Review: Mentholatum Sunplay Super Block & UV Body Mist ~ About SPF PA UVA UVB facts

During early April, The Sample Store sent me a package of Sunplay Sunblocks to review.

I received:
- Sunplay Super Block Lotion SPF 130 PA +++
- Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF 80 PA++

Before I start reviewing the products, let me briefly go through a little facts about:
  • SPF (Screen Protection Factor) protects you from UVB
  • PA (Protection Grade of UVA) protects you from UVA, a Japanese measurement of UVA protection
  • UVA (Ultra Violet Radiation - Aging) able to penetrate deep into skin, causing skin aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, breaks down skin collagen & elasticity and is able to shoot through light clothing, windows, hat and etc. It is almost equivalent to a light X-ray.
  • UVB (Ultra Violet Radiation - Burning) causes burning on outer layer of skin, makes your skin become darker.
*Both UV rays can cause cancer.

How to calculate SPF?
Minutes to burn without sunscreen x SPF number = maximum sun exposure time
(Eg. 10 mins x SPF 50 = 500 mins max. sun exposure time)
Standard time taken to burn usually is 10 mins, however I've seen some marked different time for different skintone.
  • Fair skin - 10 minutes
  • Olive skin - 15 minutes
  • Dark skin - 20 minutes
(Can say its quite true? I seen my friend who is very dark, can stand under sun 2 times longer than I do without getting burnt! Apparently, his skin is dark hence, can't see the burnt too! hahax~)
*SPF does not add up: Using SPF10 and then another SPF50 does not equal to SPF60! It is still SPF50.
  • PA+: some UVA protection
  • PA++: moderate UVA protection
  • PA+++: good UVA protection

I hope the above is a good start for all of you! ^^ Now, if you haven't use any Sunblock yet, get 1 now before you regret it!! ^o^~~

Sunplay Super Block & UV Body Mist
Upon receiving The Sample Store's email, I was awed that there is a sunblock at SPF130 for not only body, but FACE too????
The high SPF number really got me into trying it! ^^

After I receive and before I could even decide when I gonna use the products, I was being sent to events where I need to stand under hot sun for many hours! And that is the time that I think, "Oh good! Putting Sunplay to the test! ^^"

First time, I use UV Body Mist SPF80 on my arms at home as I always got burnt easily on the shoulder & arms area since they are always the one most exposed (besides my face). Then I brought along Super Block SPF130 with me to Universal Studios just incase the sun's too hot and I need to reapply.

The 2nd time I use was only UV Body Mist on my arms again at home before I head out to YCK Stadium for an early morning sports event.

The rest of the time I tried on only Super Block on face during normal outings and even during working days in the office.

Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock Review
Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF 80 PA++ 150ml
  1. Smells pleasant like a perfume, however in an odd way (lolx..) But doesn't smell bad
  2. Like any other sunblock I'd used before, it gives a glossy finish to the skin, the gloss will reduce alittle over time
  3. Non-greasy but felt alittle sticky. After awhile, the stickiness reduced
  4. Has a cooling sensation when spraying onto the skin
  5. Feels light-weight
  6. Easily absorbed to skin
  7. No white cast on the skin
  8. Easy to use

My Experience
@ Universal Studios
The first time I use Sunplay UV Body Mist, I only sprayed once at home (thick application). Thereafter, I brought out Sunplay Super Block with me, and reapply again (thick application) after an hour or so as the sun was terribly HOT that day!
Then I got drenched because of the water rides I took, I guess my sunblock got washed away with it.
There, I reapply again with Sunplay Super Block (light application).
When I got home, my arms didn't turn reddish, but the next day the shade of the exposed arm area was visibly darker than the non-exposed areas. (I was sad. T_T")
I could say it was about 1/2 shade darker than my upper arm.

@ YCK Stadium
The 2nd time, I used Sunplay UV Body Mist once (thick application) on my arms and I didn't reapply it again after that (because I wasn't allowed to take my sunblock out during work -_-").
I stood under the sun from 7am - 11pm.
Apparently, the time I got back, my arms are alittle reddish.
Next day, my arms turned about 1 shade darker than previous. (I was terribly sad. T_T")
So basically, my lower arm is about 1 & half shade darker than upper arm.

