Review: Skin Food Red Orange Make-up Line for Summer

During end of May 2012, I received a surprise parcel from Skin Food~ ^^

In the parcel, a new range of Skin Food cosmetic/make-up packaged in bright Orange Red was found, and this range is name:

The following items were sent to me for my review:
- Skin Food Red Orange Jelly BB SPF20 PA++ (25g)
- Skin Food Red Orange Sun Powder SPF45 PA+++ (20g)
- Skin Food Red Orange Sun Pact SPF50 PA+++ (9.5g)
- Skin Food Red Orange Makeup Finish, Glossy Type (80ml)

Along came a hand written card from Cheryl!~ ★ sparkle ☆ sparkle ★ sunglare (Y am i PSing this card like that? <_<) Thank you for the stuffs!~ ^_^/~♡

Skin Food Red Orange Make-up Product Introduction
Red Orange makeup range is specially formulated for the Hot Summer season. (Hot summer! AH Hot Hot summer!~ Guess which song is this? =p~)
It contains enough UV protection for the skin to shield off strong UV rays, its ingredients helps to hydrate our skin even under the hot weather, and it controls our sebum production so that the makeup would last longer.

Skin Food Red Orange Make-up Product Line
Jelly BB SPF20 PA++: Comes in 2 shades. No 1.Light Beige and No 2.Natural Beige
Sun Pact SPF50+ PA+++: Compact type of sun powder, for oily skin type
Sun Powder (SPF45 PA+++): Loose powder form in tub
Make-up Finish: Comes in 2 types, Glossy and Matte. It is a mist make-up fixer.

Red Orange Jelly BB SPF20 PA++
When I first open it up, some of the BB was sticked to the inner white cap/lid. And it looks like pudding to me!~ Yum~
I was given Shade number 2 - Natural Beige.

Red Orange Sun Powder (SPF45 PA+++)
The mesh lid that grinds the powder to very fine particles is very interesting. ^_^

Red Orange Sun Pact SPF50+ PA+++
The shade of this sun pact differs from the sun powder, it is more of the pinkish shade. The design on the powder makes it look like a real orange! It gives a 'sunkist' kind of feel. lolx~

Red Orange Make-up Finish (Glossy Type)
I was only given the glossy type hence I will be only reviewing this. Might also review the Matte type if I could get my hands on it ^^

Skin Food Red Orange Jelly BB Swatches (Hand and Face)
The jelly BB I picked up was rather too much for the face application. In fact, half of this content would be more than enough. ^^
The jelly feels bouncy, smooth and easily spread out as its consistency is that of a liquid foundation.
Though the shade I receive is Number 2 (Natural beige), it is still quite light for my skintone. My skin appears ashy when I apply the jelly BB alone, I would usually combine with another BB to make the shade slightly darker & warmer to suit me.

This is taken under white lamp lighting:

The jelly BB has light coverage, it helps to balance out skintone but it doesn't fully cover my flaws (scars and little reddish oil spots).

Skin Food Red Orange Sun Powder & Sun Pact Swatches (Hand and Face)
In many cases, powder with high UV protection more often than not, are whiter in shade. Though the powder in the tub is being seen as light beige, but when applied to my face, it appear as white.

Below shows swatches of Sun Powder and Sun Pact (on bare skin and ontop of Jelly BB)
Both Sun powder and sun pact appears whitish on my skin.

My REVIEW on Skin Food Red Orange Make-up
I have medium fair chinese skin-tone with yellow undertone. I find that Korean products tend to target towards very fair to fair skin tone with cool undertone (Pink, beige). Hence at times when I use Korean made cosmetics, my skin tend to look ashy.

Review of BB Jelly (Shade no. 2 - Neutral Beige)
- shade is more suitable for slightly fairer skin tone than mine, best suit cool to beige undertone
- light coverage
- after blending it out, it feels almost the same as liquid foundation
- smooth and easy to blend
- will dry up if let alone for sometime, forming 'eraser' like particles, best to blend it out quickly after dotting the BB on face
- lesser tendency to appear patchy after application

Review of Sun Powder

- has slight white cast if powder on using the puff
- transparent if powder using brush (if apply too much, will still show little white cast)
- no coverage
- very fine and smooth texture
- appears matte finish even though product information mentioned it has shimmer

Review of Sun Pact
- has slight white cast if powder on using the puff
- transparent if powder using brush (if apply too much, will still show little white cast)
- no coverage
- smooth texture
- matte finish

Review of Makeup Finish (Glossy Type)

- at my first spray, the red orange fragrance was very strong and made me sneeze. After few rounds, I am used to the fragrance and loving it!~ ♥
- does make my face appears slightly glossy, dewy
- useful when touching up makeup, act as both a makeup remover and a makeup fixer
- need to close eyes long enough for the mist to fully settle on face, as it stings my eyes slightly when I try to open my eyes immediately after I spray

Overall Review
All Red Orange cosmetics has quite a strong fragrance, it smells citrus and same time reminds me of grapefruit! I would love to use the Jelly BB if only it suit my skintone better, however I'm still be able to use it when I mix it with my other BBs.
The sun powder and sun pact is very useful as it has high SPF, I use it when I know I am going outdoors for long hours.
I will bring sun pact along when I go out, so I could brush on a light layer of SPF 50 PA+++ every now and then when I visit the washroom. ^_^
It does help also to hydrate my skin alittle as I didn't experience any dryness while wearing the makeup.
My combination skin would still produce sebum after every few hours, so I would use the makeup finish spray to help on touching up.
Lastly, I did not experience any major break-outs when I'm using Red Orange range makeup.
I am still using the makeup until now, carrying the sun pact and spray everywhere I go. ^▽^

Skin Food Red Orange Jelly BB SPF20 PA++  SGD$26.90
Skin Food Red Orange Sun Powder SPF45 PA+++  SGD$33.90
Skin Food Red Orange Sun Pact SPF50 PA+++  SGD$35.90
Skin Food Red Orange Makeup Finish  SGD$21.90

Just learnt that currently Skin Food is giving away 1 eyeshadow for every S$60 spent at the outlets.
For every S$80 spent, you would be able to buy a BB cream at a offered price.
I happen to chance upon this promotion when I was introducing Red Orange cosmetics to my friend at AMK Hub Skin Food outlet.
For detailed information, please contact your nearest Skin Food outlets! ^^

Where to buy?
At all Skin Food Outlets


I hereby thanks Skin Food & Cheryl for giving me the chance to try out the Red Orange range cosmetics~ ♥

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by Skin Food to me for trial & review.


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