Review: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack

Hey all, I'd been using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate for sometime now, so here's my review of it. ^_^

Packaging & Swatch
- Inside the packaging is the night concentrate tub, and no spatula was provided. I need to use my own spatula to get the content out from the tub.
- The tub has an additional lid (besides the main cover) so that the content will always be fresh
- The night concentrate (also a sleeping mask) smells really great, a nice fragrance drifts out when you open the lid.
- The night concentrate felt like a thick gel but it's the light weight kind of gel, totally non-greasy, little sticky after blending out.
- It felt pretty cooling when applied on my skin.
- It felt wet and hydrating (base on swatch only)
- It is suppose to be a night mask/sleeping pack, hence it is unable to be fully absorbed by the skin.

- I use night concentrate almost every night as the last step of my skincare regimen, after my moisturiser.
- At times when I'm too tired or felt lazy, I will use the night concentrate alone, right after toner.
- After spreading out and massaging the night concentrate to my skin for a minute, it sticks to my face firmly, doesn't make me feel that its too much for my skin or feel that its too heavy
- Though it's non-greasy but after putting on the night concentrate sleeping mask, my face looks as if it is very oily, due to the content not being able to fully absorb to skin and it reflects under the light (look very glossy)
- When I sleep, I try not to place my face on top of my pillow or other wise the mask will be removed by it. But usually when I sleep, I would forget about it and end up sleeping in every kind of positions, even face down onto my pillow. (^o^ lolx~)
- Good thing though, is that the night concentrate doesn't felt like its a thick sleeping mask. It felt a little thicker than normal moisturiser therefore it wasn't easily removed away by any of my pillow or bolster unlike my other sleeping masks.
- After I woke up and washed my face (I usually use warm water to wash), my skin felt BABY SMOOTH like it never felt before! I am not exaggerating it, it is real, base on my experience.
- My skin felt really smooth, it felt almost like powdery smooth when I touch it. Skin also felt pumped up.
- I spot that my laugh lines were minimised, not as deep as last time and when I put on makeup, the foundation doesn't get trap inbetween my laugh lines as much as previous. Even though it still traps foundation but it is almost not visible now.
- It overall makes my skintone slightly lighter & brighter too!
- I find that it helps combat free redicals in a way too as my makeup didn't get oxidised and turn dull, therefore the makeup now on my face  looks bright & neat.
- I like using the night concentrate as it gives me confidence that I'll have a beautiful smooth skin on the next day when I woke up
I would want to use this night concentrate again if I run out of it! ^^ Its super easy and convenient to use!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack SGD$25.90

Where to buy?
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