CNY 2012 Day 2: OOTD ~ ETUDE HOUSE ~ It's Skin ~ Contact Lenses Product Review

Yesterday CNY Day 2, I'd posted my OOTD on Instagram (as shown below). I used several Iphone apps to achieve the following effects. If you wish to download the apps, they are:
Camera360 - Super good camera app! I totally loving it! I had been taking alot of photos using this app, it will not save direct to your photo library yet, but only after you process them, you be able to save them to your phone, otherwise no matter how many photos you take, they will all be stored under the app, categorised by dates. The photos your stored in the app, can be re-edited for countless times without spoiling the original photos. So far, this is the only app I've came across that has the most effects to choose from, i love using it! ^^
iQuikDoF - Best Dof app for blurring out the background so focus is on the subject only. Its easy to use, just paint over the subject and then process it. Painted area remains sharp while others all will be blurred. Blur effect can be from 1 to 100%.
Pixlromatic - Another app that gives many different effects and borders. I usually use Camera360 first to process once, do a iQuikDoF and then use Pixlr to add in more effects for the final touch. ^^

Military OOTD
Navy blue double breasted coat+chiffon cape - Bought from Hong Kong last year, but this is my first time wearing it! ^_^
Beige-Black patterned mini skirt - Bought from Hong Kong. Totally love this skirt x 100000 times! ^^
Grey Houndstooth patterned tights - Taiwan. I also have an exact pair in browns.
Heels - Mondo
Bag - Clares & Keith
White Furry accessory (hang on my bag)- Hong Kong. It was actually double the length of the current, cos my cat Mimi bite it into pieces, this is what is left now =_=
For below pic I didn't use iQuikDoF becos Camera360 app also has blur effect (Tilt-shift in vertical lens).
Original pic taken with Camera360

I use all 3 mentioned apps to PS the below pic.

On CNY Day 2, I played with my other Nymph Aura product, which is the Nymph Aura Loose Powder! ^^ Read HERE for review on Nymph Aura Volumer

ETUDE HOUSE Nymph Aura Loose Powder Ingredients & Swatches
Saw from the ingredient list that this loose powder is NOT Talc-free.

I picked the #1 Natural Pearl Aura as I have medium dull skin tone, and the other shade is in pink pearl which i think my face would look ashy with that shade. Though from the swatch below,the powder looks almost white, but it is actually beige.

Review of Etude House Nymph Aura Loose Powder
It has this cooling effect when I first powdered it on my face, the powder is very fine and makes my face looks glittery. The glitters however aren't big enough to be noticed at a distance, its only noticeable under certain lightings (like spot light), at some angles or if I look at my face really upclose infront of mirror.
The shade looks kinda whitish on my face when I applied my first puff of powder, but after smoothing it out, it doesn't make my face look ashy unlike other loose powders. It appears translucent but with slight white glow in it.
I worn this out for about 6 hours and so far I didn't experience anything drastic or whatever..lolx.. The wind nowadays had been super strong. Whenever I step out of the building, the wind blew against me was so strong that my hair flew upwards. (Imagine that! LOLX!)
So perhaps, today when I stepped out, my powder already GONE WITH THE WIND. kekekekx~
Overall, I like this loose powder because of the slight cooling effect it gives plus the main point is that it doesn't make my face looks super white. ^.^

The other product I hauled from Korea (See HERE for all the stuffs I bought) is this...
ETUDE HOUSE VIP Girl Dear Darling Lips in PK008 7500won: ~ SGD$8.80
Super cheap eh? =D In addition, the casing is SOOoOooo cute! And when I turn the lippie out, immediately I "AWWwwwwww~" Such sweet pink shade! ^^ It kinda reminds me of Mac Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipstick (which till now, I still havent buy!), but this seems to look cooler, like Pink 4 Friday. I think I still prefer Viva Glam Lady Gaga because I prefer warm tone pinks.

Yesterday (CNY Day 2)  I used these 2 lippies. Mainly, i use It's Skin #05 for lining, and Etude house for filling the lips.

Swatches of both lippies

On my lips, both look ALMOST similar. As I have pigmented lips, some how the swatch on my lips will turn out different from what I swatched on my hand and it might also be different from others who swatch on their lips.
Sorry for the confusion (^^"), basically the idea is that, if I want to achieve an accurate swatch, I would need to apply concealer on my lips first, before swatching the lipstick. As for here, I didn't do it because I wanted to test whether they are pigmented enough to cover my pigmented lips. And infact, they do!

Review of Etude House VIP Girl & It's Skin Color Play I Black Jewel Lip Rouse
ETUDE HOUSE VIP Girl Dear Darling Lips PK008: Pigmented, smooth & easy to apply on lips. However it will look streaky if I run it over a few times. As my lips have lots of wrinkles (Oh NO! >_<;) the lippie gets trapped in between lines and its quite obvious. It accentuate the lines & wrinkles even more if I keep on applying the lippie. But usually for such cases, I will top it with lip gloss to solve the problem. ^^ Overall, I quite like the shade and would still want to continue using it so long I'm still into the BARBIE PINK phrase. lolx~

It's Skin Color Play I Black Jewel Lip Rouse #05 Love Pink: I love this coral pink shade! I never regret for grabbing this during my trip to KL, it was kind of a random buy as I just wanted to own ANY 1 THING (or maybe 2 or more) from IT'S SKIN. Lolx~
I use this as a lip liner and also as a base to conceal my pigmented lips. The pigments doesn't trap in between the wrinkles or lines, hence my lips look smooth when I smile. (unlike ETUDE HOUSE's) The only problem is that it's quite drying, so I need to be careful not to use this when I have crack/peeling lips.
And another thing which I don't like is that this lippie had to be sharpened. I'm super lazy when it comes to such thing.kekex~

Review of CooperVision Biofinity & Encore Colours Contact Lens
Before the Chinese new year, I bought a few pair of lenses so that I can see my relative faces clearer. lolx!
I bought CooperVision Biofinity contact lenses for ~$55 & Encore Colours for ~$20 (I forgot exactly how much), got OPTI-FREE solution as gift.
All I can say about these 2 lenses is, they SUCK.
CNY Day 1, I worn Biofinity for whole day. When I got home, my eyes are like so dry. I almost bang my head to the wall because the lenses STICK on my eyeball and it wouldn't bulge! I poured solution into my eyes but the lenses just stick to my eyes like suction pads. I had to SLOWLY scrap the lens off from one eye, and for the other, I used finger to push it outside of my cornea (or iris) forcefully to the white area and then pinched it out.
CNY Day 2, I worn Encore Colours lenses for 6 hours. Immediately the moment I put on, my eyes feel irritated. But I keep telling myself not to focus on the lenses otherwise, it'll be much more irritated x 2. However, I had to keep blinking when I am in the Air-conditioned place and at some parts, it stings bad which make me tear & ruin my eyeliner. At about the 2nd hour, my eyes already turned red.

I thought it was either my eyes or the contact lenses solution that was the problem. I probably will give the lenses a try again when I find an opportunity to do so. I wouldn't want to risk my eyes wearing such lenses for the whole day (like at work or shopping), I might just test them out again for just an hour at home in both air-condition room and outdoor, so to understand what exactly is the cause. I just hope I didn't get any dry eye syndrome or something. (≥⌂≤")

Before I end this post... Everyone just take a look at this picture.... Did you spot something? (Hint: It's not my cat that I'm refering to, take a closer look... if you can/can't see it, comment below...)

Thanks for reading! Hope all of you had a great day on your CNY Day 2!~ ^o^

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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