Review: CAOLION Pore Minimizing Serum by Wish Trend

Exactly 22 days ago, I received CAOLION Where is Pore - Pore Minimizing Serum from Wish Trend. I posted a pic in my Instagram promising a review after using it and here it is! ^_^

I like wishtrend logo, its so simple, cute, the name is really easy to remember and the colour used is sweet~
In this pretty parcel, contains the following:

1 CAOLION Where is Pore? - Pore Minimizing Serum (50ml)
8 Klair's sample sachets
1 USD $5 Discount on Wish Trend products

From wishtrend site
CAOLION Pore Minimizing Serum
No preservatives!
Forms a protective layer on your skin and provides nutrients for enhanced elasticity and tighter pores.

Properties of CAOLION Pore Minimizing Serum:
-No antiseptic, No alcohol, No pigment, No fragrance, No mineral oil
-Controls sebum
-Tightens Pores
-Controls balance between water & oil

How to Use:
1. Cleans face
2. Apply in areas with wide pores
3. Rub gently until fully absorbed
4. Apply toner

*For those who're concerned with excessive sebum apply once more after the toner

“Eatable Comestics never irritate your skin"

Since 1995, 17 Years of Expert's Spirit & Heritage. CAOLION has launched in SEPHORA through 2years QC.
More than 150,000 High-loyalty Fans trust our brands continuously.

Brand Concept
CAO stands for Culture Association Originality which means culture creating organization, that is the world we live together.
CAOLION aims at the best natural skin care

Brand Feature
Pigment-free, fragrance-free and alcohol-free natural cosmetics with the main ingredient of chitosan. Chitosan has functions of absorption and excretion wastes, and remarkable  antiinflammatory and antibacterial effects. With a great affinity for skin, it reduces side effects.

It also heals damaged skin and vitalizes the fatigued and exhausted skin due to its excellent ability of renewal skin cells.

CAOLION contains natural ingredients that prevent skin troubles and increase lubricating effects to prevent aging for the sensitive skin. They help your skin turn back to health and keep in healthy condition naturally by absorbing effective ingredients without any troubles

◄ Advert from CAOLION website, due to all are in Korean, I'm unable to translate them (I only know Chinese & English)
Even for the packaging, they are all written in Korean, hence I do not know what are the ingredients of this product.
However I could figure out that the main ingredients are all natural as they are extracted from plants (as shown in the above picture).

Moreover, the description on the box says:
Non Antiseptic. Non Paraben.
Non Phenoxyethanol. Non Pigment.
Non Fragrance. Non Mineral oil.
Non Benzophenone. Non Comedogenic.
Non DBP. Non DEHP. Non DEP. Non DnOP.
Non Formaldehyde. Non1,4-Dioxane. Non Silicone oil.

With all the 'NONs', I feel super safe using this product! I specially like it when it states Non Comedogenic so I won't experience clog pores that might result to pimples then inflammation etc...
The product bottle is rather big, it is in a glass bottle with pump type of dispenser (and a cute cap! ^^).

Here are the Klair's sample sachets, so many type of serum and creams!

CAOLION Where is Pore? - Pore Minimizing Serum Swatches
It is a clear liquid. In it, little bubbles are visible.
Shown on my fingers is 2 pumps of serum.
As can see from below picture, the serum got absorbed into the back of my hand and shows no trail of gloss or greasiness on the surface of the skin.
But using it onto hand might or should I say, USUALLY differ from using it on the face.

And therefore, I came out with a face swatch. ^_^
All these pictures are taken with a table lamp under a white lighting.
Pls note: Different lighting & camera angles will produce different looks hence do not take my pictures as 100% accurate. (though they are all true with minimum photoshopping, mostly done by only bringing up the brightness & sharpness)

Face Swatch
BEFORE is taken 22 days ago.
AFTER is taken today.

My REVIEW on CAOLION Pore Minimizing Serum
I already have large visible pores that kinda look like tadpole lines since like... few years ago. It's because of the lack of collagen in my skin.
I also have scars on face due to the many oil spots and blackheads form along my jaw line and once awhile on my cheek and corner of nose area.
I shall share with you below how I feel about the serum and how it combat my existing skin problems. ^^

While using the Serum, I find:
- the serum texture is watery, light-weight, super easy to spread out
- totally no fragrance or smell
- it feels soothing
- it is easily absorbed to skin in just few seconds after blending it out
- 2 pumps of serums is more than enough for the whole face + neck
- it felt sticky after absorbed to skin (reminds me of hyaluronic acid because they also gives a sticky after effect)
- it doesn't feel thick/ heavy/ greasy on my face after application, basically it only felt a little sticky and looks slightly glossy
- face feel slightly firm up
- I always find some small whitish particles (like those eraser dust) on my face while & after applying serum, might be form due to the conflict of products or residue left by cotton pad while toning, otherwise it might be the black/white heads coming off from the pores? (like the diagram shown in the CAOLION advertising picture. I would really be happy if they are the 'bad' particles that came off from my pores! ^_^)

After using the Serum for 3 weeks, I find:
- pores slightly minimised, instead of oval shape pores, it became roundish
- most of the tadpole lines that are shortened compare to previous
- skin feel slightly firmer than last time, especially the cheek area
- skin moisture and sebum is maintained at good level, face doesn't feel any oilier than before
- almost no oil spots found during these 3 weeks, even if have, they are really very small and diminish on the next day
- big difference for my black & white heads along my jaw as they are minimised by quite alot
- black & white heads could be easily extracted out
- skin felt smoother (less bumps felt when I run my fingers along my face) as serum is non comedogenic, it reduces the chances of oil spot/black & white head forming in my pores
- super lightweight serum that I love using it everyday & night, even together with my other serums! ^^

This is a serum which I will repurchase because it gives me better skin! ~\"\(^.^)/"/~
After 3 weeks, I left with only 2/3 of the serum.. So fast! I think I would be able to finish it in 3 months! ^o^

This is me in simple makeup that I usually wear to work, already worn for 6 hours. NIL photoshopping, taken under table lamp white lighting.
Usually I don't really dare to show such bare makeup face in my blog cos I feel I look so old in it (without eyeliner and stuffs). ~_~ Ok, I AM old =_="
But this time round, although still with many scars (spot the one on my right cheek), my face looks alot better now. My overall skin surface looks smoother. Though the large pores issue still not fully resolved however I'm happy enough to learn that my skin has lesser black/white head which will lead to lesser inflammation and finally lesser scars! ^_^

Price on wishtrend USD42.99
Convert to Singapore Dollars ~SGD$55.50

If you think wishtrend jet up the price of their products online, you are wrong. ^^
In korea physical stores, this is sold at 48,000won which is almost the same as SGD after converting. Infact, it is a dollar cheaper in Wish Trend!

Where to buy?
Go to Wish Trend now to buy CAOLION Pore Minimizing Serum! It will be shipped to your country with a minimum shipping fee charged.
Check out other skin care and cosmetic brands HERE.
Get wishtrend's WISH BOX at USD 29.99 or USD 59.99 - All products are in FULL SIZE!

Wish Trend Websites

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial & review.


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