miwitch's talk on: Frames VS Lenses ~ I.Fairy Lens Review part 2

Don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about degree specs versus normal contact lenses. If you had came here for this purpose, I'm sorry. Lolx~ but you still can stay on to read this post! ^^

Here, I'm talking about Fashion thick frames/ 'nerdy' specs VS Cosmetic/ coloured lenses!!! Yes, Fashion is the word. ^^

Before I start, I'm gonna show my recent 2 nerdy specs haul from Far East Plaza Talisman's store. 2 for $10! Talisman's brings in many specs designs and about half of them are made of rather good quality and their frame designs are very universal, meaning that they can suit many different types of face shapes. ^^

Here are the lot of frames I currently own. Actually I have more, I accidentally lost/dropped about 2-3 frames here and there... Having more stuffs, always make me lose some of them. =p
The most frequent used ones are the bottom 3, usually take them with me for work. In a while, I'll explain why the hell I need so many frames for. kekekex~

In my previous I.Fairy lens mini review, I stated that I.Fairy lenses are by far the most comfortable coloured lens i've worn.
Here, I'm going to do a further review of I.Fairy lenses. ^^

Just in case you need to read my 1st I.Fairy review, click HERE!

Yesterday, I just opened up my 2nd I.Fairy lens to use. This time its Ash Grey.

I worn it yesterday from morning 9am to after midnight 1am.
I totally had no problem with the lens even though I wore it after a 3 hours sleep. Supposedly, lack of sleep will make my eyes even drier and more red veins will show. In order to prevent my eyes appear red & dry, I used 2 drops of Rohto Cool for each eye first.
I usually use only 2 drops of Rohto Cool on daily basis, that will keep my eyes looking fresh and the whites to look whiter.
Then I pop in I.Fairy lens and I'm good to go.
My eyes still felt fresh even, during my makeup, after makeup, I'm on the road, in Air-con places, under super duper hot sun and humid areas.
I'm totally not irritated by the lenses.
About the 9th hour, the lenses moisture level starting dropping. I can feel my eyes turning alittle warm (meaning my eyes appear reddish) and the lens kinda moved a little when I blink, but still remained non-irritated. (If it really irritates my eyes, my eyes will turn very red and I will tear alot)
At 10pm-12am, my eyes are really very dry. The lens feels heavy on my iris. It started to make me feel a little irritated.
It scratches the skin under my eye lids once awhile and I teared a little due to that irritating itchiness under my eyelid.

But of course, a norm person should know that one shouldn't wear cosmetic lens for such long hours!
However, I am very very happy that at least I.Fairy lens can still stay on for so long! I did not lubricate my eyes with any contact lens solution or eyedrops at all during this 15 hours wear.

Below shows the lenses on my eyes on the 15th hour, taken at home. See my usual read eyes, they aren't as red as before!
Although its still overall reddish, but the big veins on my whites DID NOT POP out! I'm sho sho happy with the lens ^^

Not only me, my friend Selphie also said she LOVE I.Fairy lens!! She said that it is WAYYYyy better than Maxi eyes!
We both ordered I.Fairy lens the last round together and coincidentally, we wore them together yesterday. ^^
Now, see Jewel Pink vs Ash Grey! lolx~

My eyes ain't that big as hers.... hahahx~ and its taken at 12am, I'm super tired!!!~  *forcing to open my droopy eyes~ darkcircles appeared from under makeup*

Isn't Jewel Pink lenses swweeettt lookin???~ =D See how WHITE her eyes were! She wore the lenses as long as I did. So that proves my eyes are really sensitive than hers ^^

Hahax~ Super duper big nerdy sepcs that Selphie also bought at 2 for $10 from Far East plaza!!~ Its darn universal! I want this specs too! >,<

And now, let me explain my reasons behind why I or any girls would buy so much frames and/or coloured lens and a comparison made between the 2.

Frames aka Nerdy Specs Pros
- Fashion statement
- Able to make a sexy babe into a nerdy babe. (lolx~, can also be vice versa if you chooses the correct frame)
- Creates a 3D effect to your face features during photo taking (more like hiding certain parts of your flaws and enhance those needed to be enhanced)
- Hides face flaws (eg, dark circles, red eyes, unwanted stuffs growing around the eyes to cheek areas)
- Able to alter the face size, making your face look smaller/bigger
- Not able to alter face shape, but somehow or rather, can make certain face shapes look prettier
- Able to give people an impression that you are serious (if the correct frame is chosen)
- An additional accessory to match your clothings, hair, eyes, etc
- An accessory to your hair (if you put it ontop of your head)
- An accessory to your clothes/bag, if hook it at your chest/ bag
- Be able to fake your friends/colleagues that you are short/long sighted (why you want to do that? well... for various reasons.. I do the saying, u do the thinking! lolx~)
- Available in wide range of designs at very low prices
- Available both online and at physical stores
- Can changed to degree/tinted lens anytime you want (just bring to any optical store to do so)

