miwitch's Hair Colour Journey ~ March to May 2012

Ah ahh~~ This is a pic of my LOTD taken 2 months ago (early March).. If you had seen my previous post or Instagram, my hair ain't like this anymore!
Ok, let us now go on a Journey! Keep scrolllllling!~ ≡(≥◊≤)≡
◄ My fringe look so baldy there! lolx~

My hair went through thorough bleaching to make every strand equally blonde. ^^ Then they cut my fringe straight..

I love this hair colour much because there were quite a number of compliments, including small kids! ^^ They even try to touch my hair to see if its real! Lolx~ They r so cute~

Sitting at Evolve Salon waiting for the hair colouring to begin, I started playing with the props that are lying around. lolx~

And here it GOES!~
The person you see here is Dylan, leading hair stylist of Evolve Salon. I super like him doing hair colouring, he's expert in playing with a variety of hair colours! 'Nothing is Impossible' is his favourite quote! ^.^ And later you'll see the result!~

I ♥ this view. Muahahahax~

哪吒降临!(搞笑版) Here comes Nalakuvara! (Comical)

The results~~~~ Many many layers of whitish grey, light brown, medium brown and dark brown~ Like Kuey Lapis huh?

I'm the model for Dylan for a hair competition.
The shades are mine, bought at Aldo... its very gaga style, only thing is that its not big enough for my big face lolx!~
◄ Makeup done by Ken Hong. Director of Evolve Salon

I think I can be one of the cast for AVENGERS!!........... Nemesis? lolx~

Goofing around with Dylan~!~ OH! And hope I didn't scare you.. I'm wearing a white lens ordered by Dylan. (Read HERE for review of white lens)
◄ Glad to hear Dylan is in for the 2nd round of competition!

It ain't an easy thing to be hair model nor it's a glamorous thing, it takes alot of time (mostly waiting), alot of hunger (skip meals), alot of tries (on costume), alot of patience (waiting, combating sleepiness, making the costume with Dylan when I'm almost dead beat & breathing in foul smelling spray paint mask *faints* ). But overall, I had quite alot of fun with Dylan while being his model as he's a sweet guy~ ^^
And with that super short fringe, I don't really dare to go out without a hat/cap! So yah, this hat is my everyday fringe camo! :p

After a month, I got my hair cut even SHORTER!~ As can see here again, cap to camo my super short fringe. Keeke~

Reason being THIS▼ GOLDWELL Hairshow (Spot the old grandma and you got me! Hahahha~ My lips colour is the same as my dress.)
And that's Ken Hong squatting in the middle~

After letting down their hair! hahhahax!~ Bunch of cute ladies! *make funny faces*

Andddddddddddd.........see who I met at Goldwell office?!?! ^_^ Its Autumn Candy!

Here's closer look of my short hair cut and colour. This one's done by Ken Hong.
I went through another round of thorough bleaching (VERY OUCH! >_<" I nearly faints after withstanding long hour of bleaching, then scalp starts to turn flaky), and then grey colourant is added to make it look super bluish grey. Underneath the grey is still blonde.

Another 1 month past.... thank god my fringe is longer now too. And the greyish dye faded to blonde again.
I went back to Evolve Salon to finally get my Egyptian hair cut into ROCK STYLE!!!!~ ♥♥♥ (cut by Ken Hong, within 5 mins its done & styled!)

My hair is styled like this▼ when I go to work..... A comparison of newest hairstyle and previous one. The hair colour like, no diff? lolx~

I'm given this hair treatment FIOLE neoprocess treatment system np3.1 (+1) by Dylan to treat my hair ends as they are over bleached hence became really dry and frizzy. Its texture is like gelish silicon. This is suppose to be used on damp hair, then blow dry it and you'll get smooth, tangle-free hair.

To maintain my hair colour, I bought Sunsilk Keratinology Sun Kissed Colour Theraphy Conditioner. I had repurchased keratinology products for few times now, ever since I was given a set of keratinology hair products. (Click HERE for review) I ♥ them!

I was given these by GOLDWELL. The conditioner for Warm Brown hair is additional, perhaps I could use this in about a month's time as I'm thinking to dye my hair to a darker colour! ^^

The next round of hair dyeing probably will be on June! I'm resting my scalp now as it seems like its still flaking.. Even though my new grown oily black hair is already about 2 cm long, I still experienced slight dandruff from the scalp falling on my shoulders.. Everyday, I'm spending alittle more time in shampooing my scalp with care to make sure all dead cells comes off, in hope that it will stop flaking~
The next dye I want my hair to be Orange-Pink... Or maybe Coral? (Is this colour even achievable? ^^")

And that's the end of my Hair Journey! Hope you have fun looking at those funny pics of me (& others)!
Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
I'm model for Evolve Salon. The products are given for competition or hairshow and not for review purpose. The reviews given are of my own free will.


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