Sept - Oct 2011: Hong Kong ~ SG Massive Hauls ~ Swatches (Lavshuca, NARS, Shu Uemura, Lancester, Seche..)

During September, I went Zhuhai, Macau, Hong Kong for work. At very short hours I grabbed alot of stuffs from the shelves without even looking at them! Hahax.. just kidding^^" But yah, I almost swiped off products from shelves cos I don't have much time to even think if I should buy them due to the busy schedule and itinerary!

Finally, I get my hands on MORE Lavshuca lippies (YIPPE YEAH YEAH!) and also the NARS Orgasm Blush which my bro couldn't managed to buy during his Thailand trip! \^o^/~

(refer 2nd row pic: sequence from left - right, top - bottom)
TBS orange Bath Lily Ultra fine HK$39
Sexylook 3D-Mask Ultra Whitening (Promo) 2 boxes for HK$119
Melliesh Eyelash #04 HK$40
Melliesh Eyelash #03 HK$40
False Eyelash #03 Sweet Volume HK$95
False Lower eyelash #09 Natural HK$95
Sato NOARL One N Eyedrops (for red eyes) HK$59: Zooming into Sato Eyedrops after this (scroll down)
Fortune Cat hangers x 2 ~SG$3? (no receipt ^^")
Anime Sleeping Eye Mask HK$15
FITS Attention Please Make Up Keep Mist HK$78: rose water, mineral oil free, for all skin type. Isn't the packaging cute??? ^^ After conversion, Japan sells $9 more ex than HK!
Lavshuca Star Decoration eyeshadow palette in green HK$88: CP for Na! ^^
NARS Orgasm Blush HK$240: Call me CRAAAAZEH! =p I buy just because I want to own an Orgasm... tsk (≥⌂≤")
Lavshuca Makeup Base KH$78: also CP for Na! ^^
The following 5 Lavshuca items, I'll put in detail after this.(scroll down)
Majolica Majorca Powder Brow Customize BR782 HK$58
Kuromi card & coin holder ~HK$10
Cute (Q 版) Disney Tigger Table Scrub Sponge HK$10
Leopard print brown tinted shades HK$50: Believe or not, bargain from HK$300. This auntie seller is crazy, think I'm a tourist so want to con me? Over my dead body. Pft.
Strawberry print ankle socks 3 for ~S$10
I didn't buy Laniege but I REALLY REALLY Love its BB Essence Balm! I wanted Bodyshop's Extra Virgin cream compact but its too oily.. Laniege's cream compact feels so smooth & sheer, I would want to get one~ T^T But I didn't turn back cos not enough time for more shopping.I think i cost about S$48 which is reasonable and I also tried their sunblock, its feels so good too! Should I buy them in Singapore or ask someone to CP? Which one is cheaper? o_O

I forgotten to swatch for NARS Orgasm, mean time, just refer to: (Above is Korres, Below is NARS) Credits to

Zooming into LAVSHUCA LIPPIES!!! and a liner~ ^^
(refer uncap products: sequence from left - right)
Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge PK-1 HK$90
Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge PK-3: My old Lavshuca lippie, almost used up.. This is the one that give me more reasons to own more Luvshuca lippies! =D
Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge BE-2 HK$90
Lavshuca Dramatic Star Glow Rouge PK-1 HK$88
Lavshuca Dramatic Moist Melting Rouge PK-7 HK$90: The most moist & glossy among all the rest.
Lavshuca Dramatic Creamy Gel Liner PK-1 HK$76
Hmm.. as can see, all the colours I choose are Pink~ Coral ~ Beige, cos I din have time to ponder much, so I go for safe colours.
Apart from the lippies, the white-pinkish liner draws my attention too. I also read that Luvshuca face powder is not bad too.. Shall get it the next time I see Lavshuca again! ^_^ *Crazy lavshuca fan*

DaytoDay enesti Foam-Promegranate S$7.92 (Usual $9.90): Promo @ BHG. New version of enesti Foam cleansing, bought in SG.
Sato NOARL One N Eyedrops (for red eyes) HK$59: Bought @ HK Watsons
Sato NOARL One Tear-α (Alpha) Eyedrops [Artificial Tears] HK$50: Bought @ HK Airport Mannings
Sato eye drops suitable to be used even with contacts. One which I really like and had hard time sourcing for it. Finally found them @ HK Watsons & Airport Mannings and I got 2 versions, which 1 is for red eyes~ ^^
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Duo Set HK$215: Got it at HK Airport DFS. I shared this with Na ^^ Actually I'd been thinking to get them for quite something already. I'll also be showing a Comparison of Shu & Shiseido curlers later (scroll down)

