Event & Review: Sunsilk Weather Defense Haircare (Video)

Last month July, TheSampleStore invited me to the Sunsilk Weather Defense Bloggers event. It was held at Ben & Jerry's @ Heeren.

Why outdoors you say? Because the Sunsilk organising team think that it suits their theme "Weather Proof Your Hair". So they want to know how weather proof OUR hair are (ie, against Summer Sun, wind, etc). hahahax..

The product packaging colour is same as the clear folder and my bag! Turquoise!~ Loving this colour much~

Hair increases in length by up to 3% from dry to humid ways.
It reacts in completely unpredictable ways - Curly hair may frizz up and straight hair goes limp.
¾ women get 15% more frizz when it's over 24°C.
UV Rays also cause frizz and severe hair damage.

Sunsilk features the ROSE OF JERICHO, a resurrection ingredient that comes to life after months of appearing lifeless!

With this Rare ingredient, Sunsilk's NEW Weather Defense range promises to prevent our hair from:
*Yeah!* if it could do that to my hair! ^o^v~

Live demo on one of the bloggers' hair.

During Q&A sessions, Shawn answered a few questions that most of them I already knew.
Particularly one question that was asked was something like:
Why do we grow white hair and will plucking white hair makes us grow 3 white hair?

He answered that why we grow white hair even at a young age like now, usually is because of stress level, the environmental issues and your personal daily lifestyle. All in all, it affects your body in someway and it will affect the cells underneath your scalp, therefore affecting the growth & colour pigments of your hair.
Another is cause by genetic (inherited from your parents/grandparents).
And whether or not by plucking 1 white hair will make you grow more white hair, he doesn't know because it's always been a myth and many people still believes it.  For this, I knew the answer. ^_^ (I knew but I didn't share at the event because I was shy to say.. =p~) The answer is NO.

I had a chat with Shawn about white hair during our ice-cream eating time. Lolx..
I told him that I have white hair since 12+, I got it from my parents, (same to my brother too). I didn't do anything to it till I was about 20 and was influenced by someone else who have the exact same problem as me, then I started plucking out all the white hair.
True enough as what I was taught, the white hair got lesser and the whites didn't grew back. And now I have full black hair!! ^^ (If bleached hair doesn't count.. lolx) Reason why plucking your white hair doesn't make it grow more whites because every strand of hair is attached to a follicle (like a pore that grows out hair... lolx~). By plucking 1 hair from that follicle, doesn't split your follicle to 3! Your follicle is still 1 and it can only grow 1 strand of hair! So girls, don't believe this myth and don't be stubborn about it, it can't and it won't grow 3 white hair! =p~
Every time I see any white hair, I'll just pluck them out, (I'll pluck out for my friends too =p~) and now, only once in a bluemoon I will get a few strands of white hair.
As for whether it affects my hair volume, there isn't much changes from the time I was 12 and now. Because all the while, I always have limp oily thin hair with little volume. Perhaps, it did become alittle thinner than last time however I feel that my follicles are still rather strong and healthy, it regrow pretty fast, therefore it also explains why my hair grows long pretty quick too.
I also discussed with Shawn about how the white/grey hair comes about and he agreed with me too. I said that I remembered reading an article many years ago on how a person can get more white/grey hair or faster than anybody else is because of the pigment cells in the roots. When a person age or due to other factors, the pigment cells weakens and it will make your hair loose its black pigments making it look grey or white. If this is cause by age, it doesn't help if you pluck them out.
But if you are young and you have lots of white hair like me in the past, even though you could pluck them (like what I did) but here, I'm advising you not to. Because everyone has different hair regrowth rate. It might take me just a few months for my follicle to regrow new hair but it might take someone else a year or more. So, I do not want anyone of you to hate me after reading this and start plucking your white hair, later found out that you became bald.. lolx~
By the way, ALTHOUGHHhhh scientifically it says that another white hair will grow in its place to replace your plucked white hair since the pigment cell is already dead, but I still prefer to think otherwise. ^^""

Anyways, I already stopped plucking my white hairs for almost half a year now reason because I been bleaching and dyeing my hair! hhahax..
Its no way less harmful than plucking hair but at least its a beauty/fashion icon to own a coloured hair and also, it voluminise my hair too! After dyeing, my hair lost its moisture causing the hair to fluff up to about 1.5 times of its usual thickness, and because my hair's dry, it automatically sucked in all the sebum that my scalp could produce, making my hair look non-oily yet well-moisturised, volumnized, beautifully bleached hair. Hahax! =p~

But of course, I still maintain my hair by doing the neccessary shampooing, conditioning, hair-masking, hair seruming, hair drying DAILY so I won't have crispy fried hair on the next day.

And with that, the Q&A session is over~ Everyone packing up to go for their ice-cream eating =p~

Do I look like a VAMPIRE to you? Hahhax.. I'm wearing a Pink I.Fairy Lens! Beside me is Felicia and Tiffany! ^^
My hair isn't WEATHER Proof! See the frizz? kekex.. I admit, I was lazy, I didn't apply serum on my hair before i went out! =p~

Polaroid: 3 of Us using the given props! =D I like japanese fan~ *cosplay face*

The Ultimate Hair Monster Duo! lolx.. That's Shawn and me! (Seriously, anyone thinks Shawn look like NONO? kekex..)

