miwitch wishes all "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!"

I mean, Belated Merry X'mas & Happy New Year! Hahax~ ^^"

I hadn't been blogging since last year (lolx). For past 2 months+ I was very busy with work, going out on my off days and preparing my cosplay stuff (More like resting when I have some spare time as I'm just too tired! lolx~).
Now I got lots of stuffs to write about: my collective haul, my birthday, my trip to KL, X'mas presents! ^o^ And not forgetting reviews! I hadn't been doing it for so long! Pls forgive me *bows* m(_ _")m

Anyhoo, hereby presenting my cosplay, me as 藤乐乐 [Teng Le Le] from 独领风骚 [THE ONE], taken by Data.  This is like my.... 3rd time cosplaying the same character? ^^" I never get bored of doing it cos its considered the least troublesome costume among the rest. And its my first time cosplaying outside of Singapore! Hence I'm very excited about it! XD~
Following 3 photos all taken at Impiana Hotel in KL, Malaysia.Thats the hotel that we stayed during Comic Fiesta 2011 @ KLCC (CF Facebook) (More coverage @ Danny Choo) Its an overall good hotel, I like it ^^, service & food was ok. We only experienced once which the power tripped in the morning and we have to brush teeth in the dark toilet even though its morning lolx~ Cos everyday in KL was cloudy~

My friends Hoshi & Yuanie cosplaying as Vocaloid Rin & Len respectively, and I'm not cosplaying nor am I wearing a wig! kekkex~ I'm their nanny for CF Day 1, accompanying them to the event and taking care of their belongings ^^
More of my OOTD in: miwitch's Instagram & DA
Photo taken by Data, X'mas wishes added by me.

The first Christmas pic I took & PSed: "Rin & Len says Merry Christmas!"

Pics taken at the Comic Fiesta event in KLCC - 17 & 18 Dec 2011

Below shows part of my collective hauls (Since Oct till today) + birthday presents + X'mas presents! Too much to mention one by one.. (^^")
Thanks to Na, Di, Sel, Nessa, Sophia, Kas, Ashlene & fellow colleagues for the wonderful stuffs you girls got for me! ♥

I still got lots more of lovely stuffs to show (Y I didn't include my KL haul in above pic? *slaps head*), plus, I haven't collect my stuffs from a friend who just went Korea recently! Oh gosh.. I just realised.... too much makeup to handle! =_="
I guess I'll go selective on my haul posting otherwise it'll probably take me 1 year to blog about it, considering the rate of my posts... hahax~
Fighting!! \\(^o^)

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
All photos in this post are taken by me.


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