Sailor Pluto Super S Cosplay Photoshoot

While everyone is enjoying their Halloween night in gore makeup, ghostly costume and taking scary photos at Orchard, I, was sick & working, and I sat silently infront of my computer photoshopping my cosplay pics.... sigh~ What a quiet Halloween for me this year! ~_~"

2 months ago, I had a Solo photoshoot of my Sailor Pluto cosplay. I'd been thinking for quite sometime after last year Dec's Sailor team battle suit cosplay at AFA X to do a solo shoot because I think I always have badly taken photos and had to go through alot of processing inorder for it to look decent to the public eyes... ^_^" So, a solo photoshoot means I'll have more nice pics to keep as memory! =D
Anyways, this solo photoshoot turned out GREAT! Though I expected more like, taking at the rooftop, doing laying down, kneeing, sleeping poses.
But: 1) the rooftop door is locked because of that corpse in water tank issue. -_-" 2) It was drizzling ~_~""" 3) I was terribly slow in dressing up, only started shooting at around 7pm.
Nevertheless, I still end up with nice photos thanks to my beloved photographer friends, Juliana & Valefor. Not forgetting Jane & her hubby and finally Noshuu (my dear Sailor Jupiter) who lend me her tiara (green gem but I PSed to magenta) cos I forgotten where I put mine! Without all of them, this will not be a successful photoshoot! ~\(^o^)/~

Anyhoos, here are the VISUALS! ^____________^v~

Juliana have quite nice lighting gadgets that can make my flaws disappear! Lolx~
Below is a Sailor Pluto card I made cos I LOVEEEEeee collecting sailor cards like THESE. Perhaps I could use this pic to make my first coscard? ^^

Clicky the left pic to link to my DeviantArt page.
*Click to enlarge the images

Sailor Pluto: Pluto Planet Power up.......... Make-up!!!
Left: Taken by Valefor, edited by me. Right: Taken by Juliana (Even with no edits,it's still nice!). This pose is super hard to do, head turning to awkward position and i nearly sprain my neck and waist. =_=

This is one that took me many hours to worked on. I had to thank this TUTORIAL for teaching me how to draw anime hair! Pic is taken by Valefor. <--Original pic... hhahax~
I referenced to this pic. Hand position wrong! Hahhaha.. =p
This one taken by Valefor, PSed by him too! I *heart* his PS skills! Its darn good!

Do you want to enter The Space Time Door?
Left: 1st edit.. Turn out not really nice as the door look so cartoon. Right: 2nd edit.. So much better and I added the swirl effect so it looked like the door just appeared! ^.^
Pic taken by Juliana~
Original pic--->

Sailor Pluto Portraits
All are taken by Juliana, and edits by her! (I think she did something to my face, cos I see no wrinkles!) She purposely stood ontop of a concrete platform cos she knows I like taking pics from top down! hahax~ XD~

Sailor Pluto Artwork Portrait
Spend some hours today working on this portrait.. I couldn't find a photo with the same pose so I picked an appropriate one from the lot to plant into this artwork. Look at the 2 pics, talking about me being too thin?... the original Sailor Pluto is SKELETON! lolx~
I think I look really stun all the way for this photoshoot.. And if you notice, shadows appeared at below my cheekbones. I think I clenched my teeth too much cos I am afraid to laugh and form laugh lines...

Sailor Pluto LOTD
-L'Oreal Paris Timeless Green (apparently I applied too little thats why it ain't obvious)
- Sleek Makeup Carribean palette- Singapore Sling, Purple Haze
- L'Oreal HIP Duo in Flamboyant (Purple)
- L'Oreal Chrome Intensity Pink Mania Palette
- Maybelline HyperSharp Liner
- Canmake False Eyelash No.17 & No.18 (I'm in a hurry to complete my makeup hence I din stick the lashes well enough! >,<)
- No brand white eyeliner (for water line)
Contact Lens: I.Fairy Lens in Hera Pink
- Canmake Cream Cheek Blush in #09 (Matte)
- Canmake Cheek & Cheek Blush in #02
-NYX lipstick in Thalia
Face: ??? (sorry I forgot what I used! =_=)
NOW, you see the flaws on my face...kekex.. But that day, my face is already considered to be at its tip top condition~ >w<

Remembering the old times.... Sailormoon was & still is my favourite manga, anime, playing cards & toys!! But I din own Sailormoon any toys cos I can't afford it then. I only touched the toy packagings at toy stores. =p I bet they are even more expensive to buy now eh..?
My next aim is the full Sailor Team Super S Photoshoot!!~ Watch out for more of our cosplay pics~~ ^_^
Last but not least, presenting to you: 观音妈 GUAN YIN MA! (Goddess of Mercy)
Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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