Massive Hauls from Macau-Hong Kong (Lancome, KissMe, aizim, Rote Fabrik, GOSH, Lavshuca, Bioderma, Lush..)

End March to Beginning April: Macau-Hong Kong Trip Haul
I didn't take receipts for certain items I purchased hence I'll just gage the price according to my 'very bad' memory.. hahax~
To know how much they cost in SGD, just divide the HKD amount by 6 (Eg, HKD296/6=$49.33)

I bought most of the stuffs from: Bonjour, Sasa, Watsons, Mannings, Lush, Trendyland

Below 1st pic (Top - Bottom, Left - Right)
Rote Fabrik Anti-UV Energizing Moisture Day Cream: HKD296 (Ex!! But GOOD!!! I personally think it can compare with my Jurlique Balancing Day Cream!)
KOSE Seikisho Clear Lotion: HKD101
Junkisei Prime Cleansing Oil: HKD79
aizim Ms, Violet Corium Care Water Drop: HKD168
Bioderma Crealine Dermatological Water: HKD62
KissMe Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara - Very Black (New Spring Release): HKD98
Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber: HKD89
KissMe Heroine Volume & Curl Mascara: HKD79
Melliesh Eyelash #03: HKD46
Aqua Label Moist Protect Milk UV SPF28 PA++: HKD105
M2M Synergy Mascara Longlash: HKD69
aizim Ms, Violet BB Powder Pact SPF15 PA++: HKD156
aizim Ms, Violet Shimmer Blusher #03 Coral: HKD108
Aqua Label White Protect Milk UV SPF30 PA++: HKD99
Palgantong Lip Stick&Gloss #03 Cutie Orange: HKD98
B&C Chip-Graduation Liner - Black: HKD68
Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Water Mist: HKD75

Below 1st pic (Top - Bottom, Left - Right)
K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner - Super Black: HKD109 (Suprisingly, K-Palette isn't very popular among the HK BAs? They duno what isit! O_O)
Lancome Genifique Youth Activatingr Concentrate: HKD672
Lavshuca Makeup Base Pore Concealing: HKD78
SANA Pore Putty BB Cream SPF50+ PA+++: HKD105
GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer: HKD188
Majolica Majorca Powder Brow Customize BR782: HKD58
Majolica Marjoca Brow Customize Holder: HKD45
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire (Sensitive Skin) Set 250ml+100ml+Soothing Cream 15ml: HKD178
Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Lipstick PK-3: HKD90
Lavshuca Makeup Base Pore Concealing (Sorry its a repeat take, refer above)
SANA Pore Putty Moist Face Powder SPF19 PA++: HKD105

Below pic (Left - Right)
Tweezers: HKD24
Savex medicated Lip Balm: HKD30

LUSH (Fresh Handmade Cosmetics) Hauls @ Macau
Below pic (Top - Bottom, Left - Right)
Whoosh Shower Jelly: HKD65
Blue Skies Bubble Bath: HKD69 (Mine already cut into half ^_^" half bar for 1 tub of water)
Its Raining Men Shower Gel: FREE! Given free to us after spending more than a certain amount... ^^
Sweetie Pie Show Jelly: HKD65
Angels on Bare Skin: ~HKD180 (According to weight, calculated by per 100 grams. Lush's best selling cleanser! I really love the smell and the after wash effects! MMm~MMm! ^-^)
Lip Service Lip Balm: HKD89 (Very creamy-milky-waxy texture.. hahax~ Love this too! Its unlike any other lip balms I used before!)

Below pic (Top - Bottom, Left - Right)
Lancome Genifique (Repeat take) However, in here I show how to identify whether the product is Authentic. Let me share you girls my experience before I bought this ^^
I was at Singapore Budget Terminal DFS, spotting the Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate. It is selling at $134/50ml. When I was in HK, I visited Bonjour and asked for the same 50ml product to check out the price. I calculated the price to be about $100 or lesser. (WOW!) Then I looked at the barcode, there was a obvious sticker barcode sticked on the box over the white column where supposedly the barcode should be printed at.
Immediately, I returned the product back to the BA. Next I went to Sasa, and grab the same product and checked the price and the barcode. Thankfully, this one has a printed matrix barcode on the box and the price was not very far off from the DFS price. I looked at the packaging to see if I could spot anything that shows it might be a fake. And well, I didn't so I give it a risk and purchase one from Sasa at price of HKD672 (equivalent SGD$112).
When I'm back at SG DFS again, I took their product to once again checked if its made in France, and indeed it was. Hence, I guess I'm safe.^^ Luckily I'd learnt before how to spot fake/replica perfumes during my previous job. That had helped me alot, or otherwise I might had bought the one selling at Bonjour. ^^"
LUSH Angels on Bare Skin (Repeat take) Just to show how it looks like.. Its sooo organic till I felt as if I'm using fresh plants on my face! lolx.. The smell is really as described.. heavenly~ ^.^ It also calms my skin very much after using! Plus, my skin felt really smooth! Lovelove!~
Right after I returned SG from HK, I went USS!! Fun after Fun! ~\^o^/~ Yippee!
USS The Mummy/Egypt Zone - Cat Pen: SGD$11.90
USS The Mummy/Egypt Zone - Gold Bangle: SGD$9.90 (GOLLDDD~~~ hohoho~)

Marie Cat & Kuromi GALORE!!!!~
Marie Cat Makeup Pouch: HKD59
Marie Cat Cup: HKD45
Marie Cat Luggage Bag Tag: HKD20
Kuromi Keychain+Nail Clipper: HKD35
Kuromi Light Board: HKD20
Marie Cat Keychain: HKD55
Kuromi Big Paperclip: HKD20

CREATURES Heavy Metal Stud pattern Bracelet: HKD40 (Last piece, I bargain bargain..hurhur~ I saw exact piece sold at USS for $19.90!!)
Marie Cat Glittery Passport Holder: HKD22

MY LOTD & HOTD @ Macau-Hong Kong
I brought along my mini hair straightener (specially for bad hairday, where there is no hair dryer for me to use!) and Ifairy lens (Kirei Green) so that I can SEE @_@ the scenery.. (my degree is 200/200, I do not own any degree specs. Most of the time I just walk blindly! lolx~ And FYI, the nerdy specs are for aesthetic purpose =p)

Droopy eyes... hohoho~ Silly me, I didn't bring ANY eyeshadows there =_=".
I just brought Dr Jart BB cream, K-palette Eyeliner, Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara, POP gold glitter pencil, Canmake cream blush, Silky Girl blush, enesti Milky Peach lipstick, YSL Rouge Volupte 30 Lipstick, MAC Lipglass Nymphete.

The Weather is so dry!!! My eyes have wrinkles and skin surface is so dry that my nose & cheeks area keep producing alot of sebum! *POUTS*
2nd pic shows me standing at the Peak! Its super super colddddddd~~~~~

Next stop, FASHION HAULS!!!~ hohoho~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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