Event & Review: L'Oréal Paris Revitalift White Essence & White Day Cream SPF 18 + Giveaway

On August, Tiff brought me & Na along to the L'Oreal Paris Exclusive Preview of Revitalift White. (Thanks Tiff! ^.^)
At the preview event, I saw so many familiar faces! ^.^

At this preview, we saw many pictures of HEBE TIEN - The New Face of L’Oreal Paris
L’Oreal Paris Revitalift White Day Cream fights the 1st signs of ageing and targets 15 skin problems all at once, simplifying her potentially complicated skincare regime. No wonder this is the one skincare product she swears by!
“First signs of ageing? I have it under control.” Says Hebe.

15 Signs of Ageing. 1 Solution.
A Multi-Tasking Solution for Busy, Time-Pressured Women in their mid 20s
Harsh environmental aggressions such as sun exposure and pollution, coupled with hectic and stressful lives contribute to the appearance of premature ageing in women in their mid 20s. Revitalift White Day Cream SPF18 is developed specifically for these women who are not quite ready to use an intensive anti-aging treatment for deep-set wrinkles or visible loss of skin firmness, but who still seeks to fight the first signs of aging.
It is an “all-in-one” solution, designed to simultaneously address the 15 key signs of ageing in one single step.

Hard-Working Active Ingredients, for Results you can See and Feel
Pro-Retinol A (Prevents Premature Ageing): Reduces wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating cell renewal Helps to thicken the epidermis for a complexion that looks soft, smooth and supple
Vitamin B3 (For Fairer, Translucent & More Radiant Skin): Evens out patchy skin tones & lightens skin without a trace of brown spots or pigmentation by inhibiting the transfer of skin-darkening melanin to skin cells
Shea Butter (For Hydration) Holds moisture within your skin and strengthens the lipid barrier in your skin, leaving your skin soft and glowing

Application: Revitalift White Day Cream glides like silk over skin and melts easily for a light and refreshing feel. Upon application, this pearly cream leaves a nice sheen over the face for an immediate skin-brightening effect.
It works.
100% saw reduction in fine lines 93% saw a clearer complexion and fairer skin
Based on 40 women who used Revitalift White Day Cream SPF 18 for eight weeks.

We were later asked to design our mirror with tthe provided materials like ribbons, stickers, beads and other decoratives.
Na, AutumnCandy, Jerlaine & I had so much fun goofing around with the mirror and the mini size Revitalift White Day Cream. Keke~ Those mirrors that has the Revitalift White Day Creams are ours! Try spot them in the below pic! ^^
As Jiaqi & Jiayi's mirrors aren't ready yet, so I took a seperate picture of theirs while they are still doing it. =p~

Close-up of my very messy Mirror curtain design. By the way, I want to complain that the glue we used was totally useless, it don't stick at all! No glue can win over Cosplayer's #1 best friend - UHU Glue! hahahax~ They should have UHU next time when they want us to do any Art again at the events. =.=
That's the reason why I didn't bring the mirror back because I know the beads and stuffs will fall off and become a sticky mess if I place it in my bag.. =p
Next to mine, is Na's one.. Many butterflies stickers~

And GUESS WHAT? I won the Mirror design contest! Thanks to Na, AutumnCandy, Jerlaine and 1 more person who voted for my mirror! Can't forget how we discussed to have the L'Oreal White Perfect rotate among us 4 since they helped me to win it!.. kekex.. So crappy but fun! XD~
Nonetheless, thanks to all the ladies that I got to win the prize, I'm loving it right now! ^^

Some pictures taken with my IPhone! Using Camera Pudding application. So dreamy & nice right?! =D

Taken with my cam~ Last pic is me & Jermaine

Before talking about the products, I want to promote my all time favourite colour lens.. hehex~ The I.Fairy lens again! ^-^
This time, I'm wearing NOVA BLUE. I didn't do any PS to the lens, I only bring up the levels and curves of the pic so it won't look too dull.
You can read more of my I.Fairy lens posts & reviews from HERE (Again, pardon for my reddish & puffy eyes.. ^^")


What's in my Goodie bag:
- L'Oréal Paris Gentle Lip and eye make-up remover
- L'Oréal Paris Revitalift White Day Cream SPF 18 (50ml)
- L'Oréal Paris Revitalift White Essence (30ml)
- L'Oréal Paris White Perfect (Won during Mirror design contest)
- L'Oréal Paris Revitalift White CD

Review of L'Oréal Paris Revitalift White Essence
As seen from the pic, it's like white lotion but feels more watery and when spread out, it becomes clear. It takes only a little time for me to spread it out further and get it absorbed into my skin.
Once it gets absorbed, there is only a tiny bit sticky after-feel. It totally ain't greasy at all which gives it a Plus+ point there! ^^

No foul smell or anything, smells great for an essence! ^^

After applying toner on my face, I apply White Essence. (Both day & night)
I usually will pump 3-4 full pumps onto my palm and spread it all around my face and neck except eyes area.
Lightly massage the essence onto my face in circular motions, concentrating on the scars, wrinkle/fine lines, sagging skin. (Since it can promise to deliver results for all of these problems! ^.^)
After it's absorbed my face and hands have a slight sticky after-feel, then I'll lightly press my hands onto my whole face. After awhile, the sticky feeling will minimise.
A bottle of 30ml White Essence was used up by me within a month! Lolx.. It's not like as if I got a big face or something.. ^_^"
I think 30ml is quite little for essence? Probably 50ml would be just nice! ^.^

My thoughts:
The white essence has got to be my favourite product out of the lot of stuffs I received.
It lightens my scars and doesn't make me break out or give me clog pores. Its moisturing level is just right for my skin, without being overly rich.
It refreshes my tired skin, pumps up the areas that's lacking moisture and firms it.

