Review: Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color Lip Moisturizer ~ Lavshuca PK-3

The Sample Store recently sent me 2 LipIce Sheer Color for review. At the moment I heard 'LipIce', my eyes brightened up! *DING* (O)_(O)!
I had a few Mentholatum lip products and I'm really loving them all, especially the LipIce Gloss that I own and the Lip Gel~ ^.^

Here, shows the LipIce Sheer Color in Shimmer and Strawberry.
It is said that this LipIce Sheer Color works like a lipstain + lip balm (or lip moisturizer). I went "OOoo! ♥" when I hear 'Lipstain'. =D
However, the moment I see Stawberry, I faints. (Lolx) Because I don't really like using cosmetics with strawberry scent or flavor! (I'm weird eh? ^^") Nevertheless, I still give both a try to see how they feel!

Write-up & Ingredients
Important point for all to know: It contains Effective Anti-oxidant of Vitamin E to soften and protect lips against the harmful environment ^^

To know which LipIce is Shimmer or Strawberry, just look at the bottom of the product where the round sticker will state.

The inside looks totally different! Therefore easier for us to differentiate which is which ^^.

It looks pinkish on my hand but when I wipe it off with tissue, it obviously shows as magenta rather than pink.

Lips Swatch
I have pigmented dry (dehydrated cos I dun drink enough water ^^") lips, the moment I look at the word Sheer, I'm thinking it can't cover my pigmented lips. But... who knows, it DOES cover up! Moreover, it makes my lips almost hot red.. um, i mean hot magenta.. Lolx~

- LipIce Sheer Color Lip Moisturizer is slim and slick, really easy to carry around.
- Easy to use, soft & smooth to glide on the lips.
- Sweetly scented with Strawberry flavor
- Upon application, it immediately changes my lip colour to Pinkish-magenta (More to magenta than pink), covers about 70% of my pigmented lips.
- Its moisturising level is better than the normal lip balm as it is a tad oilier. And it appears to look alittle glossy too.
- The only big difference from Shimmer & Strawberry is that Shimmer, obviously has shimmers. ^^" The shimmers are pretty obvious if you look close up and the shimmers stays well even after blotting.
- Lip color stays on for about half a day, requires reapplying after drinking/eating
- Probably the only downside is that after every use, the content must be cleaned off with a tissue, otherwise the area that keep contact with the lips will turn pink too.
- Another downside for me (particularly for pigmented lips ladies), is I find that it doesn't fully cover the pigmented areas. So I would still use a lipstick ontop of this lip moisturizer.
I'm now using Sheer Color in replace of my Lip Stain as it is really easier in application wise. Just turn and apply! ^_^

Besides Shimmer & Strawberry, LipIce Sheer Color is also available in Fragrance Free!
(If you are like me, who doesn't like strawberry, you can choose Sheer Color Fragrance Free lip moisturizer! ^.^v~)

Retail Price: SGD$7.50

Available in Watsons

Now its time for you to participate in the Lip Ice Most Beautiful Lips contest where the top 3 most beautiful lips will walk away with a MP4 worth $259!~

You can submit your photo here: LipIce FB
Submission & voting date ends on 23 August 2011

LipIce Facebook:

Once again Thanks to ♡♡♡ The Sample Store! ♡♡♡

♣ Lavshuca Lipstick PK-3 review
I bought Lavshuca lipstick during my past Macau-HK trip few months ago, and I had been using this lipstick for the past 2 months with LOTSA ♥♥♥!!!~ Kekkee~
I'll tell you why, in awhile later. ^_^

Here shows the very pretty product design. A translucent maroon with exquisite silver coated motif. It kinda reminds me of something that a magical witch will carry (read too much manga or watch too much anime.. hahhax~)

The colour is a very pretty coral. Somehow the pinkish tone wasn't captured by my camera, it appears to look more like peach in the below pic.

Underneath I'm wearing LipIce Shimmer and top with Lavshuca PK3. Hence it appears to look more pinkish.

I love this Lavshuca lipstick as its very pigmented, it covers 100% of my pigmented lips. The colour is very very pretty, Its creamy and has a slight gloss to it. However like any other lipsticks, its still a little drying after long hours of wearing.

Basically, I'm now dying to try to get all the lippy colours from this range! Anyone going to HK/Taiwan soon? Lolx~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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