Frames aka Nerdy specs Cons
- Not all types frames can suit you (unless you have universal face. lolx~)
- Certain frame designs do worst to your face size making it look big like as if the frame is too small for your face
- Makes a nerd look even more nerdy (It should help make you look fashionable if you dress up, unless a really nerd style is what you want to achieve)
- Not light, hence it will leave marks on your nose, sometimes it take away the foundation on your nose
- Long term use will leave clogged pores on the nose where the frames sits at
- Lousy quality or earpiece/temple designs hurts the ears, worst could cause headaches
- Frames too close to eyes, eyelashes will be brushing the inside of the glass (You can choose to remove the lens then)
- Some people might feel that you are too fake with the frames (without lens somemore! That is why I didn't remove my lens =p)
- You need to try on to know if it suits you, as online ones seldom provide exact measurements of the frames


Cosmetic/ Coloured Lenses Pros

- Fashion statement
- Cosplay purpose
- Make you look sexier, cute, pretty etc~
- Gives you a refreshing look
- If chosen the right colour, you will look non-asian with the lens ^^
- An accessory to match your hair/clothings
- A tool to show your mood today
- A tool to make your iris look bigger
- With degrees available for most cosmetic lenses, you are able to see and at the same time look pretty with it ^^
- In a way, prevents some itchy fingers from rubbing their eyes when the lenses are on
- Available both online and at physical stores
- Can be even customized with your preferred prints at an acceptable price
- Available in wide range of colours at relatively cheap prices
- Available in all power/degree range
- Gives your iris a protection (personally I feel my eyes are protected from smoke when I have lenses on, might work differently on other wearers)
- Choice of daily to yearly lifespan

Cosmetic/ Coloured Lenses Cons
- All lenses can make eyes dry (usually later part of the day)
- Will make sensitive eyes tear/red
- Causes irritation if its unsuitable to wearer, ignoring the symptoms and wearing for long term might lead to infection
- Troublesome hygience lens care procedures
- High maintenance, $$$ involve to buy good eyecare solutions and eyedrops
- Not everyone dares or could wear lenses
- Dangerous to buy unknown brand lenses and it might do harm to your eyes
- Have difficulty recognising the right side of the lens before putting it on (Lesser possiblity of not being able to recognise the right side because of the obvious colour prints)
- Some designs not available with degree
- Cannot wear for long hours and overnight
- Smudge your eye makeup if it irritates your eyes or when using eyedrops
- Involves risk as you cannot have a trial pair before buying it online or even at physical stores
- Not really suitable for small eyes as bigger diameter lenses will take up more space, leaving very little whites or totally no whites on your eyes.

Frames combine with Lens
- Lenses give you prettier eyes, frames adds additional points to making your face look prettier too! So its a double point! ^^
- When you start feeling uncomfortable with lenses, you can use frames to hide your reddish eyes and block out the wind from blowing direct to your eyes
- Lens and frames can be in same colour or contast colours to make you look fashionable when wearing them
- When chosen the right lens and frames, both tools can make your eyes look super dolly big!

My views
But of course, there are still many pros & cons of the 2. I'm just basically listing down whatever I can think of right now. ^^
All in all, I usually prefer frames than lens as frames are really hassle-free, plus I do have very sensitive dry eyes. It make me even more difficult to wear lenses everyday and not making my eyes red or irritated.
However as a vain lady, I must say that I would most prefer to wear both together if my eyes are in a good mood (lolx). Sometimes how I wish I could have a normal pair of eyes so I can wear lenses whenever I want to, without considering the no of hours I'm wearing, the environment, my sleeping hours before I wear them! Yap, its true! I HAVE to consider quite alot of factors before I think my eyes can stand wearing cosmetic lenses for the whole day. ^_^"
However, another method to fight this problem is to bring along a fresh solution-filled lens case. So anytime I feel that my eyes couldn't take it anymore, I'll just remove them and keep them in the case. Simple as that. ^^

With this, I end my long post with several pictures of mi wearing frames/lenses! ^^ (VAINNNNNnnnnn~) kekekex~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not in anyway affiliated to any of the company or brands mentioned in this post. All items are bought by me.


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