Launch & Review: Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program

On January this year, I was invited to attend a Keratinology Bloggers Event. It was held at Novus Restaurant & Bar at National Museum of Singapore. The venue was georgous~

A Heat Protector Spray was placed on every table ontop of a rotating device. Our table people: Na, Ah ru, Jermaine & myself used this anti-frizz spray on our hair that day and we immediately find our hair feeling smooth and silky! ^^

The menu at NOVUS~ And... where did my Red Snapper pic go?!?! I think i forgot to took a pic.. =p

The presenter was none other than Shawn again!~ He's very far from me and the room is dark, so the pic isn't clear ^_^" (See Shawn in my Sunsilk Weather Defense Haircare entry!)

And here is.. Ah Ru, Mi, Na, Jermaine~

Spot the blondie in here~ See my ugly stiff dry frizzy yellow hair..(and my fakey smile) This is a pic to show my 'Before' hair. lolx~

Keratinology by Sunsilk is launched in Sep 2011.
Keratinology prolongs the beauty of salon-treated hair.

THREE revolutionary ranges for specific salon-treated hair needs
Advanced Reconstruction Program: Recover 1 year of accumulated damage in 5 days for total hair metamorphosis
Sun-Kissed Therapy: Next generation nourishment to prolong vibrant color & mirror-like shine
Korean Bounce Therapy: Breathe life back into your curls to maintain gorgeous bounce and sublime softness

Accolades: Cosmopolitan Inaugural Beauty Awards in March issue for “Best Leave-In Hair Conditioner – Drug Store” and “Best Heat-Styling Product – Drug Store”

(click to enlarge pics)

First, let's welcome the Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program range!
The bloggers were all given 1 whole set of this series:
- Detoxifying Shampoo (200ml) - $11.90
- Express Treatment Conditioner (200ml) - $11.90
- Hair Spa Mask (200ml) - $21.90
- Dual Treatment Shots (Step1:4x15ml + Step2:4x5ml) - $22.90
- Overnight Reconstruction (100ml) - $19.90
- Heat Protector Spray Anti Frizz with UV Filter (180ml) - $17.90

Advanced Reconstruction Program - For all types of hair
Can be for Damage, Dry and even Oily hair!
It is said that the Advanced Reconstruction Program Recovers 1 year of accumulated damage in just 5 DAYS!!
I realised too that ONLY this range has more products in compare to the 2 other haircare range: Korean Bounce & Sun-kissed Colour.

Korean Bounce Therapy - For digital perm hair

Sun-Kissed Colour Therapy - For highlighted, coloured, bleached hair

Keratinogram App
Do you own an iPhone or Android phone? If you do, be sure to download this App name "Keratinogram" before buying your Keratinology products! It will tell you what you need to get, and how to use them!! (^o^)/~

miwitch's Step-by-Step guide in using Keratinogram
Actually I bleached my hair ever since many years ago and I keep on bleaching it when there's new grown black hair, so the date I choose in Keratinogram is the earliest date 20 Dec 2011.
Even though it prompt me to use Sun-kiss Colour range but I replace it with my ARP (Advanced Reconstruction Program) range. ^^ It works well too, since I do not have any particular hair colour that I need to maintain (eg, red/purple/blue..) as my yellow hair is already the base colour so it is fine for me to use the ARP range.
[you realised I create my own acronyms "ARP", cos I'm lazy to keep typing the whole title out! ^^"]

Advanced Reconstruction Program Detoxifying Shampoo and Express Treatment Conditioner
Both of the shampoo and conditioner have the same type cap design, just by pressing the cap on one side, the opening will show up at the other corner. Shampoo has its opening on top of the product while Conditioner has it at the bottom.
Good thing for having the opening at the bottom because conditioner doesn't flow out smoothly like shampoo, so that make sure the content is always at the bottom of the bottle, it's more ergonomic that way. ^^
This Shampoo and Conditioner is to be used on daily basis.

Descriptions & Ingredients written on back of bottle

Shampoo & Conditioner Swatches & Application pictures

Texture Review of Advanced Reconstruction Program Detoxifying Shampoo and Express Treatment Conditioner
- Shampoo flows out easily from bottle, feels watery smooth, easy to apply on my scalp and my hair
- Shampoo creates quite alot of foam which make it very easy to lather for my very dry hair
- After washing off the Shampoo, my wet hair doesn't feel squeaky dry
- Conditioner is easily dispensed out from bottom of the bottle
- Conditioner feels really smooth and I have no problem smoothing it out on my hair
- After washing out the conditioner, my wet hair feels so smooth without any tangles when I brush my fingers through it
- Both the Shampoo and Conditioner smells really pleasant & sweet

Advanced Reconstruction Program Hair Spa Mask
This Hair Mask is tub form. It's said that this mask could penetrate through 3 layers of the hair fibre for deep nourishment and longer lasting salon curls.
This Hair Mask is to be used on a 3-4 day basis. Or, use it anytime you feel your hair is dry and requires nourishment.