Review of L'Oréal Paris Revitalift White Day Cream SPF 18
Basically it's just like how it looks like from the swatch pic - Thick white cream. (lolx~)
Its thick but non-greasy, hence its harder to blend or spread out than I thought it would! Usually for creams, I would think that they are greasy, so with just a pea size it could spread out to a huge area easily but NOPE, it's totally  different for Revitalift White Day Cream! ^^
After spreading the cream out, it leaves a slight reflective protective moisture film over my skin and a minimal white cast. However the white cast is barely noticeable, instead it looks more like as if its giving me an instant radiant face. (Just like what it says, pearly nice sheen!)

Probably because I have combination skin, it feels fine on the areas that are dry (forehead, below cheeks area). Only T-zone areas appears oily but actually it's just the skin surface looking reflective as I tried to blot but there's nothing there at all! ^^"

Same like the White Essence, no foul smell or anything, smells great! ^^

After the White Essence, I will apply White Day Cream. (only use during Day time as it contains SPF)
The amount I apply is roughly 50 cents big. Or, I will dot my whole face with the day cream and then using clean fingers to blend it up and outwards all over my face and below chin areas. I do not want to apply excessive cream as I'm always afraid that creams will clog my pores.
I'm careful to NOT apply on my neck as I experienced clog pores before using other products on my neck that results to pimples.. ^_^" If you do not have the same problem as me, perhaps you can consider to use on your neck areas as it provides SPF, it'll help to keep your neck from the UV rays too~

My thoughts:
I'm also loving this White Day Cream because it provides a minimal SPF that could protect me from the UV Rays (if I'm not gonna apply sunblock or makeup).
Secondly, I like the feel of that pearly sheen or film on my skin. It really make me look as if I have a moisturised radiant face that reflects light! Hahax! =D
Lastly, i like the size of the White Day Cream - 50ml. I'm looking into using it for at least 3 months for sure to better show the effects of using it.

BEFORE (left pic) and AFTER (right pic) of skin at my cheek-jaw area
Enlarge the pics by clicking it.
The areas where I grow bumps, black/white heads, scars are highlighted by the arrows on the left pic. Notice how clean my face had become? And notice how my cheeks now reflects light? ^^
*Both pics are taken bare face, no photoshop and haven't applied any skincare.

BEFORE (left pic) and AFTER (right pic)of skin at side of my mouth - laughing line area
I have deep laugh line extending out from corner of my nose down =( (Maybe I shouldn't laugh too much? lolx.. See, I laugh again..)
And I often experience small oil bumps growing ALONG my laugh lines! Then after using my itchy fingers to pick them out, it leaves scars ALONG the lines. Horrible! Making my laugh line look even deeper as if I'd used a eyeliner to draw along my laugh line? (=_=")
After only 2-3 weeks of using Revitalift products, surprisingly the oil bumps stop growing and the scars cleared. Also noticed my saggy skin became firm. ^_^
Significant results! By looking at my skin using my own bare eyes, sometimes I couldn't spot the differences unless pictures were put side by side to compare. (Yap, I'm blind alright to not notice the differences! >o<)
*Both pics are taken bare face, no photoshop and haven't applied any skincare.

Overall Review
Overall, I feel both products are great, it works well enough being used alone (combi with other brands) but works best when used together! ^^
Its been awhile since I can have fairer, smoother, supple skin and a skin that doesn't oxidise the foundation anymore. Remembering about 2 months ago, I was still frustrated with my face that keeps oxidising any foundation that I put on which causes my face to look really dark & dull.
This time round, I'm so glad my face appeared radiant than before.
Now that I had ran out of White Essence, I would really want to purchase it and continue using it till I see even better results! (If it could give me ^^)
Even though the products are made to combat wrinkles, but I still feel my laugh lines' rather deep. Perhaps my laugh line ain't 1st sign of aging anymore, it should be my 1824093751236 sign of aging! (Since i'm no longer 25 ok...) kekkex..

Short Review of L'Oréal Paris White Perfect Eye Cream
Just a short review of this Vibrating tool (lolx~ =p)..
I'm not using the eye cream much as it contains mica and I personally prefer not to use any skincare with mica during night time. Wherelse, I LOVE its vibrating tool! The massager design is GREAT! Its big, has wide circumference, it's metallic so it feels cold on skin if stored in a cool place. The micro-vibrations feels great too, it soothes my tired eyes when I circle it around them.

WIN A TRIP FOR 2 TO TAIWAN! For more info, visit: https://www.facebook.com/lorealparissingapore

Current L'Oreal Promotion: 2nd Item at $2!
Now its the great time for me to stock up White Essence! XD~

And finally, a GIVEAWAY!
2 sample size Revitalift White Day Creams (could last about 5 days or so)
1 Full size Gentle Lip and eye make-up remover

To WIN, comment under this post with the following:

I will pick the 1 winner using random number generator.. or other methods ^^ Giveaway contest only for Singaporeans.

Revitalift White Day Cream SPF 18 (50ml) SGD$27.90
Revitalift White Essence (30ml) $34.90

Where to buy?
Available @ Watsons, Guardian, SASA, Selected Department stores, Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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