Event: Stiefel Physiogel Blogger Event @ Grand Park Hotel

A special invitation was sent to me by Ju Ann to attend a GSK Physiogel Trade Launch opened for Bloggers only.
On 20th July, Tuesday (Yeah! My off day again!) I went to Grand Park Hotel together with na.
The first person who arrived will get 1 year supply of free Physiogel Lotion and next 10 receives 1 Physiogel Shampoo worth $22.20 each. June See got the 1 year supply! Congrats June! (I already got the feeling that someone else is earlier than us.. hhahax~) But still, we all gotten the shampoo! ^_^

And here shows the event place.. They made it quite grand. Woot! There were about 50 bloggers being invited!
When we sign in, we were given a moisture test on the back of our hand with a gadget that cost $3k each. I was totally freaking out (inside my mind) because I always thought my arms and legs are dry, I didn't want people touching my hand! (and my nail cuticles are like chipping...=_=) Nevertheless they wanted all to take the test so I gave in and then the gadget gave me a 95 score (average moisture is 70), I was so so surprised! So much that I said the gadget was spoilt and requested for another test, and it showed 100+ the 2nd time. I am not really convinced on how accurate the gadget was.. hahax~
na got 119 score, at that time was the highest among all, until someone came in at a later part with a higher score who kicked her out from the crown seat. XD~

The camera man who followed us anywhere we go.. we got to play hide and seek with him.. kekex.. And I managed to shoot him instead of him shooting me! =p

Most important part of any event, is to have a mini studio and a instant printing machine. We all love how the photos come out so flawwwwwless. I was kinda like laughing at na being so stiff in the pic, and then she laughed back at me for being stiff too! hhaax.. we just had too much fun there. XD

We got the goodie bag before they even start the talk (don't they afraid we just take and walk off? But i guess we all know there are more things to take at the end. kekex..)
In the goodie bag, we got: Physiogel Shower Cream, Lotion, Cleanser, Cream, All Sun Cream and a brochure.
Apart from that, I've gotten the Physiogel Shampoo @ the reception, a Team Repair tag, and a Physiogel pen! (Yes, I took the pen home. hhax~)

After sometime of waiting, photo taking, products testing and goofing around, more bloggers started coming in and then I think I saw someone very familiar.. look like Ferlyn (previously known her as witchcat, now nick Yoshimi), i felt kinda shy to talk to people who i din talk to for years.. ^_^" (Do u also feel that way when it happens to you?)
And so, the Physiogel talk began with dermatologist, Dr. Mark Tang as the first speaker. When he mentioned about Stiefel and asked if anyone knows the company, I was staring at the logo and I find it so so so familiar but just couldn't remember where I had seen it. I googled their location and found this lab located at Tuas. Perhaps I had been passing by that road before years ago when I was in engineering line. It doesn't look like a derm company, more like a germany steel company logo to me.. ^_^"
After which, Dr Mark implanted us bloggers' brain with: Physiogel's tagline - Don't Just Moisturise. Repair, Rehydrate, Revitalise
2nd speaker was Eugene, but I didn't took pics of him (he kept walking around Lolx)

Most importantly, most of the Physiogel products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, contains no colorants, perfumes and preservatives.

Stiefel had done a survey locally. Are you the one who reported to have dry skin? Are you aware of the factors causing it?
So all the 'dry skinners' out there... most importantly have you ACTED? =)

More of the product details can be read here: http://www.physiogelrepair.com
And right now they are distributing FREE Travel Pack with a chance to win Physiogel System Kit worth $100! Just sign up via Physiogel website and start to moisturise a Friend~

During the talk, I saw Tiffany noting down every single stuffs the speakers said! So hardworking! While I'm like pressing the camera shutter since the start. hahax~ (lazy mi *roll eyes*)
After the talk, we were grouped into 3 groups of Team Repair, Team Rehydrate and Team Revitalise to have a competition in Q & As, but our Team Repair had too little people to even start with! But we all still tried working hard to gain the points.
I represented my team to one of the moisture challenge, against the current 2 highest scorer (including na) and I won! (Pure luck or my skin really retains moisture well. *I told you the gadget's not accurate!* =X) Eventually we still were not able to win over the other 2 groups as our voices were not loud enough or we were not fast to shout our Team number. Nevertheless, it was all fun! In the end, Team Rehydrate (na's group) won and they each got additional shampoo. (na: so lucky u! I should have swap with u the tag! kekkex..)

Some of the pictures I grab from Oasis Interactive Facebook Photo Album

The event was over with all the bloggers walking out of the hall like models waving to the big camera... (kinda silly.. hahax~)

And here's my LOTD & OOTD: Rather simple with Flashy stockings.

Some products that I had opened up and started using.
All the expiry dates are printed on the bottle/tube. They even emboss the dates onto the tube seal area.

The Sun Cream seems to be expiring soon this year. O_O

I shall do a review once I have any results using these products.

Once again, thank you to Ju Ann and Physiogel for holding such a wonderful event, passing on useful knowledge to us (but with my mini brain, I am not able to absorb as much as the others  >,<)

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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