Hair Spa Mask Swatches & Application pictures
Once you open it by screwing off the cover, you will see the mask. There is no seal or anything to prevent the content from moving around inside the tub. However, because of its thick consistency, the mask stayed firm and doesnt budge an inch even when I place the tub upside down.

Texture Review of Advanced Reconstruction Program Hair Spa Mask
- The mask is of thick consistency and it feels smooth just like any other masks
- Applying the mask onto my hair is an ease due to its smooth texture
- After applying for few seconds, my wet hair starts to form whitish solution and it starts dripping
- I usually clip up my hair and start bathing other parts of body, and after 10mins or so, I will wash off the mask
- Hair feels really silky smooth after washing it off
- I would still continue to apply conditioner to 'close' the routine so that my hair will maintain its smoothyness after my hot bath
- The mask scent is sweet & pleasant

Advanced Reconstruction Program Dual Treatment Shots
There are 4 pairs of tubes in a box. Each pair contain Step 1 and Step 2 tubes.
This is a WEEKLY Intensive treatment. Unlike the Hair Spa Mask, this cannot be used on a daily basis, otherwise it will be too rich for your hair to handle.
The usage of the 2 shots is:
1st dose - with concentrated protein, penetrates deep into the core of the hair fibre. Leave it for 3 minutes and rinse off.
2nd dose - with pico-nutrients, seals the cuticles of the hair. Do not rinse off.

Dual Treatment Shots Swatches & Application pictures
To use the tubes, you need to break off the pointed part of the tube and squeeze the content out onto palm.

Texture Review of Advanced Reconstruction Program Dual Treatment Shots
- Step 1 treatment feels like conditioner but slightly thicker
- Each tube is enough for me to apply 2 times, be it the Step 1 or Step 2 treatments!
- Step 1 treatment also feels really smooth and easy to apply on my wet hair
- I applied step 1 treatment on my hair and wait for about 2-3 mins
- After washing off the treatment, my hair feels soft & nourished but it's not as smooth as when conditioner is applied. To complete the routine, I continue using conditioner to make it feel silky
- Step 2 treatment is a transparent oil serum, the amount in this tube is too much for 1 application. I used a tube for about 3 seperate applications on different days
- Step 2 treatment was used on slightly damp to almost dried hair in the above picture, hence you can see my hair ends kind of stick together
- It is best recommended to use any non-rinse hair serums/lotions on only damp hair, because it absorbs best when its still alittle wet and it won't leave any sticky after-feel when it's dried
- Step 2 treatment gets absorbed super fast into my hair as its very light-weight kind of oil serum, it absorbs so fast that I need to keep pouring more out from the tube to apply to other parts of the hair
- It doesn't leave any stickiness feeling at all

Advanced Reconstruction Program Overnight Reconstruction
An intensive 8 hour action that can recovers up to 1 month of protein loss in just 1 night. It's said to reconstructs while you sleep for beautiful hair when you wake up.
This is 1 product that got me WoOooOOo! ☆╙(◎◇◎)╖☆ Reason because I like applying hair serum or lotion on my frizzy dry bleached hair right after my night bath, so that on the next morning, my hair will feel silky smooth! Or at least the hair ends won't feel so stiff and frizzy!
I had never came across any non-rinse treatment that mention "Overnight" so I am pretty fascinated with this *NEW* 'overnight' product! ╰((^▽^))╯
This bottle comes in a pump type and I had to say I'm pretty frustrated with the bottle cap. It is too loose and it comes off very easily :\

Overnight Reconstruction Swatches & Application pictures

Texture Review of Advanced Reconstruction Program Overnight Reconstruction
- The content is a light-weight, non-sticky type of lotion
- Overnight Reconstruction was used on dried hair in the above picture, hence you can see my hair ends kind of stick together
- It is best recommended to use any non-rinse hair serums/lotions on only damp hair, because it absorbs best when its still alittle wet and it won't leave any sticky after-feel when it's dried
- On days when I apply it on damp hair, my hair feels really smooth and non-frizzy on the next morning
- On the next morning, I can easily sweep fingers through my hair without any tangles, feels smooth and doesn't appear sticky
- The scent is sweet & pleasant, making my hair smells really great even after half a day
- This is 1 product I would keep using every night because it doesn't feels heavy, but I had to make sure I only use this on damp hair only. Otherwise, it will feel oily if use on dried hair

Advanced Reconstruction Program Heat Protector Spray Anti Frizz With UV Filter
Advanced thermo-protective formula helps repair porous damaged hair, preventing against breakage and frizz as you style for a professional look.
Besides the Overnight Reconstruction, I also love using anti frizz hair products, since my major problem here is frizzy hair (besides oily scalp and dry hair... so many problems! Lolx~).
This spray is easy to use just *Psst Psst* press that lever and its content will come out as water mists!

Texture/Usage Review of Advanced Reconstruction Program Heat Protector Spray
As its hard for me to capture the mists in photos, hence I would just describe it here..
- The mist covers a wide area of my hair when its sprayed out
- While spraying, a very nice sweet scent fills the air
- The mist that landed on my hair felt just like normal water droplets, non-greasy, non-sticky
- I then use both palms to press against my hair and smooth it out to hair ends
- When I run fingers through my hair, it starts to get alittle smoother over time
- After few minutes, hair feels really smooth, non-frizzy and it even soften the texture of my dry crispy hair!

