LOTD: KPop Wannabe ~ July - Aug Hauls (Topshop, Sleek, Canmake, La Roche-Posay, Vichy)

HAPPY (belated) NATIONAL DAY!!! ~*~*~*~*\(^.^)/*~*~*~*~

Finally today, I got to do a LOTD (got some spare time after I return home from my early morning work). The idea came to me when I was taking a photo of my current hair colour. My brown dyed hair got so washed out that my colleagues said I look like a girl with old lady hair. Lolx.. I'mma 白发魔女-White hair demon queen. kekekx~ But I prefer to say myself as a 银发巫女-Silver hair witch girl! Got it? miwitch, so I'm a witch! *lame* =p~

Anyhoo, here's a closeup pic of my LOTD. But of course, I do not own a flawless face. I purposely blurred this pic so it won't scare you. Lolx..
I also bring up the contrast and brightness as it was taken in evening where the sun is almost down, and all my pics appeared rather dark. However, I did not PS my hair colour, it was like this when I took it. ^^ Doesn't it look like as if I'm wearing a whitish-silver wig? hehehx..~ Gosh, seeing this, makes me miss cosplaying so much~ T^T"

Enjoy the rest of the pics! ^.^v~

My current hair colour.. My face look pale if I don't put any eyeliner/blush/lippy..

My theme today is "KPOP WANNABE" (kinda like, 4 Minute/ 2NE1?? ^^")
The look's not inspired by any Kpop artistes' individual makeup but inspired by staring at my Carribean Sleek palatte! lolx~
Its been ages since I use bright colours on LOTD and my skills went down the drain as well cos I hadn't been doing alot of eye MU. I only went out once in a blue moon with friends but always ends up with very simple or disastrous eye MU =_="

Brief description of how I do my KPOP WANNABE LOTD
1. Put eyeshadow highlights below eyebrow, inner corner of eyes, under eye area(near cheek bones) & tip of nose
2. Roughly putting up all the colours I want on my lid, trying to balance both shapes first
3. Add in darker shade of eyeshadow at creaseline (stops half way)
4. Start blending the e/s colours, and add in more layers of e/s when need be
5. Put on false upper eyelashes, then line along tip of lashes thickly and fill up tightline with black eyeliner
6. Draw outer waterline with black eyeliner and then, inner waterline with bright silver liner
7. Put on flase lower eyelashes
8. Add in e/s colours underneath lower lashes to complete the look

I love drawing black eyeliner around my eyes~ ^_^ It makes my eyes look big & dolly and my whites look whiter!
Below, I find my inner waterline TOO SHINY..

So I went to overlay the silver with a thin black liner. Hmm.... *So which one looks better??? Above pic or below pic?*
An amateur artist at work.. Lolx~ Realise I always have difficulty in balancing the 2 sides and in drawing at creaselines. Blame it on my imbalance double eyelids and eyebrow? BLAH~ But nvm, I have my bangs to hide them. (Play cheat!) hehehx~ But anyways, I promise to keep practising whenever I have time!

KPOP WANNABE Camwhoreeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ Now you can see my pores, cos the pics are not PSed. (O_O")

2nd signature pose founded (besides the bent twees) = GRABS OWN HAIR
--After grabbing hair, I become..---> the VKEI (Visual Kei) WANNABE.. muahahax~

From front, my hair might seem nice & fluffy, but from side view, its rather flat.. I have too little hair! =_=

Products used in KPOP WANNABE LOTD
Murad Skin perfecting Primer (Dewy) + Topshop Skin Glow (Light) [shown in pics below]
ZA White Plus 2-way foundation
SANA Natural Resource Loose Powder UV
Cosmagic Blush #01 [pic]
MAC Paintpot (Groundwork)
Sleek Carribean Collection Palette - Martini (White) @ highlights, Screwdriver (Yellow), Singapore Sling (Pink), Bloody Mary (Red), Purple Haze (Purple) @ Creaseline [pic]
MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liner (Silver) [pic]
Maybelline HyperSharp Liner (click for review) [pic]
Canmake false eyelashes in No.17 (Upper) & No.18 (Lower) [pic]
YSL Rouge Volupte 30 Lipstick [pic]
MAC Superglass Sugar Overload [pic]

Below are my recent purchases ^_^
Topshop Skin Glow (Light) $23
Sleek Palette Caribbean collection with thanks to Na and Iris for one asking me to get it and other for helping me get it. *blow kisses*

Topshop Skin Glow & Sleek Makeup Carribean collection palette

Sleek Makeup Carribean collection palette swatches

Topshop Skin Glow vs ZA Instant Brightener
Skin glow is whitish but has pinkish peach mica, wherelse ZA is pinkish but has white mica.
Topshop's look pearly than ZA's.

Ardell LashGrip Adhesive $9: Was said that its hard to remove.. indeed it was, but still manage to remove using my fav eyemakeup removing method, using Q tip and a cottonpad~ ^^
Canmake False Eyelash No.17 & No.18 $9.90/each: I am starting to LOVE Canmake lashes! Gota buy more! ^^

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water 2x300g $29.90 only @ Watsons!

Garnier BB Eye Roll-on (Light BB) $22.90: Not bad for an eye BB, if only my dark circles aren't that hopeless! >_<

The shade is only a tad darker than my skintone, thus not able to cover my dark circles fully. It can however, brighten up the undereyes if the user has only slight dark circles. For me, I still need to use this top with a concealer.

La Roche-Posay Softening Foaming Gel $33.90 (less 20% @ Watsons)
La Roche-Posay Intensive Rehydrating Care Long-Lasting Efficacy $41.90 (less 20% @ Watsons)

Upon accumulating purchases of a certain amount, there's a random LRP free gift given.

Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral in B01 $14: Bought at Cozycot sales
Juju Aquamoist Moisture Cleansing Oil: Also bought at Cozycot sales, forgotten the price..^^"

K-Palette Lasting 2way Eyebrow in #02 $23.90: Got hooked up with sponge type powder eyebrow lately!~ ^^ Immediately wanted to get it after hearing it from Na. K-Palette #02 is the lightest shade but it appearl darker than Majolica Majorca Eyebrow Customize #BR782. It is more towards greenish medium brown, where MM is yellow-orangey brown.

Gift from Ah Ru! ^^ One of her fav masks - Hello Kitty version!

Vichy Normaderm Day & night Anti-imperfection routine pack $69 (further less 15% @ Guardian!!) = $57.80
Psychoed yet again by none other than Na herself.. kekex.. Not sure if there is anymore of this pack, apparently we found this at PARAGON.
And heard that SUNTEC Guardian also has stocks, so do act quickly now if you want them! ^^

Cosmetica Spot concealer brush $8.90 (less 15% @ Guardian): Soft yet firm! Like~ ^^

I.Fairy Lens again! ^^
Kirei Green (For Ah Ru), NOVA Green, NOVA Blue $19/each pair: Yukino's so sweet to help get the Ifairy lens for us AND sew a cute bag to contain the lens~ ^.^

Kawaii Lace-up Shoe socks $3.90 @ Compasspoint
Hair stuffs $2/each @ Daiso: Finally got my hands on that twist hairpins!! =D~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not in anyway affiliated to the brands or companies mentioned in this post. Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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