Coloring Seminar by Rodica Hristu (Natural, Cool Browns and Blondes)

This is such a long ago post that I should have put up earlier but I'm lazy... =p
17th August I joined the coloring seminar (for Natural, Cool Browns & Blondes) conducted by GoldWell. The seminar was given by Rodica Hristu, an award-winning Canadian Colorist.
I'm very glad that my hair was both washed and coloured by her during the pre-colour session. A very fun experience I must say. ^.^ Its my first time that I got to cover my face with towel when someone washes my hair at the basin! hahax~ Rodica (i kept saying Veronica/ Ronica when I spoke to her. =_=" Opss..) is a very very nice lady, I had alot of fun talking with her and being her hair model. She's very experienced and knows very well the end results she wanted to acheive on each individual model's hair.
I had been fully blonde/yellow/gold headed and long hair-ed almost for few years now, its time for some drastic change! And indeed it was eh. ^.^

Just about 2 weeks before the colouring seminar, my hair was cut short during Daniel Ng's (CD, Kim Robinson)'s workshop. But this time my hair's EVEN shorter! I thought I don't need to cut anymore for this round but... O_O"
Anyhoo, on with the pics!

Rodica & me~ (I look so happy in here!)

Ken Hong (evolve salon director) : He often went overseas such as Paris for hair shows!! Woot~ I wana go too!!~
My hair is fully cut and styled by Ken!~

Dylan Tung (evolve salon leading stylist) : I really really think he look like Shindong with that hairstyle! XD Or shindong look like him..

Lenne & me! 咪咪眼 & 吓到!的眼...  Lenne the wondergirl! hhaax.. That hair with that dressing really reminds me of wondergirls too much. =p

And lastly, Ah Ru & mi! I love her fringe colour! So PRETTEH!

My side view~ See that sideburn? I have NO sideburn! Just a few strands maybe...

We were told to have very dark/black eyes for the seminar. So we can only use black/grey colours on the eyes.
My look is somewhat cat's style, with the eyeliner at the inner corner of my eyes extended alittle more inwards. That day, I had very little sleep my makeup oxidise to the max! I'm wearing lenses and it makes my eyes so red. =_= Then my black and grey e/s fall out rates are darn high.. Urgh.. When I was doing my makeup, I'm so fustrated that I shouted "I hate my face!" and got everyone startled in the room. kekekx.. ^w^"

No OOTD pics, cos i forgot to take.. =\ But anyways its all black, and I wore ROCK style (or 'PUNK' quoted by Regis).. I prefer to say it Rock, as Punk to me has a different meaning I prefer it to be refered as Japan Punk than Ang mo Punk.. ^_^" My Jrock friends always say, if you want to wear Punk, wear it properly (Japan Punk) or you'll be said as Punk-Sai rather than Punkster. I don't want to be Punk-Sai!!~~~~
So yah, I'm Rock. =p
The hall where the seminar and workshop being held.
Besides Verlyn who went to seminar with me in that mroning, Regis and Na also went for the later part of the day for Hair coloring workshop whereby the hairstylists who attended the morning seminar will hands-on on the afternoon models.

Now, we rewind back to the hair coloring session @ evolve salon..
Hair models were given a piece of paper where Rodica will write the hair colour used on the hair model...

This is my Past to Most Recent Hairstyle Chart. (within a month!)

When my hair just got cut during the hair coloring session, I post the pic in FB and said it reminds me of Minho Lucifer haircut.. But no, it look like Key's! Similar eh? =D Only that I had so little hair compare to his..

Since I couldn't get the dream hair I wanted from the beginning when the scissors was laid upon my hair...
(Taemin in Lucifer
, the middle one. But Regis got the hair!! *Jealous*)

.... I went for Taemin Ring Ding Dong hairstyle!! XD~ Though again my hair is not as thick or long enough to do the mushroomy head like his, but at least I acheived the similar style... (Taemin, 2nd left) Actually My unstyled hair will look exactly like Key's (1st right) but shorter. Phff. =_=

And NOW, I kinda look like Jokwon from 2AM now after styling..... so... WAIT~ I shall WAIT a little longer!.. >,<
The hair at the back is cut slanted, I am going to get it cut to balance them and then I can start to grow my hair again! Taemin/Shinya hairstyle here I come!!!~

Oh, and I shall be posting up a Hair Styling Tutorial for Short hair (or rather, how I style my own hair) in my upcoming entries! hohoho~

*Note: I am not staff of Goldwell company nor am I promoting their seminars/workshop to earn any commissions. This is done base on my own interest only. I am not liable for anything happen to anyone who participate in Goldwell's seminars/workshops through my introduction entries/ posts.

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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