Review: b.liv 2nd B.Day Celeb & Silky ChristMask sets

Hohoho!~ Christmas is coming!!!~ Are you thinking what to buy for your girlfriend, guyfriend, friends this X'mas?
Well then, think no more! b.liv had helped to answer your question! Read on to know more!~ ^^

Awhile ago, I bought 2 sets of b.liv products at Sasa Outlet. Both times I went to Tampines One, just because I want to spend my discount vouchers & gain points, I force myself to shop at Sasa. hahax~ ^^"
Anyways, I'm running out of b.liv 'Off with those heads' too (Read review HERE), thus thinking to get them when my vouchers' still valid! Btw, its my 3rd 2nd time (cos 1st bottle was given by Cellnique!) purchasing Off with those heads! *HAIIiiiiiiiiiiYA!!!! KACHA someone's head!* ^o^//~

Below shows the 2 sets of b.liv stuffs I bought, they are GREAT as X'mas gifts for your friends.
Something that is USABLE, and GIVES RESULTS. I'm sure your friend wouldn't complain for receiving b.liv as her/his X'mas gift! ^.^v~
Side note: I heard from Sasa BA that b.liv Sets are EXCLUSIVE at Sasa Outlets ONLY! (True or not? You got to see it yourself! ^^)

b.liv Have a very SILKY CHRISTMASK Set SGD$24.00
If you have Sasa VIP card, it will be $22.80 after 5% less! ^^
There are 4 Sheer Off Crease (Fine Line Stoppage), 4 Immerse Me (Utmost Moisture), 4 Feel No Sluggish (Stem Cell Revival) Masks, total 12 masks in a set. Which means, each mask only cost $2! Cheap! ^^

b.liv 2nd B.Day Celebration + Complimentary Tote Bag Set SGD$69.95
I bought this during the month of October, happens that Sasa Outlet have a 5% storewide discount on every items. Hence I received a 5% + VIP 5% discount on this set! ^^ After discount is: $63.13!!
In this set, it has a 'Off with those heads' blackheads sebum gel 30ml and 5 Immerse Me (Utmost Moisture) Masks + 1 Complimentary B.Day Tote Bag! So worth it! ^^~

b.liv immerse me Masks

b.liv COLOURFUL~ Tote Bag
Made of rather thick canvas. Portable, just by folding it & zip it up. You can keep this in your bag everyday, open it up when you have extra load to carry! ^^ Cool & chic, and most importantly, usable!

I first used b.liv mask was when I bought CLEO magazine on September. (See HERE for pics and mini review of b.liv masks.)

Recap: They are the NEW Original JAPAN Silk Masks! (THAT explains why its silky smooth!)
I got so excited with their silky masks the first time I use it. Lolx.. (Like some frog in the well.. Suaku =_=") I usually buy paper masks made in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and their masks material are rather thick, rough, and feels dry, which means the material they use for their mask is unable to absorb the sebum thus the sebum evaporates fast.
For b.liv, the mask is translucent, material is very soft and silky. Its fully drenched with serum, and the mask isbig enough for my face. (My head is big, so that makes my face area big too. hahax~ =p)
I always feel very relaxed when using b.liv masks, the mask doesn't dry up fast hence I can slowly~ take my time~ to type this post~ while having the mask on for more than half an hour. hehex~ ^-^
Apologies for spoiling your eyes with my ugly masked face.. (U_U")

These sets are worth buying for yourself, and for your friends! So what are you waiting for? Quickly head down to any Sasa Outlets before the Sets are gone! ^^
Oh yah, I still saw the 2nd B.Day Celebration Set at Tampines 1 Sasa Outlet when I went to buy the Silky ChristMasks Set this month. I hope its still available!
Or otherwise, you could also purchase it from online:

Also, check out B.liv by Cellnique @ their Facebook page ^^
Visit Sasa SG Facebook too!

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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