Lavshuca 2012 Summer Collection - Lav Garden

Recently, my bro asked me what I want cos he's going Taiwan. So I looked through some Jap cosmetic brands' sites knowing that most of the Jap cosmetics in Taiwan are sold cheaper than in Japan itself.
I came by Lavshuca site, seeing the advert on their new Summer Collection - Lav Garden, thought that I could share with you ladies too. Incase you're like me, asking friend to custom purchase for you. ^_^

Lav Garden limited edition eyepalette was just released on 1st of May, while stocks lasts.

I'd been liking Lavshuca for awhile now, as you could see it from my previous posts HERE. Especially their lip products! I almost clear their rack when I was in Hong Kong the last time! Lolx~ Their lip products are usually quite pigmented and their shades are good to use for a natural look at work or school. ^^
The limited edition lipgloss shown below will only be on the racks from May till Oct 2012

I was pretty tempted to get one of the below.. then suddenly recalled that I still have a few unopened ones so..... I withdraw myself from it. (>⌂<")
This limited edition Lipstick comes in 4 shades, they were already launced on Feb 2012 and will only be available till July 2012.

[Pictures ref from Lavshuca website]

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
This post is for sharing purpose only. I am not in any way affiliated to Lavshuca or Kanebo.


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