FORD Models: Supermodel of the World Singapore Media Event @ Spaboutique

AHA!! Gotcha!! (Peeking at bikini)!! XD~ Doesn't this bikini look sexy?
Though I'm into fashion, but Bikinis are definitely out of my wardrobe! (even though I did wore once... but I wore it for noone to see except a few tourists in that country.. muahahax.. Anyways, there is absolutely NOTHING to see lah! *peeks inside my tee* sigh~)
BTW this bikini is from BOSSA NOVA (Brazilian brand bikinis). They are one of the sponsor for the FORD Models: Supermodel of the World Singapore

Think of bikini, you will think of Swimming Pools & Beaches... Look at this nice large pool!!! Even though I duno how to swim, I still feel like jumping into the water! XD~

And more bikinis from BOSSA NOVA!!~ Check out the stack of coupons.. hahhax~ Woops! =X

Ok ok, lets come back to the event after drooling on those sexy models and bikinis.. hahax~

Back on May 20, I was invited to FORD Models media event happening at Spaboutique. We get to see behind the scenes at a top international modeling competition. At the event we also get to see how Singapore's top 12 Ford Supermodel finalists prepare for the finals and meet the people in charge of getting them prepared for the final event.

On that day, we saw many familiar faces bloggers from Onsugar!! And for the first time, I met Joey! ^^
What's an event without FOOD???~ They look nice and yummy! But I was like too full on that day, so I din touch them at all, but I knew Ah ru ate.. kekex~

The TALL (need to emphasize that, sorry =p) models standing around drinking something out of a black can... We were all curious, we went over and took a can too! Check out the cool black can design! OMG, I must tell ya'all! ITS VERY NICE!!! Frizzy BERRY drink! Love it! Especially when drank during this crazy hot weather! PHEW!~ (I must emphasize on the BERRY as well, cos I totally hate drinking and eating anything BERRIES! Like strawberry, blackberry, raspberry.. But this drink, its NICE! haha!)
This can of drink is call the 28 Black by CALIDRIS 28. I recommend you guys to try it!! ^.^

And here stands the 10 models (Hmm.. where did the other 2 go?) Infact, base on Ah Ru's post, there should only be 11 finalists.. I wonder why they mentioned 12 to me.. typo? hahax~

Again, What's an event without GOODIES???~ There are so many that they need to put some under the table? ^^"

While waiting for the makeup demo to start, we all went to Spaboutique to explore!~ Its really look nice and cozy, but mind you, it is SUPER HOT in there! And Kas keep faning herself while we were inside.. lolx~

Finally the speakers & makeup artists are ready to start. Introduction was done by Colleen Francisca, National Director of FORD Models Supermodel of the World Singapore.
First up, Makeup Demo!! One by one, the models went up to have their eye makeup drawn by Sunita Pong (I assume this is her name, because Ah Ru said so. =p~ Sorry, I'm really very bad in remembering people names! I got goldfish brain..)

During the makeup demo, the MUA said that we need not use the same e/s colour to match with our contact lens. (Like Brown e/s with Brown lens) That is a NO-NO. Because it would make everything so blended together that people can't really see where your eyes are! (She din say that, its just what I feel Lolx~)
Hence if you are wearing coloured lens, you should use contrast colours and colours with similar tone but not the SAME colour. For example, Brown lens with Bronze to match or can contast with Purple/Green. Black lens with Silver/Gray/Blue, and so on...
And... check out the Palettes that the MUA uses at bottom of the pic! =D NAKED Palette~

Next, the model's personal trainer! I learnt alot of stuffs from him! Talking about how to loose/gain weight, how to maintain and how we should break down our usual 3 meals into many small meals a day so we could be able to control & keep track of our calorie intakes. VERY Interesting! ^^ I hope one day I have my own personal trainer who teaches me hot to loose my tummy and build up my assets! Hahhax! =p~

Next off, a speaker from Beaute Claire. Presenting 3 products - Derma matrice serum (Anti-wrinkle), SkinCleanser Detox (Spray on) and DermaBeaute Anti-Wrinkle Capsule.
SkinCleanser Detox is a very special product where it can get rid of 99.9% of bacteria (P.acnes) which was the one that causes acne - within 30 seconds without harming healthy cells. It could be consumed too! (at a small amount, by just spraying 1-2 times into your mouth) We 'eURRHh!!' at the speaker when he did that. Lolx!~
At start, I find that the detox spray scent was too overwhelming. It smelt very much like citrus but later found out it also smell like Axe Brand Medicated Oil.. 斧标驱风油 Hhaha~ However after using it many times, I got used to that Medicated oil scent.. ^^"

After the talk was over, we took pictures! ^_^ This my first time meeting Charlene! She's sho cute and fun to talk to!! And look at this gold hair super giant standing among them! (It's me lah!! kekex..)
I also invited Lenne to this event too! Look at us both, sho sweet ^^~ hehex~

And a group pic of the onsugarettes~

Finally, opening up my goodie bag at home.. Here are the stuffs I gotten:
- Freshkon Trial voucher, Freshkon Mosaic Pocket mirror
- Beaute Claire Derma matrice serum
- Complimentary Beaute Claire SkinCleanser Detox
- Spaboutique Discount coupon
- BOSSA NOVA Discount coupon

Beaute Claire Derma matrice serum & Beaute Claire SkinCleanser Detox are selling for US$50 each and at a price of US$80 for both.
You can follow Beaute Claire FB or Twitter to know more.

Here is my OOTD & LOTD for the FORD Models event. Its sho hot a weather that day, I had to turn on my fan to take a shot of my face at home! But YEAH~ to flying hair! It looks nicer than the usual LOTD pics, doesn't it? ^.^

Lacey off-white spag jumper: Bugis Street
Transparent Stockings with with mini floral and high thigh lace print: overseas
Denim vest: Bugis Street
Denim hot pants: (Covered by dress)
Mint strap heels: overseas
Denim w crystals earhoops: Far east Plaza

- O2 Skin in Navy blue shade eyeshadow
- L'Oreal Paris Chrome Intensity Aquadistic palette
- Loreal Paris Super Liner 24H
- KissMe Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara - Very Black (New Spring Release)

Just when Kas mentioned she love my stockings, and look what happened to it?? :((( It RIPed!! Sigh~ Its my first time wearing it and also my last!
And same goes to my poor pretty heels.. Its been a long time since I last wear this heels, apparently the humidity plays a part in accessories and shoes maintenance. With the high moisture level in my storage room, all my shoes and heels spoil really fast.
I wonder now, to buy new heels, or to mend this current one... =\ (I'm still keeping this heels, cos I love it very much!)
(BTW, try spotting Mimi sitting in a weird position,in the background of my mint heels pic.. and above in my OOTD pic.. kekex..)

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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