MNET Asian Music Award (MAMA) SG 2011 ~ OOTD ~ Collective Hauls

Though I always been busy, that doesn't stop me from taking pics of my OOTD when I'm going out on my Off days. (My Off days are like, very RARE~) Hmm.. I'm thinking should I rename my blog to like, Monthly Dressup Shots instead of Daily? ahhax~ I seriously do not know why I put Daily. *knocks own head* (>,<")o~

Anyhoo, if you had been following me in Instagram, you probably had seen my OOTD shots as like below: (Clicky to enlarge)

My Instagram ID is none other than miwitch (Follow me!)
To view the online version of my Instagram page is:
I started using Instagram around January and I just got addicted like few months ago. ^.^
I been posting other random pics too in my a/c but I'll probably just limit to taking OOTD, LOTD, NOTD, my pets, food (if its really like delicious~ ^^), and stuffs that are visually appealing (lolx~) in the future.

And this is my most recent OOTD, also posted in Instagram.
The day I went to MNET Asian Music Award (MAMA) SG 2011 @ Indoor Stadium!!!~ ^o^/~

OOTD theme: Peach on Flats
Decipher: Peachy legs wearing flat boots. Lolx~ I already expect myself to stand for 4-6 hours without resting so I gotta wear flats!
I thought that I'm rather underdress that day (am I not? ^^") apparently, I received a comment from some stranger "she's shouldn't be in here". My colleagues laughed at the statement and they told me to go up stage. hahhax~

Wahahx.. messy hair~ And oh god, my puffy eyes.. (@)_(@) Recently, my face starts to have bumps & scars again... =( *conceal conceal conceal!*

LOTD: Green Nova in Purple Galaxy
Why I name it because the I.fairy lens I'm wearing is call Nova Green~ ^^ And I'm looking for a shadow that contrast the green. And that's purple! More like pinkish purple ^^
- Rachel K Neutral BB + Tarte ReCreate foundation #ivory 02 (Tarte pass down by Na, and the shade fits me perfectly! ^^♥)
- SANA PorePutty Face Powder SPF19 PA++
Eyes - MUFE No 5 Camouflage Cream Palette (Orange) + MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW25 & C25
Face - MAC Studio Finish Concealer C25
Lens: i.Fairy NOVA Green
- KATE Gel brow #LB-1
- Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara 01
Lens: I.Fairy lens in NOVA Green

- L'Oreal Super Liner 24H
- L'Oreal Color Infaillible Eyeshadow #027 Goldmine (@ inner eyes) Scroll down further to see swatches!
- MAC Loose pigment eyeshadow in Violet (@ outer)
- Sleek Carribean Collection, using Singapore Sling (@ middle)
- Sleek Carribean Collection, using Martini (@ inner undereye)
- Heroine Make Impact frame & Curl mascara + Fasio mascaliner (violet)
- Holika Holika Magic Palette Painting Blusher (in palest pink) + MAC Well Dressed Blush
- OCC Lip Tar in Trollop + Hush
Left pic: Under natural sunlight. Right pic: Under indoor cool lighting

Outside Indoor Stadium. See the QQQQQQQQ!!!~~~

Me & my colleagues before the event starts~

The Korean STARS!!!~ I'm only looking at 2NE1, Super Junior, Girls Generation (SNSD) and BEAST! (B2ST)
Though they look small in my pics, but in actual they look pretty near to us! And looks BIG in my eyes! OoO WOoooo~

Overall, I only love it when the bands come onto the stage and perform. Other than that, I'm not enjoying it. :\ Imagine we have to stand 4 hours at 1 spot (literally!) and we couldn't move at all. Plus i hate it when everyone takes out cam to take pics & videos of the stars. I mean, who the hell would look at your blur pics and unsteady videos? The cams and arms are blocking my view even though I'm like 1 head taller than anybody else (most of them infact, which gives me an ultimate advantage especially for standing concerts. Lolx~), so when their arms are up, I had to switch to looking at the big screen. Basket.
If its just taking few pics for like 20 secs, I find its still ok. But NOOOoo, they had to hang their cams in the air for the whole of 3-4 hours! I wish I could like use the lightstick to PIAK at the person's head infront of me to get her bring down her stupid chunky DSLR. Lolx!
Actually, I hit her and her friend few times on the head accidentally cos she keep moving backwards almost leaning on me as she need to bring up her BIG DSLR and I was like "OH YEAH, WOOOO, YAHHHH!!" *Puts hands up, wave lightstick, PIAK her head with arm* XD~
A young girl standing beside me was pretty high too and we both sing along to every of the K-pop songs. (She didn't take pics! Amazed!) I kinda felt there's this weird connection between me and her through-out the whole event. kekex!~ While on other side my colleagues who only know Suju songs, they kept taking pics & vids and shriek when Suju comes up. *Ouch my ears* =_=
Talking about bad concert experience.. This is like my 3rd time? =.= Sigh~ Wat's with all these youngsters???? Perhaps, I'm too old for concerts? >_>"

At end of the event, this tent still open for business. I the backdrop. It makes the tent look so classic and vintage. Don't you think? ^^

Goodies: A free recycle bag & brownies in stickers of handsome korean male artistes *drools* I mean, DROOLS on brownie. =p
I saw a B!bigo Hot Stone advert on one of the postcard, looks nice! Anyone went before? =D I hope to try it someday! Na, Ah Ru, wana go? kekex~

Oh yes, never end an event without some unexpected souvenirs. hahhax~

Collective Hauls
I did bought lots of stuffs, but I feel that maybe I just show some for today, as I got not much time to do a long post.. ^^" I'll continue my haul post next time!
Castledew Pear-up Eyes: Of the 3, I got myself the white one. The 2 green ones I gave to Na & Ah Ru! ^^ Hope you all like it!

Rachel K Mineral Color Control BB in Neutral $35 (less 30%): Bought it at watsons sales, Suntec outlet. Like finally sales on Rachel K, but to my surprise, no one is at the Rachel K shelf. My luck perhaps? ^^
Uniqlo Bowler Hat in light brown $29.90: So cute! I'm actually saving, refrain from buying anything fashion related stuffs, so I could spend more if I go Japan next year, but this hat is too lovely, I hope to wear this in Japan!~ ^^

L'Oreal Infaillible Eyeshadow #024 Bronze Goddess $14.90
L'Oreal Infaillible Eyeshadow #027 Goldmine $14.90
Had to thanks Na for helping to find these 2 shades during the Buy 2 get 1 free promo (@ Watsons only)

When one mention Bronze, naturally one will think its warm tone. Compare to my other eye look (right side), Bronze Goddess appear to be of a cooler tone, almost towards greenish-grey. The Infaillible eyeshadow has this pretty glitters and gives off a smooth satin sheen when applied.
By the way, it looks much more pigmented if I use finger to apply them. Brushes doesn't pick up the pigments well.

And that's all for my post today~ Thanks all for reading!~ ^^

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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