miwitch's Japan Tokyo Trip 2012 ~ Asakusa, Neko Cafe, Odaiba, Gundam

Continued from Part 3 (Shibuya, Akiha) POST... the next morning we went to visit Asakusa, Sensoji Temple.

Here shows the Kaminarimon 雷门, one of the 2 large entrance gate leading to the Sensoji Temple. I forgotte to take a pic of this famous entrance.. was I dreaming or what? (<_<")

above pic credits to japan-guide.com

Through the Kaminarimon, is the Nakamise Shopping Street.

Many cute anime/manga character figurines were also sold here besides traditional art crafts and accessories.

Reaching the Sensoji Temple...

The Big Big lanterns~ They can be retracted back to the ceiling when there's thunderstorm or typhoon..

2 things must do before praying:
1- Going to the o-koro (great incense burner), wafting the incense fumes towards myself (to cure illnesses)
2- Wash hands, face and drink the sacred water from the ornate fountain (to purify)
There are other interesting things in a temple like buying omamori (talisman/lucky charm) or omikuji (fortune slip). Basically I buy and did everything I could in this temple.. hhaha... I hope I'll be lucky for this year at least! ;p

In Sensoji Temple, there is this special 'dried grass O shape' entrance which is made for people to walk through and around it in a '8' pattern. I followed suit, but I'm not sure what is it for actually... ^_^"

Rows and rows of Omikuji in drawers~

I dropped in my 100 yen and took a chance on Omikuji. I forgotten to take a picture of that super heavy shaker thingy (Looks like this). It's unlike the chinese style where we shake the cup, the stick comes up from the top.
For this, the stick with the written number on it comes down from the bottom of the shaker through a small hole.
I got the number 60 (六十), so I open the drawer and drew out a fortune slip... I got Small fortune! ^^ I'm allowed to keep this slip and use it to always remind myself of my own fortune.

While those who gotten bad fortune, need to tie their slip onto this railing. No one else can touch this railing except for those who tied the slips on, otherwise the bad fortume will be passed to whoever touched it.

At the end of the Asakusa tour, I saw this little booth... Remember how we used to draw with this plastic templates??
Its sold at 500 yen (around SGD$8.30). Gosh.. We could easily get this at only SGD$2 here! Everything in Japan is expensive =_="

Next stop, my FAVOURITE OF ALL PLACES!!! NEKO CAFEEeeeeee!!!!!!~~~~~
This place is called Neko Maru Cafe. Website is: http://www.nekomarucafe.com Its located near to where we stayed, also located just beside the Ueno Station.
Per entrace fee/pax is 1050円 (~S$17.50) limit to max 60 minutes stay.
Japanese are VERY particular about hygiene, before we touch anything and even their cats, we need to cleanse and sanitize our hands thoroughly.
Once I came through their door, I saw 3 cats sitting on the floor!!! I went KYAAaaaaaaahhhhhh~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ *whips out camera*

There are ALOOOOOOOOOooot of Cats in this small cafe! They are all hidden here there everywhere! And also, ALOT of them are sleeping too! hahahahax~ (^-_-^)zzZZZZ
While they are all sleeping, I ATTACK their paws!! *Squeeze their cute little pinky paws*

2 big ones sitting under the table... The one at the right reminds me of my pet Mimi..  She's Maine Coon breed. Mimi is something else mixed with maine coon, and therefore his body built is big and his fur is very long too except his head isn't that furry. lolx~

The other cats that roams around....
The full white one is super fierce! She hisses whenever I touched her! But mi no scared of angry cat, i still played with her even though she hissed at me many times.. =p

How the cafe looks like... Pretty small actually...

The Cats' profile. There are total 17 cats' profile... did I see 17 cats? Looks more like 206429357274 cats...

PLAY TIME!!!~~~~


Tired after playing... The below 2 are very active and playful! ^^ Cos i think they are younger than the rest of the cats

Some pics caught using my Iphone!
Thirsty thirsty kitty after playing~~~

And finally, the BOSS of the cafe...name MILKY (Scottish fold). The cafe owner says he's the fiercest and will bite if you touch him at wrong places. And he's literally the BOSS of all the cats. That explains his size too??? Wahahhahax!~ XD~

Outside the cat cafe, I saw a Nyanpire gashapon machine and I got this..... Y i like kiddish stuffs? lolx~

After a relaxing hour at the cat cafe, we move on to Odaiba to check out the Life-size Gundam!~ Finally I saw a beach in Tokyo!~
That day, it was about the same degree as in Singapore (HOT!), but at least they have cool wind~

Many Japanese were seen to be relaxing on the field & beach....~

Miniature size of Statue of Liberty.

I spot Gundam!! It kinda looks small from here.

But its WOW BIG from HERE!!!~
Front view

Back view.

Night view.

And me with gundam view. lolx~

Palette town, Day view

Night view

What's in Palette town?... They have Giant Sky wheel, biggest amusement centre I ever seen, and biggest Toyota Car Showcase, Hello Kitty Cafe...

And not forgetting, LARGEST live house in Tokyo!! ZEPP TOKYO!!~ I wonder who is performing that day... Didn't see any posters or anything.. =\ But there are ALOOOOOOTTT of youngsters!

Inside the amusement park, there's this Horror House.. When I walk near it, I could hear ghostly voices, door creaking sounds and screamings...
Wanted to go in, but nobody else is with me so I chickened out.. hahaha Xp~

My next post will be all about my LOOTS~~~~ Cos there's no more sight seeing after this, basically the rest of the days I spent walking around buying stuffs! Yippe!!~
Continue to follow posts of my Japan Tokyo Trip! ^_^v~

Till then,


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