My only bag hauls @ Zhuhai & Hong Kong!
Pink Suede drawstring bag ~S$20
White-pale turquoise Satchel <S$10: Shoooo Cheap isn't it!! Nice and quite good quality! ^^
The maroon-navy bag I chose is for Ah ru! Its said that the bag design was featured in Vivi magazine (not sure which volume?) and its popular that they replica it ^^" I bargained it from S$40+ until ~$30 =D

Fashion haul @ Zhuhai/HK!!
(1st pic: sequence from left-right, top-bottom)
Black long sleeve oversize blouse ~S$10
Black-beige chiffon stripe long blouse ~$20
Beige double breasted georgette dress ~$80: Its made in korea (but bought in HK..lolx) Its ♥ at 1st sight! I always liked double breasted coat but SG is too hot to wear 1! And I THINK this is made of georgette... Its lightweight, flowy but feels alittle coarse, maybe some other kind of crepe fabric? Anyhoos, its thin fabric & very suitable to be worn @ SG! ^^
2-piece white-black dress ~$15
Pink Jacket ~$15
Skull patterned chiffon scarf ~$20: ♥ the skulls design very much! >,< And the chiffon material is super smooth and silky~
Mustard overlay top ~$10
Yellow-White Stripe overlay top with hoodie ~$10
Black with snake skin prints DIY jacket with scarf ~$30: Most interesting piece I gotten, its alittle thick but the material is very cooling even on a warm day!
Beige-Black patterned mini skirt ~$25
(2nd pic: sequence from left-right, top-bottom)
Pics of my fav Beige double breasted georgette dress+Satchel+Drawstring bags & Boots
Black boots ~$20: Sho cheap for a pair of boots!^^ Made of rather good material too~
Kitty face Socks HK$19.90
Pink Ribbon Black Pantyhose ~S$5
Professional Dragon Air Brush fostep series HK$50: I long yearned for a professional salon type of round hair brush because it makes hair look shiny and smooth after combing it (+ hair blowing) with it. When I saw this brush selling at only HK$50(~S$8!) I grabbed it without thinking! lolx.. After googling, I found out that this is a replica brush of the so call famous Y.S.Park Brush. (Mine is replica, cos the brand name is not same, plus it writes "Made in PRC" hahax^^") My brush should look like one of these? More about YSPark. And read more on Brushes. I'm now using my brush everyday and it REALLY makes my hair looks smooth & tames my frizzy hair! ^^
2 x Spiral Hair pin HK$8 each
3rd pic: Last but not least, a very weird looking Navy blue double breasted coat+chiffon cape at the back ~S$20: How to wear this hmmm...

More Fashion Hauls~ (sequence from left-right, top-bottom)
Kitty face Socks HK$19.90 (repeated above)
San-X Kutusita Nyanko Cat Mobile Phone Stand ~S$10
Coni minipol ear cap for Iphone ~S$3
(refer 4th row pic onwards: sequence from left-right, top-bottom)
Heartshape Locket Wristlet, White leather like with gold punk studs wristband, Cat king with heart Ring, Big heart ring, Spikes Ring HK$20 each: Bought all these @ the same store, they are selling all jewelleries for same price!
Rainbow wrist bangle HK$29.90
Gold Ribbon ear studs HK$20
Blue ribbon Hair clip ~HK$50

Sheer Luminous panty hose which I love very much since few years back.. Repurchase again @ Chinatown New Market 2nd floor
Each for $8.90

More SG Hauls~ (Sequence: left-right, top-bottom)
Loreal Paris Revital Lift White Essence $27.90 (usual $34.90): Promo price! I raved about it HERE. I like it so much that I think I almost can't live without it! XD
2 x 300ml La Roche-Posay Eau Thermal Spray for $29.90: Promo ongoing till sold out. You still have chance to grab them! ^^ Get it at any watsons/Guardian
Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach $14.50: I wanted to bleach my eyebrow and had tried epilat bleaching cream but failed terribly. Then, Autumncandy's eyebrow bleaching post caught my attention, so I went digging for Sally Hansen creme hair bleach! (scroll down for pics of after using it)
bebe poshe eye pencil in #1 black diamond $12.90 (usual $17.90): Promo now @ Watsons! Grab them while its still available! ^^
QVS Blackhead remover $5 @ watsons
Daiso hauls: Wall hanging pocket (to put brushes & jewelleries ^^), Wet tissue (ing it!!), thermal socks, puffs @ $2 each
Sasa hauls: Upon buying total of $150 Lancaster products, I get Sasa VIP card + vouchers~ again, sucker for free gifts.. hahax..
Lancaster 4 gifts + pouch: given free upon purchasing Lancaster products.
Lancaster Skin therapy Anti-ageing Oxygen Moisturizer $99
Lancaster Skin therapy Anti-ageing Oxygen Eye Care $78
Doux Make Up Puff $3
Juju Aquamoist Oil Makeup Remover ~$15: Forgotten the price, but I remembered it has discount @ Sasa

