I.Fairy Lens Galore & Review ~ Exhibits of Contact Lens

Recently I purchased I.Fairy lens together with friends through youmilens.blogspot.com.
If you had followed me, you might have read about my past few reviews on I.fairy lens. They are so good that I had gotten a few of my friends to buy it too and they simply love it! ^^  And I keep ordering I.fairy lens for my own backups incase I need it for cosplay purpose or just for fun in wearing it.
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Close-up pictures of my friends' lens including Yukino's, Ah Ru & her sis' and Xinyi's ^^.
(In top-bottom sequence)
I.fairy Star Series in Brown
Kimchi Bambi in Brown
I.fairy Eclipse in Grey
Kimchi Milky in Grey
I.fairy Jewel in Brown
I.fairy Haru in Brown
I.fairy Binky in Brown
I.fairy Trinity in Green
Kimchi Mio in Brown
Keizen 16mm in Blue

And then me alone, I bought 7 pairs of lens... =p~
(From left-right, top-bottom sequence)
I.fairy Trinity in Green
I.fairy Haru in Grey
Kimchi Maki in Grey
Kimchi Kiss in Pink
I.fairy Nova in Brown
I.fairy Hana in Blue

And lastly, one which i forgot to take before i open it up to use.. ^^"
I.fairy Binky in Violet

Review of the recent I.Fairy Lens
From this batch of new orders, I started wearing I.Fairy Binky lens in Violet. The moment I place the lens onto my eyes, my eyes felt uncomfortable, unlike last time when I wear them, they are pretty ok. NOT comfortable but just OK. I mean, seriously, who can feel comfortable wearing lenses right? So I usually felt ok with it, but now not with Binky Violet.

I had worn it for several occasions and I kept blinking my eyes (due to slight stinging feel) and my eyes start to tear and became reddish.
I wasn't really sure if the reason were my eyes or the lens because for the past few months, my eyes kept tearing without warning (without any lens). At times i tear like a river non-stop.

I had also stopped using Rohto Eye Drops (for reddish eyes), I wonder would that be the reason why my eyes felt uncomfortable when I wore I.Fairy lens. Infact, I often use Rohto Eye Drops after I wash my face to refresh my eyes, then put on lens before makeup. And that usually stop me from tearing or feeling that my eyes are uncomfortable with the lens on.
At the back of my mind, I kind of blame it on the I.fairy lens because I.fairy had became popular worldwide, I think that the manufacturer had to produce large quantities in shortest amount of time, therefore the quality became bad.

I also ordered Kimchi brand lens, though the brand differs, the girl model for the lens is still the same so I thought the company making Kimchi lens is the same as I.fairy. Hence I felt safe buying it since I loveeeeeeee I.fairy lens. lolx~ I will do a review on Kimchi lens too in future after I'd worn it. ^^

Review of my first ever White Lens
I got this White lens from hair stylist Dylan who wanted me to wear it for a Hair show.
At first I was really paranoid because from my lousy memory, i remembered that white lens are categorized as Animation lens. And Animation lens comes from the brand GEO.
OMG, I HATE GEOOOOOOOOO!!! I had worn 3 different pairs and I never have any good experience with them. It STINGGGGGG my eyes like a bee.

But then......... When he pass me this ▼ (refer pic), I ponder.. What BRAND is this? The box didn't indicate the brand except for 'Contact Lens' plus some Japanese words.

And so I tried it on....... Sorry if I scared you. haha~ (either with the scary eyes or my scary face) :p~

I heard that this box of white lens cost him about $30 (Wow). My I.fairy lens are only $18/pair ^_^"
I researched alittle and found that there is a new brand name Twilight, selling Animation Lens. Did GEO just changed their name or they changed the series name? So confusing.... :\
But this pair of white lens, I must say.... They are COMFORTABLE to wear! \^o^/ I didn't tear, it just felt slightly dry.. luckily I only wore it for less than 6 hours, until the end, my eyes still felt pretty ok with the white lens. ^^
Chinese like to say 一分钱一分货 (Quote from Di: 便宜没好货、好货没便宜) 呵呵~ Translated: You get what you pay for. hahax~

It's (post) Friday the 13th. BOO!!!!

While I'm doing research on lenses I came across this exhibition of CONTACT LENS. Interesting, isn't it? :D
[Pics from www.emptykingdom.com/main/featured/haruka-kojin-contact-lens]
Japanese artist, Haruka Kojin’s installation are ‘contact lenses‘ created in various sizes, with a warped viewpoint. Through the collage of lens, flat pieces and con-caved surfaces are interconnected in varying sizes. This allows the viewers a contorted and flipped viewpoint that changes the experience of space. Haruka is currently being exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I.fairy & Kimchi lenses are purchased with my own money. I am not affiliated to youmiLENS.


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