Review & Swatches: KISSME (ISEHAN) Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow

KissMe Heavy Rotation Coloring Mascara (Shade #01 Light Ash) was my first ever eyebrow mascara and I had been loving it since then.
I bought this eyebrow mascara about the time I started blogging on OnSugar (2 years?). My first one was bought from Taiwan Ebay.
Below shows my 2nd one bought from Taiwan stores with help from Elaine.

NT299 is about SGD$14.95

I love this shade alot because I usually bleach my hair and I want my eyebrow to look almost like my hair colour.

HEAVY ROTATION was formerly under KISSME. But recently, I found out KISSME has changed name to ISEHAN!!
Isehan.... Isetan? Any connection between them? lolx~
Current ISEHAN website:
See Heavy Rotation button link at the middle left hand side.

At Heavy Rotation page, shows the new version of the Coloring Eyebrow. The new version was out at about mid 2011 but I couldn't get my hands on it cos Singapore doesn't sell Coloring Eyebrow even though we have Heavy Rotation in stores, and Taiwan doesn't seem to carry this new version one too! (⌐_⌐")
Until last year Dec when I went to KL, I saw their Sasa selling the new coloring mascara! ^^
By the way, ¥840 is about SGD$13.35

And TADA!~ Here's the new version of Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow in NEWEST Shade #03 Ash Brown!!

RM39.90 is about SGD$15.90 (Hmm... Taiwan cheaper? Or they had up the price in Japan? o_O)

The OLD vs the NEW!!
(Left) Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow #01 Light Ash -- (Right) Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow #03 Ash Brown
Realised the old one if 7gram and new is 8gram... where's the extra 1gram? The crystal shape cover?

(All the Lefts) #01 Light Ash -- (All the Rights) #03 Ash Brown
Note: I took these pics on a rainy day, hence there might be slight difference of the ones I took compare to the actual shade.

Sorry if the below pictures disgust all of you... m(_ _")m Pardon my super messy eyebrow!!
Due to the below swatches on my eyebrow were taken on a rainy day + on messy eyebrow + I didn't draw my eyebrow first, so the eyebrow mascara wasn't very obvious in the comparison photos as shown...
But in the super close-up pic, you could see the big difference between the 2 shades. One is ashy beige (left) and other is golden brown (right)

Overall Review of KISSME (ISEHAN) Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow
- Could conceal my black brow almost 80%
- Application is easier and works better with nicely trim brow than messy brow *points to upstairs*↑↑↑
- After applying 1 layer, wait for it to dry. Applying 2nd layer gives more coverage and colour becomes really intense
- After 2 applications, it dries up, hardens and stay in shape even after many hours
-  Sweatproof & waterproof, proven by me cos I wore it few times to play sports (I sweat buckets)
- Looks matte finished but has very fine glitters that could reflect under spotlight
- Only bad point is that the content from the tip of brush sometimes touches the skin and the colour stain the inner part of eyebrow, difficult to remove it, only way is to blend it out
- I like both the shades #01 & #03, they both suit my current hair colour

Here's one of the looks I recently took, also using the #01 Light Ash on top of NOEVIR excel Strong Liquid Eyebrow SWP #SL3

(Taken & edited by using IPhone App)

By the way, my hair is no longer like THIS anymore!!!!~ I'm currently restricted from posting my new haircut & haircolour online.... but uh.. perhaps it'll be revealed at one of the upcoming event's pic or something....(That, I can't stop right? =p~ lolx~) Stay tune!!!~  ╕(∩∑∩)╒

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not affiliated to KISSME, Heavy Rotation nor ISEHAN. Products mentioned in this post is purely purchased by my own money.


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