Review: Klair's Illuminating Supple Serum by Wish Trend

4 weeks ago, I received a parcel from wishtrend. Again, I promised a review of this product as mentioned in my Instagram~ (follow me to view the picture) ^^

Here's what are in the parcel:
- Klāir's Illuminating Supple Serum (50ml)
- Klāir's serum & cream sachets
- USD $5 Discount coupon
- wishtrend postcard

As similar to CAOLION product which I had reviewed before (HERE), Klair's is also Paraben free, and on top of that, it is:
- Alcohol free
- Artificial color free
- No animal testing
- Eco-friendly

This Illuminating Supple Serum comes in a hard plastic bottle (look almost like glass) with a pump type dispenser. With the cap provided, it prevents you from dispensing the serum accidentally. The cap however is rather loose, it comes off easily when I tilt the bottle sideways.
Serum is good to use for 12 months from date of first pump.

The inside of the box shows more information but all are written in Korean.

KLAIR'S Illuminating Supple Serum, Maximize skin brightening with Illuminating Supple Serum!

Illuminating Supple Serum contains effective skin brighteners such as
arbutin and perilla frutescens leaf extracts that contain osmarinic acid to
assist in maximum skin brightening. With patented ingredient Phyto-Oligo*,
supple serum has been specially formulated with Organic Complex*
to nourish and moisturize skin.

Key Ingredients

How to use
1. Apply to clean skin day and night
2. Apply as targeted treatment for areas requiring extra attention

Klāir's Illuminating Supple Serum Swatches
It is a translucent milky liquid, bubbles are visible.
Shown on back of my hand is 1 pump of serum.
As can see from below picture, the serum got absorbed into the back of my hand and shows no trail of gloss or greasiness on the surface of the skin.
But using it onto hand might or should I say, USUALLY differ from using it on the face.

All these pictures are taken with a table lamp under a white lighting.
Pls note: Different lighting & camera angles will produce different looks hence do not take my pictures as 100% accurate. (though they are all true with minimum photoshopping, mostly done by only bringing up the brightness & sharpness)

Face Swatch
BEFORE is taken 4 weeks ago.
AFTER is taken today.

REVIEW on Klair's Illuminating Supple Serum
I have quite many scars on my face due to inflammation, pimples and black heads. After they had subsided, they usually became dark spots and scars, some of which I picked on them (with my very itchy fingers! *slaps hands*).
And it would take like forever for the scars to lighten, some took me 3-6 months if I am not using whitening products.
At times when I use whitening products, it either dries up my skin, makes my skin feels oily or causes inflammation and oil spots. It is rather hard for me to find a good whitening product that can fade away the scars quickly, efficiently and at same time doesn't irritate my skin.

While using the Serum, I find:
- the serum texture is watery, light-weight, super easy to spread out
- light floral fragrance
- it feels soothing
- it is easily absorbed to skin in just few seconds after blending it out
- 2 - 2½ pumps of serums is more than enough for the whole face + neck
- it doesn't feel sticky or looks glossy after absorbed to skin
- it doesn't feel thick/ heavy/ greasy on my face after application

After using the Serum for 4 weeks, I find:
- blemishes subsided which form into dark spots/scars are lightened
- skin overall becomes slightly fairer and brighter
- its anti-oxidant factor helps to prevent my skin from oxidizing my makeup
- skin overall feels very smooth after 2-3 weeks of using the serum, as if my skin sheds stratum corneum (dead cells) everyday!
- skin moisture and sebum is maintained at good level, face doesn't feel any oilier than before
- there are still little oil spots and white heads growing on cheeks and jawlines, probably due to this product did not state as non-comedogenic
- there are however lesser inflammation and pimples on my face, though there are still little inflammation caused by white heads trapped within the pore
- super lightweight serum that I feel like I'm applying water on my face

In summary, I would say that Klair's Illuminating Supple Serum to me, is considered as a mild whitening serum. It helps in lightening my darkest scars to a lighter shade and there after, the lightening process kind of stop. This serum is good to use in the beginning when an inflammation kicks in. After it subsides, continuation of using the serum for another 1-2 weeks will make the pimple dry, after which dead cells sheds quickly leaving only a faint brown spot.
If I wish to treat only the spots and pigments, I would probably had to go for a slightly stronger whitening spot serum.

About Klair's

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[KLAIR'S] Illuminating Supple Serum (50ml)  USD $22.99 (~SGD$29.50)

Where to buy

And now, you can use this USD $5 coupon to enjoy the discount! (Valid till 30 June only!)
How to use discount coupons? Read HERE for guide.

In addition, there is FREE Shipping for order over USD $60! Don't miss the chance, buy from wishtrend now~ ^^

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Product names written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by Wishtrend to me for trial & review.


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