2011 Apr Collective Fashion Hauls: Courts, GMarket, Far East Plaza ~ OOTD, Gyaru LOTD

I had been wanting a tall mirror (long enough to see myself in the reflection) for the longest time ever, but always never did get any from IKEA because they do not have a simple standing mirror. Most designs are required to be mounted on wall.

While I was at Tampines Courts 2 weeks earlier, I saw this mirror and immediately my eyes SPARKLESSSssss!!!~~~~ Simple, sleek, occupy very minimum area and.. very heavy! The stand is strong enough to withstand the mirror weight hence I'm not worried the mirror's gonna fall back. ^^ I got this for $59!~

So what do I need the mirror for? Basically, for me to wear my shoes and decide which one to match with my outfit, and do a last check or take a picture of myself before I head out! Just like the below pic. kekex~~ ^o^ I'm wearing the WTF top!~ =p

Do i look like gay boy from a boy band? =p

My April GMarket haul continues... ^^" (I am REALLY addicted to GMarket!!! Hopeless vain gal!!! OTL~)
Following stuffs, I bought from seller ROBBIN
Orange, Green, Maroon Spags: $4.40/each
White-Blue stripes Spag: $2.90
Muz-On White-Pink foldable headphones: $21.29
Total shipping: $12 (Waiting time however is 1 month! *_*)

Black Pleather Oxford Highcut Heels: $29.90 + shipping $5.90 (waiting time only about 1week +)
from Seller SHANNY SHOES

Blacky doggie earphone winder: $1.64 (SHO CHEAP CAN!!~~~ & free postage!)
from seller EINDRA STORE

And the below contains stuffs I bought from GMarket, Far East Plaza, Cineleisure, Johor Bahru ^^
(From Top-down, L-R)
Water colours Bubble pattern mini skirt: $11.80
Dull Green side button-up shorts: $22.54
Green mid-waist shorts: $19.81
Dark grey cotton culottes: $10.51
Light dull green culottes: $26.03
Black chiffon mary frill culottes: $27.19
Black ribbon skirt-shorts: $23.14
+ Shipping $8 (reach within a week! ^_^ Super good service too~) from seller SUGARFUN

ABBA gold print tee: $5.50
Black frilly ribbon pants skirt: $23.50
+ Shipping $2.50 (reach in1-2weeks) from seller IENVYHER

Jack doggie earphone winder: $2 + postage $0.50 from seller APPLETREE

Gold earhoops, Pink furry earhoops: $3.90/each
Pink doggy earphone - bag clip: $1.55 + postage $1 from seller EINDRA STORE

Mint Green & yellow stripes hardcover crossbag: $29.90 @ MY DIARY (Far East Plaza) #04-52A
The bag's made in Thailand. Workmanship is superb! ^^

Mini skull heads off white blouse: $26.90 @ Far East Plaza
Light Denim hat w lace ribbon: $10
Vintage gold Big cross w skull head long necklace: ~$4? (I forgotten the price ^^")
Bought both @ Cineleisure, same store ^^
Rocker Brown Tie-dye jacket: ~$30 @ JB

(From Top-down, L-R)
Sparkling crystals ear studs: ~$8
Light Denim starry headband: ~$4
Gold with turqoise & blinks chandalier (lolx @ the silly name =p): ~$8
Denim w crystals earhoops: ~$6

To the Cinema!!~ LOTD
- I nuovi in rich gold eyeshadow
- O2 Skin in Navy blue shade eyeshadow
- Illamasqua in Melodrama eyeshadow
- Loreal Paris Super Liner 24H
- Loreal Paris HIP Color Chrome EyeLiners in Black Shock (for undereye liner)

- Majolica Majorca Eyebrow Pencil
- Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara
- Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber
- KissMe Heroine Make long & curl mascara
- enesti lipstick in #31 (Pink)

OOTD: Neon racer glows in the dark 
(What a name...lolx~)

Inner orange racer back top, Black-white stripes chiffon blouse, white jeans mini skirt, black suede heels: overseas HK
Gold long symbol necklace (Hyde): overseas
Checker stockings: Taiwan spree online
Basically, everything I wore that day are bought from overseas! ^_^""

Anyways, why the OOTD name, cos I went out with Na & Verlyn with this outfit, and after coming out from theatre, there is this narrow corridor where its lit with blue lights.
And my orange racer top turns NEON! Super bright! kekekex..
I wonder my hair glows too? =ppPPp~

Another sneak peek yet again!~

I & a few friends dressed up on Good Friday for a photoshoot.
It is not a cosplay shoot, more like a fashion theme shoot.

As can see, I'm in sort of like a sweet Gyaru dressup (with a little mixed up with korean fashion, you'll see why then when I post up more pics. kekex~ ^.^").
I basically dug up all my past Lolita accessories to fit into this image which I had planned long ago in my head.

During the shoot we did some REALLY funny and weird stuffs.. lolx~
And first time ever, we photoshoot till almost 1am at friend's home.

Anyhoo, I'll post all about the shoot once everything is ready.
This shall take a longer time, probably say after a month or so?
As it involve some videoing ^^"""

P/S: This pic definitely is the best pic, cos its taken by me, posed by me.
Probably you'll be expecting to see ugly side of me in the photoshoot pics. hahahx!~ =p

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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