miwitch's Japan Tokyo Trip 2012 ~ Disney Sea

Hey all, I just returned from my June Holiday Tokyo trip last week ^_^.
For the past few days, I had been packing my stuffs and busy editing photos of the trip so I could post it here to share with all. ^^
During my tokyo 10-day trip, I had been somewhat micro-blogging about the stuffs I had seen and bought from tokyo. You could view them by clicking the instagram logo at the right side bar. ^^

In this post, I'm just gonna show some pictures I took for the first 2 days of my 10-day trip. Enjoy! ^_~ -♥
Me in my pink 'fluffy animal ear muff-like" hair... lolx~ Was sitting on my luggage bag waiting for check-in at SG airport terminal 1. I posted this at instagram too~ ^^ Btw, I took AirAsia, probably the ONLY(?) Budget airline that departs and arrive at Terminal 1 (YEAH! DFS!) instead of Budget terminal. So, choose AirAsia in future! (I should be paid doing advertisement right? kekeke~)

Touched down at Haneda Airport at around 11.00pm (Tokyo time), and these are my FIRST meal & drink in Tokyo!~ I ate this yummy ramen at around 1.00am infact!

I introduced this Royal Milk Tea drink in my instagram. It taste super nice! It's like Bubble milk tea (without the bubbles). Its sweet but not those kind that kills your tastebud or make you feel thirsty after that. This can actually help me to quench my thirst, just like how the Gong Cha bubble milk tea does.

BTW, during the 12 hours flight (plus transit @ KL), I watched my friend's Running man episodes on an IPAD ALL THE WAY! Lolx~
<-- acting all cool and stuff..

This taken at Haneda airport.. Its been 5 years since the last visit to Japan, I'd totally forgotten how Japan look like and what are the 'special' stuffs that they have and we don't. This is the WAITING ROOM, in room temperate. You can hide in there to wait for bus if outside is too hot or cold.

This is SMOKING AREA. Japanese do not smoke and litter their cigarette buds anywhere. They ONLY smoke at smoking area. My friend whose a frequent smoker had a REALLY tough time look for smoking area in japan everyday! lolx~

We booked a hotel near Haneda airport and this is the hotel shuttle bus that brings customers from terminals to the hotel. The bus driver is super helpful, he gets out of his seat and helps in carrying luggages, walks around at the bus bay to call for any customers who might miss this bus. And he leaves ON THE DOT. Infact, I realised during my 10-day trip, Japanese are very punctual, they strictly follow the timing given to them and transport always leave ON THE DOT. No 1 minute lesser or 1 minute more. Really is OMG... O_O"
Everywhere we go, we see clocks, I think that is how they keep track of timing and learn to do things fast & systematically.

Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo Hotel (Name's so long! =_=)

When we check into the hotel, a parcel was already waiting for me!! Inside it, is the Pocket Wifi!
I had to thanks Maggie for introducing this really good pocket wifi to me!! Initially I wanted to order a simcard but find that its not worth as I'm not going to stay that long, so Maggie gave me a link (Globaladvancedcomm) and says I should try this company's wifi instead! (even though she had not tried yet, but she read good reviews from past users)
And by liking the site's page, I could get it upgraded to 42Mbps for the price of 7.2Mbps! In total, I spend about S$130 for 10 days and 4 of us can tap to this pocket wifi at the same time and everything DL & UL super fast. The battery could last us whole day without charging, except that we must remember to off the set if we are not using it or it will get hot and battery will deplet quickly.
At end of the 10th day, I just need to put the whole pouch back to an envelope and drop into postbox. Simple isn't it?! ♥

The hotel makeup counter! NICEEEEee!!!~

Don't ask me why am I taking pictures like that...... -_-
Anyways, I really love all toilets in Tokyo.. They are SUPER CLEAN can! Any public toilet WCs in Tokyo are cleaner than Orchard ION's one! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥~~~~~ And they have tons of buttons to push.. fun to play with~ hhehe =p

Next day, its time for DISNEY SEA!!!!~ We didn't go disneyland cos I want to take slightly more exciting rides and heard that adults would prefer go to disney sea.
Time check 8.35am. Waiting for the tram to bring us from the Disney main gateway to Disney Sea.
BTW try spotting something... almost ALL japanese will wear at least 1 Disney item on their body when visiting Disney, just like how they would wear the Universal studios cartoon character accessories when they visit USJ! I think its their culture to do that huh? ^^

I SPOT VISUAL KEI x LOLITA Dressups! ^▽^ Its really very common to see such dressups everywhere in tokyo! Nobody will stare them from head to toe even if they wear even more dramatic than this. kekex~

Time check 8.50am and the QUEUE IS THIS LONG?! They open at 9am!
When the door opened, EVERYONE was like DASHING IN and then suddenly SPLIT OUT to different directions. And for us, we RANNNNNNNNNNNN to the furthest attraction to queue for our first ride of the day, INDIANA JONES ride! Muahahhax!~ YEAH, my DADDY's Ride alright. ^_~
Its not we Kiasu or anything, its common to do that even for the Japanese who visit Disney Sea for 100th time would do that too. Reason being we do not want to queue for too long just for the rides. We had experienced Q-ing 3 hours before for less than 3 mins Spiderman ride at Universal Studios 5 yrs ago, that was like almost half a day gone already!!!!
This time, the longest time we waited was 45mins which is the 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' ride, and we took it TWICE. hahaha!~ Its really SHIOCK!

