miwitch's December Shots : Cosplay events AFA X ~ EOY 2010

AFA X @ Suntec Convention Hall
I find this pic really nice, hence making it the first pic to start off this Cosplay journey~

I mentioned before that we had a upcoming cosplay project aimed to be done this year, and its gonna be a rather big group (at least for me =p).. The people involved were mostly from the below pic.. and there are a few more who joined in afterwards. But we are not doing the seifuku image, we going to do the BATTLE SUITS image!

If you are born in 1980s, and you read manga/comics, you should know "Sailormoon". Even those who don't read them knows too.. ^_^" Anyhoo~ On with the pic bombx!!!~

This was my teaser pic in previous post.. reposting again to see how bad was my face that day.. LOLx..

And here is our FULL TEAM Sailormoon Inner + Outer Senshi in Battle suits!
The whole team was lead by our leader Yuanie (none other than THE Sailormoon herself LOLx), and I'm so call the co-leader for my own team. (outer senshi) Yuanie indeed is a very strong motivational leader, or at least I feel so, she really can talk to anyone into cosplaying the characters she wants them to do!!! OoO!~

And FINALLY FULL TEAM with Tuxedo Mask this time!~
The artistic drawing done none other by our cheerful leader again... Sailormoon (Yuanie).. kekex~
Pics by Valefor Ho

Eh!~ Oppss.. what are the power rangers doing there?!! Anyways, i like their primary colours costumes! They blended so well together ^_^

Some shots from my Photog friends. This pic by Usagi aka Hexlord@DA

And see how people can build a china wall around the cosplayers.. heh..

And more wallsss!!!~ I'd forgotten where I got these pics from.. Sorry to the photographer~ U owns them! *bows*

Apparently, we later found out that one of our shots were posted up @ AsiaOne. And its the pic shown below..

We stayed until NIGHT TIME! Basically we just stayed at ONE spot for the 2nd half of the day and didn't moved to other places at all as our team was too big, If we want nice photos, we gota stick to each other....
As usual, the tall ones stands behind.. Luckily I got Valerie wearing 27315890345 inch tall platforms with a tall hat, so she stands behind me. kekekx..

The Outer Senshi with Sailormoon sitting pose. (Sorry I am too skinny and long... I looks weird. @_@')
By Hexlord@DA

Some family photo taking time!!~ The OUTER SENSHI: Wendi (Neptune), Vanessa(Uranus), Selphie(Saturn), mi(Pluto)

Tuxedeo Mask the Papa feeding Milk to his Future Daughter Chibi-Usagi!! (See how happy I am at the back?)

Family pic again with Ringo(Mars) at front and Krystal(Mercury) at the back~ There are like tons of people waiting to take our pics whom I had mosaic-ed their faces. =p

Oh yeah finally, my personal space.. LOLx.. Taken so beautifully by photogapher Terence Ho@FB (And nope! My staff is not heavy! >,<)

Best shot of the year... LOLxx..~ Some PS were done by me to remove some... you know, weird shadows, wrinkles.. and what not ^_^"

EOY 2010 @ Republic Polytechnic
I was not cosplaying on that day, infact I'm the photographer (not pro one..) and a nanny for my group of friends.
And again, if you are born in late 1970~1980s.. you should also know Fushigi Yuugi..another Old-School manga! I previously cosplayed 房宿SOI here with my friends. They decided to recos this image as they also seem to be really busy to finish up their other cosplay costumes!~

Here, I start off with Wendi as 翼宿 in 梦幻游戏 Fushigi Yuugi. Sorry I'm very bad in romanji names.. ^_^"

And Vanessa as 柳宿

Selphie as Serah and Joe as Snow from Final Fantasy XIII (Sel & Joe ARE a couple... hahax~)

And then i spotted Noshuu! As usual her Epic super big HAT! LOLx~ She probably gets 1cm shorter everytime she wears it.. =X

And Sakana~ (Ok, dun ask me their character names, I hardly watch the anime! >,<)

BUTTTTTTTTTT THIS ONE I KNOW!!! Kim's Favourite!! LUFFY from ONE-PIECE!!! Oh my~ Isn't he CUTTEEEEE~~!!~ The arm already attracts much attention from me, but his looks attracts me more. XD~ Kim so gonna drools lake in Hong Kong now huh? =p~~~

Apparently, he was walking around with his huge arm and stopping here and there for the photographers. I didn't really notice that HE is actually a HE. At first I spotted 'her' and was attracted by 'her' bishie looks.. then, I loooooooked below... and SAW the chest was BARE!!! OMG, its a BOY!! *SLAPS both palms on CHEEKS and go \O0O/*
The moment i saw that 'she' is actually a boy, I quickly went chasing after him to take pics!! LOLx.. and in my mind, it said "I must show kim, i must show kim!" XDDDD

And thenn.... ANOTHER LUFFY came by!! So I SHOT it again! Muahahxx!!~~~ THIS IS FOR YOU KIMMmmmmmm~~~
Do you like the, CUTE one or the, STRONG one... XD~~~ Actually both are cute to me! *drools*

OKKkk~~ Lastly, some family pics again!!~

And then some Omake!!~
Hmm... isit some telepathic thingy happening there???

The OHHHHH @ left, and the AHHHHHH @ right.

Well, their characters originally are rather playful.. so yah.. ^__^""

And you asked where my profile pic came from?? Here is:
They used my camera to self take their big head pics, and so on with the trend for me and the rest~~~~~~~~

All above EOY pics taken and PSed by mi.

The End...
And Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all you OnSugarettes and all my readers out there! *~o(^_____^ )o~*
P/S: I shall be posting more reviews and hauls after this! ^.^~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)


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