Gallery of Before and After using Advanced Reconstruction Program range Products
To let all of you know, I have oily scalp but dry, stiff hair and very brittle, frizzy hair ends. Reason why my hair is so damaged because of hair bleaching done by unprofessional hair salonist in KL. =_=
Formerly, I have dry hair but it wasn't as bad as this, because my hair didn't fall or break that often. During my trip to KL, I visited a salon and requested for hair bleaching + dyeing on my new grown hair. And I ended up having clumps of hair falling off when I was shampooing & masking my hair during my bath. I freaked out.
I thought I was losing hair but actually, my hair melted. Due to too much of chemicals being injected to already slightly damaged hair.
Just like what Shawn (the presenter) had mentioned, he challenged his hair by bleaching and dyeing several times on his hair and he found out that apparently, hair doesn't break or drop off from roots, they just melt. That is why my  hair came off in clumps instead of single strands falling off.

Full Review of Advanced Reconstruction Program range Products
I been using this range for 2 months and I must say that I am very happy with the results!
- I love the shampoo as it is both suitable for my oily scalp and also for my dry hair. It doesn't make my scalp oily and itchy nor does it make my hair ends dry
- The conditioner is always the 1 product I never skip regardless that I'd used Mask or Dual Shot Treatments. Conditioner is just like a moisturiser for the face. After masking, it's required for nourishing & sealing my hair cuticles so the essence of the mask or treatment will not go to waste.
- I like using Hair Spa Mask every 3 days to treat my hair, it gives my hair a better shine and makes my hair feel soft and smooth after bath
- I seldom use Dual Treatment Shot due to the hassle of storing the leftovers. As mentioned earlier, I can use 1 tube for 2 or more seperate applications so the tube had to be stored in a cup or something with its opening facing upwards or else the treatment will flow out from the tube
- Even though the hassle, I still quite like the effect that Dual Treatment Shot gives. For that particular week, my hair seems alittle more manageable, provided that I remember to keep applying Step 2 Treatment on damp hair every day.
- I like using the Overnight Reconstruction since it is easy to use and its non-rinse and moreover I could sleep with it.
- In the above gallery of Before & After pics, you see that my hair looks really oily and sticky (under Overnight Reconstruction row) is because I use it after my hair had fully dried. I should use it on damp hair so it will not look like that.
- Overnight Reconstruction is good in 'moisturising' as I feel it could seal in moisture to my hair, it weights down my light and thin hair and make it look silky straight.
- But sometimes when my hair is super stubborn, even Overnight Reconstruction isn't enough to tame my frizzy hair. I would still use Heat Protector Spray on the next morning to anti-frizz my hair ends
- Heat Protector Spray is so far the best anti-frizz haircare product I ever use as it could soften, moisture, anti-frizz my hair without making it look greasy, sticky or makes my scalp itch. Usually when I use other kinds of anti-frizz products, it always make my scalp itch after half a day because my hair starts to turn oily.
- Overall, I really love using Keratinology and it had gave my hair a new life! I am lucky to have receive this full set of ARP so that I could save my super damaged hair. (It came just in time!)
- I will definitely try out the Sun-Kiss Coloured range too once I run out of ARP Shampoo and Conditioner~  ^_^ ♥☆♥☆♥
miwitch's Haircare Tips
- To shampoo scalp and hair roots instead of shampooing hair ends. Because shampoo means cleansing. Cleansing at the scalp and hair roots area is more important than cleansing at hair ends.
- To apply all rinse-off haircare conditioner/mask/treatments onto hairends as they might clog the pores on your scalp and could cause dandruff or hair fall.
- After the last step of conditioning, run your hair with room temperature or cold water. This will smooths out tangles and makes hair less frizzy!
- To apply all non-rinse haircare treatments/serum/lotions onto damp hairends as it can absorb better and it will not make hair feel sticky and oily after the hair is dried. And why hairends, reason is the same as applying conditioner on hairends.
- When you wake up with dry frizzy hair, run your hair with wet hands and fingers first to make your hair alittle damp, then spray on Heat Protector Spray. Blow dry with cool or room temperature air to your hairends and you'll find your hair appear silky smooth and less that frizz!
- Remember, cold water and cold air can manage your hair easier & faster than warm water and hot air.

Keratinology by SunSilk Price List 
Keratinology by Sunsilk is exclusively available at Watsons
Places marked 'X' means the product is available for that range.

Keratinology by SunSilk Facebook Contest
Remember I posted previously about a Keratinology Facebook Contest? To our surprise, the dateline has been extended to 31st March! ^o^
Keratinology by Sunsilk Facebook
← Clicky the image to join!

Phew~ This is a super long post (full of pics yah?)  I hope this benefits the people who reads it, somehow. ^^
Hereby I thanks The Sample Store and Sunsilk Singapore for this exclusive invitation to the bloggers event. 

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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