I Love using Spray/Mist!!!! ^^ I'm a lazy person, I find mists the easiest to use and comes in handy when I need them! Just.... SPRAY em! kekkeex~

Sunplay UV Super Block Sunblock Review
Sunplay Super Block Clear Finish SPF 130 PA+++ 35g
  1. Smells pleasant
  2. Like any other sunblock I'd used before, it gives a glossy finish to the skin, the gloss will reduce alittle over time
  3. Non-greasy and not sticky
  4. Feels very watery, light-weight
  5. Has a slight powdery after-effect
  6. Slightly lingers around on skin surface
  7. Has slight white cast on the skin (might be due to the factor of "UV Reflectant Technology")
  8. Doesn't clog pores
My Experience
@ Universal Studios
Refering to the above same experience, I used Sunplay Super Block when I was at USS, I applied ALOT of Super Block on my arms, basically squeezing the sunblock several times, filling my whole palm. Applying at the areas which I think would get the most sun.

Immediately, my arms look like 2 glowy white sticks. lolx... But the white cast diminished after about a minute, and then leaving my arms look like some glossy meat sticks. kekex~ =p
I was in USS from about 11am to evening, hence I'm basically exposed to the sun for about 6 hours or more. By only reapplying twice & considering that I got drenched twice still, is really not enough.

The SPF although states 130 meaning I could stay outdoors for 21 hours doesn't mean I wouldn't become darker!
It means that I will get BURNT if I stay longer than 21 hours under sun. (Where in the world has 21hours of sunlight? OuterSpace???? o_O")
Hence the result of getting 1/2 shade darker on my arms is quite explanatory.^^

BTW, now I'm like with only half bottle left!! Another 2 more events, probably the whole bottle is gone ^^"

@ Indoors/ Office
I had to say that Super Block doesn't work well on me as a face sunscreen, sadly. :(
I usually go out with makeup, hence I experience flakiness in my makeup and my makeup doesn't stay well when I wear Super Block.

Moreover, this sunblock kind of shifts around on my skin surface.
When I apply a makeup base (depending on the types, some won't have problems), the sunblock will 'move' and white particles or lines appear.
It still happens even after I waited 10-15mins for the sunblock to be absorbed.
Partly, I blame it on the powdery after-effect that the sunblock gives.

For body use, it is very well accepted because the powdery texture makes me feel that my body doesn't feel sticky at all. But when it comes to face use, it felt like my face is flaky. :\
But what's best of this is that it doesn't irritate my skin, cause any bumps, or even clogs my pores! ^^

I would see myself using this more on my body and probably on my face at times when I do not need to put any makeup. ^.^

Do you usually put more than 1 layer of sunblock?? Well, I do. ^^ I put about 2 the least and 3-4 layers the most if I know I am going to expose alot of sun or going outdoors for long hours.
Perhaps, last time I wouldn't do that because to me it sounded insane to have FOUR layers of sunblock on mi face??!!
I debated on it, because firstly, i hate to put so much greasy stuffs on my face, it will, of course feel greasy. *yucks! BLEH*
2nd, I hate to WAIT for the sunblock to be absorb because modern girls don't have the time to wait! I am always in a rush to go out! lolx~

Till only a few years back, I learnt that I REALLY need to apply that much of sunblock and I REALLY HAD wait for it to absorb before applying next layer, it is a no choice situation. (In dialect, we say "BO BIAN")
To choose between, pigmented/wrinkly face and a face free from all these, I rather have a nice problems-free face, agree??? ^^

To remind you again, Singapore is a summer all year round tropical island. YOU NEED SUNBLOCK!! *inject psycho waves to reader brains*

Here shows my swatch for Sunplay Super Block Clear Finish SPF 130 PA+++
Sorry for the messy swatch! =p~
(click to enlarge)

Brochures of Sunplay products & their prices, provided by The Sample Store
(click to enlarge)

Redeem FREE travel size sample:

Sunplay Super Block Clear Finish SPF 130 PA+++ 35g S$17.20
Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF 80 PA++ 150ml S$17.90

Where to buy?
Available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Unity and other major department stores.


Thank you for reading this review!! ^^

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in turquoise are sponsored by Mentholatum - SUNPLAY to me for trial & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos are true.


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