Launch & Review: MURAD HYBRIDS - Murad First Ever Cosmetic Treatment Line

Ahh~ Sumimasen~ Recently am very busy with work and stuffs, hence all my event posts were pushed back ^^"

Below, shows Mimi, Brand Manager of Murad (SG) and us (I look at my spastic smile..heh.) taken at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Our hands holding something secret from Murad! ^^ Well, I'll later show what is in the bag, so don't turn the page! =p~

Thanks to Ah ru & Catherine that I'm able to attend this Murad Hybrids Launch event on 12 May 2011.
In the event room, almost all Murad (or ALL?) products were showcased with totally new testers. I had fun swatching around with the new testers ^^
All along, I adore Murad ever since many years back as I was actually a BA back then selling some of the Murad stuffs. Though I ADORE the brand, but I had NEVER try it before! One reason is that I'm not able to afford that kinda high price skincare then and partly because I was still into Japanese & Korean products.^^" But now's the chance! ^o^v~
Buffet dinner were spread out in middle of the room, there are soooo many good foods. I really love the food chosen for the attendees!!
Photos credits to Ah ru (Cos I forgot to bring my Canon G12! Urgh!)
But I got IPHONE 4! At least something that I can shoot things with... =D (Mainly workable only on close-ups)

The Hybrids Collection

The Skin Perfecting Primers
- Matte Finish
- Dewy Finish

Sorry for the low quality pic as I was not used to using Ah ru's cam! =p~

As can see, there are some dry residues at the sides... It was caused by the primer drying out when I left it on my hand for too long. So when I start to blend them out, the already dried out ones turns to little residues.
You can also see that the Matte Finish on my hand is darker shade than the dewy finish.
Because Dewy one is very sheer. While Matte's coverage is slightly higher and its shade is darker than my skin, thus showing na obvious shade difference between the 2.

Eye Lift Illuminator (left) - Light purple shade with visible mica
Eye Lift Perfector (right) - Beige shade with no mica

The founder, Dr. Howard Murad's son - Jeff Murad giving a presentation to all (while we all play around with the products... ^^")

About Murad

About Hyrbids Line

Main factors that I could remember (using my mini brain) about Hybrids, is that its all about FIRMING. The number is 5.
Meaning 5x Firming technology.

And Pore Factor-5 which minimizes appearance of pores.
So, other details you can forget but you had to remember that! Because that's what Hybrids are going to do to you too! =D

- Parabens
- Petrochemicals
- Sulfates
- GMOs
- Phthalates
- Triclosan
- Synthetic Fragrance

- Antioxidants (And why does it still oxidize on my skin? o_O")
- Minerals
- Hydrators
- Vitamins
- Anti-Inflammatories
- Amino Acids
- Botanical/Fruit Extracts

A live Demo on using Hybrids products. And .... look at us playing with the products.. ^^"

Finally, some silly pic of us all!! Kekkeekex~ If there's a poll, this pic surely wins the most funniest award (taken @ Murad event)

