Collective Fashion Haul ~ I.Fairy, PUMA, Pull & Bear, BYSI ~ OOTDs

Lenses Lenses Lenses!!
Even though I don't wear them very often, I still like buying them and stocking them up for occasions!
I.Fairy 2012 new designs are Cara and Casper & many more! Each cost about ~SGD$18 with shipping.
Here's what I got. ^^
I.Fairy Cara Green (left): I suppose Cara means something like Carat? Because of its sparkling diamond like print.
I.Fairy Casper Green (middle): Casper the friendly Ghost lens? lolx~ I would probably name this lens HIPPIES, because of its colours & batik like print.
I.Fairy Cara Brown (right): I think this is the nicest design and most prominent brown shade among all I.Fairy lenses!

I love I.Fairy 2012 designs more than last year's cos I feel the shades and prints are getting more... fashionable? Compare to those starry, hearts, flower designs, I think Cara and Casper looks more trendy.

Me with my Casper (Hippes PEACE lolx~) lens.. Looks slightly scary yah? But with full eye makeup, it'll look different! This pair feels so much more comfy than the last 2 pairs I wore which I complained about - Trinity and Binky Violet (See REVIEW). Btw, I had already bin them. (<_<)
Perhaps for every batch there bond to be a few lens meant to be 'defected'. =\ *sigh*

PULL&BEAR "MAKE YOU DREAMS COME TRUE" Mint Tee $17.90 : Sho cute righttttttt! Hahhaa~ To make unicorns come to life, just put ice-cream cone on horse. =D

PULL&BEAR "What's Happening" Cat Lilac Tee $9.90 only!

Marie Macli Beige Strappy heels bought @ Harbourfront Atrium sales! I think its roughly ~$20

Just past Thursday, Na, Ahru and me was walking past BYSI store and through their window display my eyes zoomed in at a mannequin who is my height wearing this dark green maxi pleated chiffon skirt and I quickly went into the store to look for it. The skirt was super long, perfect for my height however the skirt was last piece.
I decided not to skip the chance of finding a nice maxi skirt so I gotten it in the end. I don't regret it for spending almost $90 for this skirt since it IS super hard for me to find a nice and long enough one. And I had to accept 1 tiny flaw which is the button hole area is slightly torn.
BYSI Dark Green Maxi Pleasted Chiffon Skirt $89

At work place, I'm nominated as the Work Health Co-ordinator and I often had to go for high intensity walk, hill tracking (more like crawling), etc and I do not own a pair of good sports footwear. I just wear my canvas shoes for all those activities. lolx~
So here I have, my first pair of PUMA footwear.
PUMA Women's FAAS 250 NM2 Running Shoe $79.20 (After 20% discount) @ Chinatown OG

Its very light weight and breathable. Good for runners but I'm not sure if it's appropriate for walkers/trackers? I chose this because 1 -design (hahaha~) and 2-weight. 3rd- price (there's discount!) Man, I'm so cheapskate. hhahaax~

This shoes are made of double layer mesh, thats why the breathability.

Mimi as the background Model. (^⊙ᆺ⊙^)

Some of my recent ones which I instagrammed. ^^

Sweet Turquoise: I REAAAAALLY love turquoise this year (duno Y?!) and I always choose this shade when there's a choice.. like the PUMA shoes..lolx~
Turquoise Wide Chiffon Hairband: Helen
White frill sleeves top: overseas
Beige-pink knee length skirt: LALU
Turquoise sling bag: Overseas
Nude shade panty hose: Overseas
Brown ankle socks: Overseas
Beige X strap heels: Overseas
I just realised... most of my suffs are bought from overseas! (⌐∆⌐")

Everytime I want to try out a new pantyhose, I'll made a mess in my room... I had yet to finish wearing all my newly bought hosiery!

EPIC SUMMER: Why Epic? Cos of that floral pantyhose I bought from Japan makes my legs look like they are beaten up badly!! Hahhaa!~
Inner White lace top: Uniqlo
Uneven panels cotton sleeveless blouse (worn underneath): Nichii
Yellow-White Stripe overlay top with hoodie: Overseas
Orange sling bag: overseas
Pastel floral shorts: Japan
EPIC *bruise like* Floral design panty hose: Toyko Japan
Marie Macli Beige strappy heels: Harbourfront

Look at the floral panty hose on the bottom right of this pic. If you were me, I bet you would think that it is opaque and not sheer looking panty hose. Who knows, when I wore it, it became so *BRUISED*. Lolx! Next time I shall wear another white panty hose underneath so i will show the floral design! XD~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)


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