miwitch's Japan Tokyo Trip 2012 ~ Lake Ashino Hakone ~ Lake Kawaguchi

Continuation from my previous post Part 1 (Disney Sea).... we had came to Lake Ashino, Hakone. Travelling from our hostel at Asakusa was bloody 3 hours long train & bus trip... Basically is ZZzzzzz all the way! lolx~ Kudos to Japan trains, their seats are carpeted, so my skinny butts don't hurt at all! (≥∇≤)
And here we are!! At LAKE ASHINO, HAKONE!! Its a FANTASTIC VIEW!

Super sunny weather but still windy, so the temperate was still 25~28 degrees celcius

This is the first Neko I saw in Japan!! CUTEEE~~~~ I ran towards him, almost scaring him away kekeke~ He's so skinny and hungry, I fed him with my sweet bun and he ate!

We walked and walked and walked... Then I came across this busstop! Immediately reminds me of TOTORO BUSSTOP!!! OMG~ >,<

 ← Grab from net. See the resemblence? (≥∇≤)

Alot of sight seeing for this day~ Until we walk UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT CENTRE... HELLO Which one is the right route!?!?!

Took a cruise around the Lake and then we took Ropeway (Cable car) to Owakudani (Great Boiling Valley) to eat KURO-TAMAGO (BLACK EGGS!) I break 1 mirror unlucky for 7 years, but I eat 1 Kuro tamago, I live 7 years extra! kekeke~
Most signages I ever seen!

AND ALOT MORE WALKING AND CLIMBING UPSLOPS AND TRAVELLING~~~~~~~~ At about 4pm+, we FINALLY reached our RYOKAN!! (traditional Japanese inn)
Experience the BEST EVER DINNER & BREAKFAST in traditional style! Each of us paid about $230 for a Cat B Ryokan, just to stay for 1 night. But I say, its REEEEEEEEEEALY worth the money! (If you never experience living in Ryokan before) Although we paid for it, but it felt almost like having free 2 meals and Free onsen  (both Public and private). I am so lucky that there wasn't anyone else except for 1 obasan when I was going to strip naked to soak in the Onsen ... hahaha~ *shys* (≥▫≤)

See me in their Yukata! Or rather, Bath robe. hehehhe.. We wore this bath robe and the yellow slippers to WALK ACROSS the street to have our dinner.. felt kinda funi. haha~
Next day, the table's full of plates and bowls of food. And it is OUR BREAKFAST! Think I ate this and stay full until 3pm. O_O
 ← Our Self cooked Tofu! Yum! But actually, it wasn't as nice as I tot :p~

After we left the Ryokan, I saw another neko again at a ropeway station~
<- A japanese lady carried her Shih Tzu in a bag and bring to the kitty for them to 'smell' each other.. Awww~~ Japanese really love animals alot!~

While waiting for bus to go to Lake Kawaguchi, we roam around the bus interchange and saw Fujiya from opposite side of road and decided to give it a try! More like, I force them to try cos I wana eat Japanese desserts! Always been seeing japanese eating ice creams and desserts in anime, manga and shows on TV, it looks yummy! And indeed it was~~~~~~ *SLURP*

Prices for the Desserts @ Fujiya!~

Next stop Kawaguchi Station!
We then took bus to Music Forest. Entrance fee wasn't cheap, its about 1500yen? Almost S$30 and we finished walking the whole place within just 1 hour.

However, this Music Forest is still a nice place to go as everything is SOOoooo pretty in there! They adopted the english style in all their architectures and furnitures.. basically everything are so English! I love it~ ^^

They even open to public to hold weddings in there! Ohhhhh~ Y singapore no hab this!!???~~
← The stuffs they sell are NICE and EXPENSIVE.

This is the shop I love most as everything sold here has prints of ROSE in them! ♥ The locals who went into this shop keep commenting "SUGOIIIIIiiiiiii!!"(pretty) Lolx~ I wish my home looks like this and has a garden view like this too.. (⊙△⊙)

Took this at their Rose Garden. The most roses I'd ever seen (& smell) so far~ I think most roses they planted are French roses. All sorts of colours from pastel pink to peach to red and purple!

And we WALK all the way back to Kawaguchi station from the Music Forest, walking around the circumference of Lake Kawaguchi, until I couldn't feel my feet anymore. Much THANKS to the planner of this Tokyo trip. *roll eyes* (⌐⌂⌐) Couldn't we take a bus or something?!&$(#_%*@@#+XYZ!
 ← Home cook meal @ Kawaguchi station nearby. Super nice!

Nope, your eyes not playing tricks with you, you DID see Mount Fuji at the background. Lolx~

Although its already the 4th day of my 10-day trip, I STILL haven't got to shop ANYTHING fashion/cosmetics related stuffs. But!!! The next day I will be!
Continue to follow my posts of my Japan Tokyo Trip! ^_^v~

Till then,


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