Janet, also from MURAD (SG) and me. During the event, we both found each other familiar, and finally realised we met before when I was then a BA selling Murad stuffs.. and THERE you go! Hahhax! How can we be so forgetful! Now thinking back, I miss the time when I was working as a BA! >_<
BTW, Na commented I look like a standing board in this pic (cos my face too pale.. )Muaahhax~ I love pale faces! XD~

~~~And more Fun camwhore pics at Na Murad posts!~~~~

MURAD Goodie Bag
- Hybrids Booklet & CD
- Murad Eye Lift Illuminator (Actual size)
- Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish (Actual size)
- Murad Renew! Gift pack (Travel size)
- Murad Chocolate Sponge cake bar ^^" (It was actually put on the dining table, I brought it back home =p)

The HYBRIDS packaging

The HYBRIDS products
Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish - Pump kind
Murad Eye Lift Illuminator - Twist/turn the pen's end and content will ooze out from the small outlet in middle of translucent rubber slant tip.
Yes, its flexible soft rubber, not a hard plastic. Surprise surprise! ^.^ Most prob that it is meant to be used direct contact with your undereye. But I chose to dispense the liquid onto my finger and pat it to my undereye.

MURAD Renew! Gift pack

Lucky thing is that the gift pack includes a travel size Skin Perfecting Primer in Dewy Finish, hence I'm able to try it too and see the difference between the 2 types of finish.

After a few trials, I still find that the primer makes my face look darker in shade or that it will turn darker when oxidised, so I thought of combining 2 primers.
Skin Perfecting Primer + ZA True White Instand Brightener (recently bought @ Watsons) = Lighter shade primer ^.^

Short Review of MURAD HYBRIDS
Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish - It is super matte! Although I do have combination skin, I find that it makes my skin look abit dry & flaky. My nose however looks rather ok even after many hours, not as oily as before. Hence my conclusion is to use Matte finish on T-zone and Dewy finish on the rest. Troublesome yes i know... ^^" I would choose to use Matte finish if I know I'm going outdoors and be sweating, because after that my face gives out sebum, then the matte will turn semi-matte and have a slight glow on T-zone & cheeks.

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish - Very sheer but still, it kinda make my face look darker in shade (I personally feel that its because of oxidation. My skin is full of free redicals ^^"). I had to mix it with a lighter shade primer or layer with a lighter shade foundation. As what the subject says, it gives a dewy finish. After wearing it for hours, the usual areas will still turn oily. Unlike when I use Matte finish, the areas still look a little matte even when my face becomes a little oily. (Get it? ^^")
So far after using the above 2 primers for a period of time, I had yet to see much differences on my face. Probably I should have taken a before and after pic so I can see the difference? ^^"

Murad Eye Lift Illuminator - Sheer purplish shade with lots of mica (but not mica bomb kinda thing..) Highlights the undereye a little. But not really wonderfully highlighting mine because my dark circles are hopeless. I repeat, HOPE.LESS. =_= (It meant to tell me to hope less for 'byebye dark circles')
Nevertheless, I feel that it did prevent my undereye from forming more lines. At current, my undereye lines are still about the same. Not minimised but didn't worsen too. At least something else besides the usual eye serum & eye cream that I can use to maintain my eyes. ^^
However, this product could not solve my droopy eyes. They are permanent, I'm born with it, inherited from my mum. So such skincare cosmetic could not solve the problem, only surgery could.

Inner maroon spag - GMarket
Outer white chiffon translucent blouse - Faire Belle
Light dull green culottes: - GMarket
Black Pleather Oxford Highcut Heels - GMarket
Translucent Grey Pantyhose
Vintage Cross with lace - Bugis Street
- MAC Lovestone Mineralize Eye Shadow
- Pink Mania from Loreal Paris Open Eyes Chrome Intensity- Loreal Paris Super Liner 24H- KissMe Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara - Very Black (New Spring Release)

BTW, why do my face looks pale, because I was trying out Clarins UV PLUS HP SPF 40 in Tinted Pink! I am so used to apply many layers of sunblock now, that I couldn't control using many layers too when trying out tinted sunblock! Hence the pink tint make my face look pale.. hahhax~ But in a way, I like it if I were to go for cosplay or dressup, I would like my face to look pale! =p~

Eye Lift Perfector SGD$59
Eye Lift Illuminator SGD$59
Skin Perfecting Primer SGD$59

Where to buy?
BHG Bugis
Metro Paragon
Robinson Centrepoint
Tara apothecary
Sephora @ GWC, ION, MBS, Ngee Ann City

To know more about MURAD's full range of products:
To understand more about skincare, read Murad's Clinal Abstracts
Murad Singapore Facebook:

P/S: Infact I see that there are a 2 more types of Skin Perfecting Primers, take alook at MURAD HYBRIDS.. Though not available in SG, but still interesting to know that other types exist. ^^

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.
Credits: Photos not watermarked are taken from Murad Singapore FB.


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