Review: Maybelline Eyestudio HyperSharp Liner ~ Water & Rubbing test Video

Last month, I received a Maybelline Eyestudio HyperSharp Liner Limited Edition Press Kit from Maybelline. I'm here to review this eyeliner today and now I'm getting rather excited already! I'll tell you why in a while ^^

Here's the LE Press Kit pouch

Open up, it contains the Maybelline Eyestudio HyperSharp Liner, 8 small artwork templates for doing eyeliner art with it and a brochure.

Close up of the Eye Liner & Templates

Product write-up
With a 0.05mm tip, the new HyperSharp Liner allows you to create ultra-precise, ultra-fine lines!
It’s waterproof, smudge-proof but easily removal by warm water! In addition, with ultra fine particles of carbon black, HyperSharp Liner allows you to create the blackest black lines!

Its said to be 100% Smudge-Proof, Water-proof, Easy Removal and Stain-Free!

Maybelline Eyestudio HyperSharp Liner Swatch & Artwork
An anime eye drawn freehand, using Maybelline Hypersharp Liner, and the artwork (at end of the eye) drawn using template.
As you can see from the pics, the artwork I drew using template bleeds at the outlines. Wherelse the freehand drawing doesn't. Anyways, I prefer to draw artwork without any templates.. ^^"
Bottom of this pic shows immediately after I drew the eye and artwork, I pressed a tissue against it and it got transferred over, however the original is still intact.

Maybelline Eyestudio HyperSharp Liner Review
Now I explain why I was excited about this blog post because I wanted to tell everyone that this liner doesn't SMUDGE!!!~
I used it on several occasions and usually I like to draw it only on the upper eyelid rather than waterline because I always find that liquid liner doesn't stay on my waterline. It either smudge or it got washed off (like totally gone! WHOOSH!) by my tears (I tear very easily). But this liner, proves me wrong.
During my first swatch of HyperSharp liner at a Guardian store, I wasn't attracted by its black tone. Although they mentioned it's blackest black but it look almost like dark grey or a faint black when I swatched it.
Nevertheless, I had to thank Maybelline for sending this press kit to me, in a way giving me another chance to try the liner again.
I must say, this liner has done its job well by proving to me that it can stay stain & smudge free. And I usually do not doubt about its water proof factor when any eyeliners state that they are water proof. ^^
Back to the blackest black topic, I now find that my liner delivers me just, BLACK. It doesn't look VERY black like what they said but it is at least not a faint black like the swatch I did the first time. Perhaps, the sample at the Guardian store was kinda used up? ^_^" Oh well, at least I am contented with my own liner now, so no more complaints! =D
In addition, the liner is really sharp and its very soft too! I do not feel any itch when drawing it near tightline and waterline, or otherwise I will tear! This liner is so smooth and soft to draw with, I have fun using it to do artwork on my eyes. Lolx~ Seriously, just like what they are promoting, ARTWORK with Hypersharp Liner! kekkex.. (I mean REALLY, Seriously, no joke. '_')

Maybelline Eyestudio HyperSharp Liner LOTD
If you can spot... at the waterline, I did some 'fake bottom lashes' artwork with the liner. ^_^ (Pardon me, but I really have naked bottom lashes...^^")

And lastly, hereby presenting you the Water & Rubbing Test video! Very amateur as always... lolx~ I should have done water test and rubbing test separately instead of putting them together in one! *slaps forehead*
Anyhoo, enjoy! ^.^

P/S: I am also attending the Maybelline HyperCouture Fashion Show later today! See you guys there! ^o^v~

Maybelline Eyestudio HyperSharp Liner (Black only) SGD$19.90

Where to buy?
Available at Watsons, Guardian, selected departmental stores and all major hypermarts and supermarkets
List of Maybelline counters in Singapore with Beauty Advisors:
BHG Bugis
BHG Bishan Junction 8
BHG Clementi
BHG Tampines
Metro Causeway Point
Metro Compass Point
Metro City Square Mall
John Little Plaza Singapura
John Little Marina Square
John Little Jurong Point
OG Albert Complex
OG People's Park
Robinsons Centrepoint
Robinsons Raffles City
Wastons Ngee Ann City
Watsons Toa Payoh
Watsons Bugis Junction
Watsons Tampines
Watsons Parkway Parade
Watsons Jurong Point
Watsons Lot 1
Watsons West Mall
Watsons Compass Point
Watsons North Point
Guardian Marina Bay Sands
Guardian Clementi
Fairprice AMK Xtra
Fairprice Jurong Point Xtra
Fairprice NEX Mall
Fairprice Bedok Central  

Maybelline Singapore Facebook
Maybelline Singapore Youtube

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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