Finally inside Disney Sea!~ I love Mickey in his wizard clothes! Always fasinate me, now and forever~ ♥

I posted this in instagram too! ^^ Does it remind you of ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND???

Mascots in Japan disney don't only take photos with you. They autograph too!! Kids and adults bring autograph books to Disney to let their favourite characters sign on it and keep it as memory!!!~ I ♥ this idea!!~ USS should have it too!!! (Do USS have? Anyone know?)

AND I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE MARRIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!! AWWWWW~~~ See how cute she is!!!!!????!!! *hair stands*

I chased her for quite long, tagging behind her tail wanting to take picture with her but she was like walking away in quick little steps (and shaking her butt somemore! SHO CUTE! So into character~ XD~) back to her resting room, she prob had been out there for pretty long already I guess? BUT I MANAGED TO TAKE PIC WITH HERRrrrrrrr and she's holding my handddddd oijfwufn39r9p8qfosf_)#%@! AWWwwww~~~~ And for god's sake Y my face so CUIS! Hahahaha!!~
Ah yes, she's really petite! Without the mascot head, she's like 150cm tall? >w<

Something different now from the above. Tower of TERROR~~~~~~ Isn't this pic so 1540s? (anyhow put the year lolx~) This is the only ride that I WOULDN'T DARE to take! Its the one and only freefall trill ride in whole of disney! U can even hear screamings from very far away! Scary much!

Adding some effects to make it spooky... hahah~ Its actually a failed shot :p~ In actual it look like this

The 'SEA' view. ^^ Really love it~ U can see almost ALL the attractions if you are standing by the sea area.

We walked and walked and walked~

This stage show performed by all the popular disney characters is a MUST WATCH! At first I tot it would be too childish, but I still watch it since I already came here from far away country, I think that I shouldn't miss any of the shows in Disney Sea if not its a waste! ^^ The name of this show is "Table Is Waiting"

I saw a few children wearing princess gown, they are not mascots, they are just normal children! ^^ Her mummy is very pretty~~~ *drools*

MILK TEA POPCORN!!! MUST EAT!!!!~ They have also in several flavors like Curry, Caramel... and some others i couldn't remember. The curry one smells SUPER nice! But we already bought Milk tea and was rather thirsty having it so we didn't buy it.

I realise there is a new Disney character being introduced in Japan which I had NEVER seen before! Who are those fluffy bears!?!! (see below) After research much, finally knows that... its Duffy the disney Bear! (I still duno who =_=). Apparently, the bear idea was marketed to Tokyo first, NOoooooo WONDER the japanese flood that Duffy shop like some Singapore Daiso shop!! The japanese Duffy fans really love them so much, they hang the bears literally everywhere on their bag... and the Q was very long too just to take a picture with this Duffy garden thingy.. I too, literally just watched the crazy Q with jaws wide open. lolx~

When we were exploring around, we heard music playing from the centre of the park, we went to take a look and the Disney Sea show was on! Those floats (?) were so nicely designed and very well mantained, the colours are so vibrant and pretty! Its a 25 minute show and u can see HOW MUCH people were standing around just to take photos & videos of the show!
We took this chance to take another ride since everybody is out, so nobody should be Q-ing for rides! lolx~ ;P

A very rough pieced-up panoramic view of disney sea... :p I was standing at one of the highest tower and I took this by only holding the cam in my hands and turn my body by moving my feet... hahahha~ But at least u can now see how BIG Tokyo Disney Sea is! (Not including Disneyland yet!)

I'm kinda getting lazier now since its way past my bed time.. ^^" So I skipped quite alot of photos and bring you to the *inserts illusion voice* ~~~~ILLUSION ROOM~~~~~ Look through the glass globe, the corners of the room vanished and the paintings will appear as 3D infront of you. The details pops right up and it look as if you are viewing the real scene with real people in there~
This room is located within the attraction area name Fortress of Explorations. There are alot of stuffs that look very historical, mysterious yet things that can be explained by science. Its a must visit area too if you like exploring such stuffs. ^^
Just look at this Illusion room! I was examining the room for quite long and that round glass globe, trying to see every details of it. This kinda things always attracts me! Therefore I like movies like Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, Mummy and etc~ ^_^

Sunset at around 6pm~ Almost time to go back!~^^ We spent 9hours exploring the whole place but still haven't completely seen all shows in disney sea yet but at least we took the top 3rd (Centre of earth), 4th (Indiana Jones) most thrilling ride and not forgetting the Kiddi-est ride EVER (Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster =_=" Y the hell we even Q for that?)!
The first is none other than tower of terror and 2nd is the Raging spirits (high speed 360 degrees loop), however the later was closed probably for maintenance repair. *sob*

I realise I uploaded too much photos of Disney Sea that I had to do this in 1 post, separated it from my other photos. I will be more 'lazy' on my next post to cut it short, otherwise I will need to chop my photos up into 8 separate posts. OTL||| NOOooooooooo~~~

Till then,


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