturing sound of the maids' cute voice.
← As usual, maid cafes don't allow photography (unless u pay) so I took a pic of the menu only. :p

Finally! Time to show off my loots! :p
Magazines~~ A must get when you are in japan as they often come with complimentary gift! ^^ And its cheaper to buy in Japan too!
I get to know more of these magazines thanks to the 'gift'! lolx~ Sweet is more of a fashion mag but not as much as Vivi, and UP is a cosmetic skincare mag~ I was attracted by the Snidel canvas bag the Synake face mask so I bought them.
Sweet magazine 690円 ~S$11.50
Vivi magazine 650円 ~S$10.80
UP magazine 580円 ~S$9.65

Tops that I gotten during the trip cos I was running out of tops to wear!~
Uniqlo Scarf cardigan 1990円 ~S$33.15
Spinns Pinkish peach back sheer top with skull head print 2590円 ~S$43.15

A top that I bought later found out was also featured in one of the magazines. No wonder it was labeled as TOP design at the store.
Spinns Cat loose white tee 1990円 ~S$33.15

And MORE Pantyhoses for my 2 legs. Lolx~ All these bought from Harajuku Takeshita street!~ [Shop List 1/ List 2]
[view from Clockwise]
Best Beauty Mint green polka dot sheer pantyhose 350円 ~S$5.80 : ポルタ.ポルテーゼ 原宿店 This shop has no website...
Best Beauty Pinky beige stripes sheer pantyhose 350円 ~S $5.80 : ポルタ.ポルテーゼ 原宿店
Best Beauty Red holey pantyhose 840円 ~S$14 : ポルタ.ポルテーゼ 原宿店
Best Beauty Black holey pantyhose 840円 ~S$14 : ポルタ.ポルテーゼ 原宿店
Best Beauty Floral Leggings 1890円 ~S$31.50 : ポルタ.ポルテーゼ 原宿店
BURLESQUE Art of Leg Fairytale Tattoo pantyhose 1990円 ~S$33.15
Magician Skull Tattoo pantyhose 1990円 ~S$33.15
Spinns Leg Bones Tattoo pantyhose 1990円 ~S$33.15

tutuanna Pink ♥ Label Calligraphy words tattoo pantyhose 1890円 ~S$31.50: I almost forgotten about this pair! Its the most popular among all designs!

I don't fancy Hello Kitty stuffs, but this recycle bag is the only one that has a VISIBLE Laforet word on it and looks better than the other designs. ^^" Hello Kitty Be Noisy Laforet shopping bag 400円 ~S$6.60
Next is my winnings from the UFO catcher! The NYANPIRES!!~ BIG ONE to SMALL ONES~ I love them all! ^^ Spent 2000円 just to catch the biggest one!
And then the Neko stuffs I bought (I LOOOOOOVE CATS) [view from Clockwise]
San-X Kutusita Nyanko Paw pouch 850円 ~S$14.15
The World Connection Cat Paws Key covers x 2 (Black & White) 315円/each ~S$5.25
Tokyo Disney Marie the Cat Popcorn tumbler keychain 990円 ~S$16.50
Tokyo Disney Marie the Cat White Tail with ribbon accessory 350円 ~S$5.80
Kitan Club Sleeping Cat mini figurine collectibles 200円 ~S$3.30: Got these 2 from turning the gashapon
The World Connection Glow in Dark Cat Iphone Plugy 399円 ~S$6.60
Tokyo Disney Marie the Cat mini hand fan 105円 ~S$1.75
I also like anything that has alice in wonderland theme in it. I bought ALICE pouch at Disneyland, was actually looking for a proper pouch for me to put receipts and cards. Tokyo Disney Alice in Wonderland Pouch 1000円 ~S$16.60
Blue repeat pattern bag and umbrella. Di and I coincidentally bought the same Sakura print fold umbrella, hers was pink and mine was blue. So when we went to buy the big bag, she pick pink and I pink blue again~ ^^
Daiso Blue w pink rose print bag 105円 ~S$1.75
Water Front Blue w pink sakura foldable umbrella 525円 ~S$8.75: Water Front produce alot of light weight and durable umbrellas with sweet designs that I really like almost alll of them! ^^

The smallest cat stuffs that I own now is the Iphone PLUGY~~~~ that glows in the dark!

At Laforet, I went shopping at Swimmer (the only store that I could afford to buy.. hahax~) Always been loving their stuffs cos they have super CUTE PRINTS!~ And their stuffs are not expensive, usually sold at affordable and reasonable price. ^^
The staff gave me an advertising leaflet that says 30% discount on all items from 22 June, the date I already left Japan... darn it =_=
[from left-right, top-bottom]
Swimmer Kuru-Kuru My Bottle (Cat) 315円 ~S$5.25
Swimmer Kuru-Kuru My Bottle (Bambi) 315円 ~S$5.25
Swimmer Floral makeup pouch 787円 ~S$13.10
Swimmer Cat portrait card & coin pouch 682円 ~S$11.35

Engraved necklace done at around the first store near entrance of Harajuku Takeshita street! Only 315円 with free engraving & translation, but its not stainless steel! ^^

For the first half of the tour, I only managed to buy 2 what seems to be NEAR to skincare.. are, Ban deodorant and Shoe freshener spray. As my shoes were fully soaked in rain water and it started to smell real bad. =_="
Its rather amazing to see that many drug stores in japan sells foot spray or shoe freshener spray. Japanese really spend alot of $ to take care of themselves AND their stuffs well. I heard from a friend who stays in japan that japanese take super good care of their clothings hence when they sell them online, the price of the used clothing is almost as high as the original price! O∆O
For these 2 stuffs, i forgotten their price ^^ But I'm prett sure they didn't cost more than S$5!

I just found this picture in my folder, completely forgotten that I had gotten these too! :p~
All these stuffs were found at Matsumotokiyoshi, one of their most commonly found drugstores (like watsons). They sell many drugstore brands AND counter brands but Matsumotokiyoshi outlets are usually located at neighbourhoods or streets instead of the malls.
Shiseido Aqualabel Cleansing foam 798円 ~S$13.30
Biore Cleansing Oil 230ml 680円 ~S$11.30
Rohto Lychee Contact and Eye drops - 2 for 888円 ~S$14.80
DHC Lip Cream 499円 ~S$8.30

Random OOTD during Japan Trip
The day I went out with Di, I wore this ^^

The next day I wore this after buying the Peach long top on the previous day.

Continue to follow posts of my Japan Tokyo Trip! ^_^v~

Till then,


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