Shawn showing me his purplish-maroon-pink hair! Super striking colour! Me love~ Wonder how it'll look on me if I were to have blonde with purple hair ends.. Probably, I'll end up with alot of split ends i think. kekex..

And now, meet the expert: TEDDY CHARLES

I was given a full set of Sunsilk Co-creations Weather Defense range products:
- Sunsilk weather defense Shampoo
- Sunsilk weather defense Nourishing Conditioner
- Sunsilk weather defense Shield & Frizz Control Light Cream
- Sunsilk weather defense Shield & Shine Serum

Sunsilk weather defense Shampoo & Sunsilk weather defense Nourishing Conditioner

Sunsilk weather defense Shield & Shine Serum

Sunsilk weather defense Shield & Frizz Control Light Cream

How I use Sunsilk in my daily hairwash routine
- Wet my hair and run it through water thoroughly (to remove the dust and dirt from hair first)
- Use Sunsilk Weather Defense Hair Nourishing Conditioner on my hair ends, then wash off after a minute or 2.
- Use Sunsilk Weather Defense Hair Shampoo on scalp and lather without spreading it to the hair ends (so the ends will still remain nourished by the conditioner)
- Wash off the shampoo
- I usually would choose to use the conditioner (Alternatively, hair mask from other brands) again on hair ends, because I find that the shampoo sometimes washed off the silky smooth feeling that was left on by the conditioner during the first round of conditioning. If you think your hair is not feeling dry after the shampoo step, you can skip this last step.
- Then, comes the haircare time! (refer below)

Here is a video I did, using Sunsilk Weather Defense Shield & Frizz Control Light Cream vs Shield & Shine Serum.
Its more like a tutorial or my own step by step hair caring routine, rather than a review of the 2 haircare products. ^^"
Its a 3mins 47secs video, includes some slow-mo and fast-motion parts. lolx..

Watch this video if you:
- Have very / super dry hair with or w/o oily scalp
- Have frizzy hair
- Want to know how & when to apply hair lotion/cream/serum
- Want to know how & when to blow dry your hair
- Wants to know some little tips in making your hair less frizzy, smoother, and volumnize/fluffy hair
*Note: I am an anti-rebond hair person! I dun like straight limpy/rebond hair! lolx.. So dun ask me how to acheive straight rebonded-like hair! >,< I want volume volume volume hair!! FTW~ XD

Pictures taken after the video-ing...
Both sides appear to be almost the same..lolx~ That's because I mask my hair weekly, and its already well nourished.. kekex..

Review of Shampoo & Conditioner

I like both of them as the shampoo didn't make my scalp itch nor does it makes it feel oily. Even though I have very dry bleached & dyed hair, my scalp is still the oily type and it would itch if I use any shampoo that is too rich for it.
The conditioner however could not provide my hair the right moisturise level, I would still require hair mask roughly 2-3 times a week to make my hair feel smooth and tangle-free. I feel that it could however, provide the right nourishment for those with only slight bleached/dyed hair. Nevertheless, I love the smooth silky feel that this conditioner gives my hair.

Review of Serum & Light Cream
Serum is rich and its superb for dry hair like mine. As mentioned, I have oily scalp so this serum cannot go anywhere nearer than 5cm from my scalp otherwise it will somehow spread towards my scalp making it oily greasy and then, itch. :\ That, or my whole head will look greasy, and hair will go limp.
Roughly about total of 5 pumps is more than enough for the whole head (exclude roots/scalp area of course!)
Light Cream is really light and when I apply on my hair, it absorb so fast that I hardly got time to spread it out. Therefore in the video, you see me putting on 3 applications of Light Cream.
I actually like both Serum & Light Cream for they have their own pros and cons. Serum makes my hair turn oily quickly if I wear it whole day with sweating, etc.. but its easier to apply on and it immediately makes your hair smooth and silky.
Light Cream doesn't make my hair turn oily, moisturises well but only thing is that I have to apply ALOT more than the serum, which requires a longer time during application.
Last question: Frizzy or not? I would say it requiresh air mask to make it work better. I cannot depend solely just on conditioner and serum/ light cream to achieve non-frizz hair. Cos my whole head might be looking oily and still frizz at the ends! Get it? ;)

Lastly, my LOTD & OOTD~
White-Denim OOTD
White with flowers tank top: GMarket
White cropped tee: overseas
MANGO Straight Relaxed-fit Flare Jeans Kathy: MANGO singapore
White heels: overseas
Turquoise-yellow sling bag: Far East Plaza
Accessories & Hairband: GMarket, Bugis Street, Talisman (Far East)

It's time for your to TRY 
Redeem your 5 days supply of Sunsilk Weather Defense Shield & Frizz Control Light Cream HERE
Redeem your FREE travel size Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable range shampoo & conditioner HERE

Sunsilk weather defense Shampoo SGD$10.90 (700ml) / SGD$6.70 (350ml)
Sunsilk weather defense Nourishing Conditioner SGD$6.70 (350ml)
Sunsilk weather defense Shield & Frizz Control Light Cream SGD$6.90 (120ml)
Sunsilk weather defense Shield & Shine Serum SGD$8.25 (40ml)

Unilever Sunsilk Singapore
Sunsilk Singapore FB

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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