Contact lens mini review: I.Fairy lens ~ G12 put to test Part 2

I had been following I.Fairy lens website for awhile since last year. An INSTINCT inside me tells me that I.Fiary lens is good and will be alot better than GEO lens. (Duno y?) Another reason that I like them is because the colours are sho sho pretty and vibrant.
Just look at the pictures from Barbie Eye. I'm not sure if the owner of Barbie Eye website is the main distributor or seller, so I judge from the non-watermark and good quality pictures they provides and this tells me that it's the i.Fairy lens official website. =p~

Anyhoo, my friend (Vic: Thanks! ^^) recommended me Pamperdesire (Facebook here), who is base in singapore and hold I.Fairy lens sprees quite frequently. Its currently having a 10% discount. And I.Fairy lens only cost $25/pair which can be used up to half a year once opened.
Immediately, I placed an order with Selphie, each of us get 3 pairs of different colours. With more than 3 pairs of lens, we got free postage as well! Worth! ^_^♥
Our ordered lens series range from the older ones to the newer ones. But sadly, our most favourite Sakura Pink lens are OOS (as its super old series). =( Hence, I changed to Hera Pink and Selphie got Jewel Pink.
Another good thing about it is that they are able to accept orders of 2 different degrees for each side of the lens. ^^
Ah! And before I forget, gota say that the seller, Nellie updates really fast via email & SMSes and provides wonderful customer service! I recommends! ^o^♥

This week, Barbie Eye just upped a few new series - Dolly, Keizen, Moe Moe. They are even newer than my Ash series.. Gosh, I really love their Dolly series! >O<♥ If you're a lens lover, do try I.Fairy lens!

They include free casing for each pair of lens~

Below shows clearer shots of the lens colour and designs. (Mine: Hera Pink, Ash Grey, Kirei Green. Sel's: Jewel Pink, Kirei Brown, Hanabi Red)

LOTD of me wearing Kirei Green lens today ^^. (Notice the ugly watermark?? Sorry, I am super lazy to open up Photoshop program as it lags my comp alot. =_=" Hence using irfanview to resize & watermark, and HENCE, ignore the low quality pics.. lolx~)
Sorry for the blood-shot eyes... Pls bare with me. ^_^" As i'm often like that when I wear any lens, even my acuvue ones...
I must say that this is by far the most 'not-very' irritating', 'not-very' dry lens, (I couldn't say not irritating because it still does a tiny bit...^^") considering my eyes are super sensitive and turns super dry when I'm outdoors/in air-con/didn't sleep enough etc etc.. Gosh, Can i just change a pair of EYES already? urgh.. such troublesome eyes i have..
This is only the first day I wear the lens, for 6 hours my eyes doesn't feel any pain nor irritated, only at the 4th hour, my right len tend to turn rather dry and it moved around when I blink. As usual, my eyes turn red.. but that doesn't count because I know most of you don't have this red eye problem at all. So you can drop that factor if you're considering to get i.Fairy lens. ^_^"
In compare with GEO/Freshlook/Freshkon, I definitely prefer i.Fairy (for now). GEO and the rest makes my eyes painful the moment I put them on. No, I didn't place it wrongly, as I've always checked before putting it on, and even take it out, flip to the other side and put on but still, it pains my eyes. Apparently I just give up on them. ~_~"
Btw, this pic is totally non-edited, taken under warm lighting in my living room, No flash. And YET, the green is rather visible~ Love~♥

Canon PowerShot G12 put to the test Part 2

Here, learning how to focus at 1 subject with the other subjects blur out... Macro used, Aperture 2.8, taken in very low lite room.

Taken at ION entrance, open-air.

I'm not sure what exhibit this is, but it seems like they are put up by various different brands...
All the below pics edited with alittle increased in Curves to brighten the pic up. Other than that, no other editing done. ^^

My friends~ Sel & Joe (If you find them very familiar... see THIS) ^^ lolx~

The mushroom look kinda like miniature in first pic, so I had to ask Selphie to show her hand to proof this mushroom is big!

See how the guys work to place the flowers onto the big Shoe.

After the shoe's done... This plain shoe's Selphie's favourite btw. ^^

Shades and Red High heels~ The shades kinda look like some Ah-ma will wear... ^_^"

Unique chair that is... ^_^" and lastly, Selphie and me~.. Ahh.. tired face droopy eyes.. CUIS =_=

Some sneak peeks!
Shu Uemura mika ninagawa collection launch party - special appearance by SILVER ANG (She's really sho pretty~ I love her nice teeth. Heh heh. ^..^)

And Holika Holika is coming to town~~~ *miwitch splats herself against the poster & drools on CNBlue* (Nope, I'm not invited to their event, I just happen to see this poster today @ Wisma!~ hurhur~)

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
I am not in anyway affiliated to the company or brands mentioned in this post. All photos are taken by me and items are bought by myself.


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