Review: KissMe Heroine Make, Fasio Hyper Stay Mascara & Rohto Arctic Eye Drops

Today, I'm gonna do things that concern with eyessss..... Yah, and you probably might freak out looking at my scary blood shot eyessssss..
I can SHOOT blood from these eyes I tell you! (◈_◈) phtzzzzzzzzz~~~~ splat~ splat~~ splaaaahhhhttt~~~

Review: KissMe Heroine & Fasio Hyper Stay Mascara
Here, I tried on my recent hauled product KissMe Heroine Make long & curl Mascara on my left eyelash. (which is = your right)
And Fasio Hyper-stay Mascara (Magne-plus Curl Long) on my right eyelash. (= your left) 
FYI: My lashes are very little, very thin, moderate length, sparse and uh... very thin.

1st pic:
Lashes without any primer/clear mascara, curled using Shiseido lash curler. Look as if I got no lash there! =_="
2nd & 3rd pic:
1 coat of mascara. I applied by stroking in upwards motion, zigzap at the roots, then stroke downwards, and lastly upwards again.
4th pic:
2nd coat of mascara for both eyes using same method as above.

Comparison of the 2 mascaras
I prefer KissMe Heroine's (credits: applicator (brush head). The bristles are wonderful to work with! I find the bristles are so fine, they get in between every lashes (i know i got like 7, 8, hm.. uh.. 9 lashes only!) and minimum clumps found!
From the pic, I see both mascaras lengthed very well with just 1 coat.
On the 2nd coat, my Fasio side starts to clump at the roots and the content already stained my lids, while Heroine's side didn't stain or clump that badly.
However, both did make my lashes a little bit more thicker.

I prefer KissMe Heroine Mascara now as I just simply love the applicator, how easy it is to apply the brush to my lashes without staining my lids. I also love how easy it gets around my lashes at the inner & outer corner of my eyes. Those places are super hard to reach. If you can see carefully, the fasio side has a few untouched lashes (about 2 strands?) at the inner corner. Its rather hard for the applicator to reach there so I usually just leave it.

Sorry that I could not do this test on the lower lashes because I have zero little of it!

2 weeks ago, I received a parcel and I'm so excited! Cos this parcel is a saviour for my blood shot eyes!
You may wish to read about my previous review of  Rohto COOL Eye Drops. I got this product from the same Ebay seller!
I bought a 3 in a pack ARCTIC Eye Drops and 1 ICE eye drops

The Eye drops are like triple sealed with plastic, box and plastic again. I never felt THIS secure buying something online before. ^___^
(If you buy 3 in a pack, you'll be removing plastic, plastic, box, plastic... So much to remove!)

Silver cap is so pretty! The bottle design is simple and yet so cute!

Here comes my red red eyes...
The following pic shows a before and after use. And NO! I didn't photoshop the white areas! It IS like that!
Infact I am as amazed as you are when I open up the 2 pics and compare them together in photoshop. OMG its like WATTT??? My eyes looked like as if I've photoshoped it! I can't believe it myself either! In real life, I don't really see the difference much but in photos its a big diff!

FYI: I use this product right after my mascara test (above). You can see my eyes are all red in the mascara review pic... =\
When I first use Rohto Arctic Eye Drop, I thought it would be like COOL eye drop, but not. ARCTIC feels so much like water gel, its viscosity (wah chim word, though i've learnt it in secondary before -_-") is greater than that of COOL drops.
My eyes had already gotten used to COOL drops meaning that my eyes are immuned from the icey feeling of the liquid.
But when I use ARCTIC, my first feeling is just like my very first time using COOL! (know what I'm saying? hahax..)
I HAD to close my eyes to keep the liquid in, if I open them there is this super icey feel (PSSsssss..) on my eyeballs.
I blink many times to get use of that icey feel and when I finally can open to look, my eyes are VERY RED. This is common, I had the same thing happened for COOL drops too. After awhile, the redness will subside.
Realise how my water line turns from red to pink too? That clearly shows the product DID relief the redness of my eyes, plus the inner skin around it...

Product test: Left Eye (PS done to the area outside my eyeballs and red veins sharpened for clearer view)
1st pic: Before using Rohto
2nd pic: 2 drops of Rohto, after half a minute or so
3rd pic: After 1 minute ~ 3 minutes

Product test: Right Eye (PS done to the area outside my eyeballs and red veins sharpened for clearer view)
1st pic: Before using Rohto
2nd pic: 2 drops of Rohto, after half a minute or so
3rd pic: After 1 minute ~ 3 minutes

So what's the difference between COOL and ARCTIC?
For me, both works fine. Its only that I feel I had to 'upgrade' to using ARCTIC cos my eyes are starting to get immuned from COOL. That's reason why I also bought ICE, as I would want to know what would it be like if I use ICE in compare to ARCTIC.
But right now, I'm still fine with ARCTIC. Till the day my eyes are really irritated really red.. I might open up ICE (from the fridge)
Oh, and I realised that by using ARCTIC, makes my eyes look more blue-ish. Do you guys think so too?

Thanks for reading this long long review~!

P/S: Words that are strike off, are untrue.

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names mentioned in this post are bought by me. I am not in any way affiliated to the companies.


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