I happened to chance upon a big Flea market @ EXPO so I gotten the china glaze Halloween Crakle nail polish. (Thanks to Charmaine.. kekex~)
Chic Pink Matte with Shimmer Nail polish ~$5: I will swatch when my nails grow longer =_=
china glaze CRACKLE glaze (Halloween version) $30: Look at the glow when its been placed at a complete dark room!!~ (I also have glow in dark Iphone decal! kekex~ =p) BTW this is bought at smoochiezz store.
Seche VITE dry fast top coat $10 each: And finally gotten Seche top coat too! Its highly raved by Na & Ah Ru (cos I'm always around them and hear them talking about it..)
enesti masks in variety $1.50 each: Bought @ Robinson sales

Thanks to Na, I got Sleek Paint Pout via her spree.. ^^ Each cost ~$11.30 after converting + shipping.

OCC Lip Tar vs Sleek Paint Pout
I have OCC Hush & Trollop, both are last year's birthday presents from Na ^^ And now I bought 4 Sleek Paint Pouts namely Cloud 9, Minx, Peachy Keen, Milkshade.
I did swatches of all, and found that OCC is more watery and Sleek feels alot thicker/creamier than OCC. Both are very pigmented and can cover dark lips. I prefer OCC for its smell and that it has this minty taste. But I prefer Sleek for its tip, able to control how much I want to dispense, unlike OCC it always flow a huge amount out and make a mess everywhere.
I did some colour mix with Cloud 9.. And come to think of it, I don't own any mixing palette.. time to get 1!  Any recommendations?^^

OCC Hush vs Sleek Minx
I did a DUPE swatch of OCC Hush vs Sleek Minx, as shown on 2nd pic. I gave up on OCC Trollop vs Sleek Milkshake because I find that they don't really look like dupes at all after I did my first swatch (above pic).
Although both looks pinkish but Sleek Minx has this mild rosy tint while OCC Hush is towards the beige side.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach (Before & After pic)
I think I forgot to show my before eyebrow pic..^_^" Anyways, just imagine messy black eyebrow!
The bleaching is so strong that it only took less than 5mins for my eyebrow to turn light brown. When its about time, certain part of my skin starts to sting. Its a warning to say that I'd put for too long, so I immediately wipe the creme off and wash it.
As shown below, I followed instructions, put 5ml of activator with 10ml of bleach. After mixing for sometime, it becomes more than 30ml which I can use it to bleach my eyebrow, finger hair, knee hair & toes hair (lolx~ Why the hell I bleach these areas?! Cos, I find these hair obvious and obscene than my leg hair. =p~) and maybe my armpit hair (if I have XD~)

Shu Uemura vs Shiseido Lash Curler
My Shiseido lash curler recently failed to curl my lashes even after I changed the rubber to a new one. Probably reason why because I been using it for like, more than 5 years? ^^" The metal parts now feels loose. Thus, Shu Uemura now officially replaces Shiseido curler~
Remembering at the beginning, Shiseido was as good as my current Shu Uemura curler. I had changed the rubber for several times already. I guess its really the time for me to let go. *sobx* T^T
Below shows the comparison between the 2. Note the areas that I drew arrows are the places that shows obvious differences.
And I wonder now, where do I buy the rubber for Shu Uemura? I bought Shiseido's from Chinatown, IVY shop. Not sure if they also sell Shu Uemura? o_O Anyone have any idea?

One of my latest OOTD
Pink Jacket: Overseas
White Spag with white roses: GMarket
Black Culotte: GMarket
Turquoise Gradient Tights: Overseas
Black heels: HK
Turquoise Bracelet: Bugis Street

One of my latest LOTD
(excuse my messy eyebrow... & my imbalance eye makeup.. my skills STILL have not improve eh?-_-")
Majolica Majorca eyeshadow BE121: as highlight
i nuovi Trucolor eyeshadow in Rich Gold : Inner- center
GINO McCRAY Pro Make-up Eyeshadow #09 Peach Pink: Outer
Loreal Paris Super Liner 24H: Eyeliner
KissMe Heroine Make long & curl mascara: I layered twice - three times so it can look alittle more volumized

My current fav face expression = *POUTS (to reduces the impression of sagginess make my face look alittle more plump)

Thanks for reading this ridiculously long and image heavy post.... Imagine me spending 10 over hours typing this.. But anyways, I like being talkative in my blog. hahax!

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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